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Supergirl Could Be Coming to a TV Screen Near You

DC is shopping around a Supergirl series.


Comic book television shows are becoming a big deal right now. With 16 non-superhero television series currently in the works, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the many upcoming fall shows based on a comic book property, it's high time one of the female heroes from the world of comics got her own shot, right?

Luckily, that's exactly what's happening, according to E! Online. Warner Bros. and DC Comics are shopping around a Supergirl Tv show to various networks. Producer Michael Green is said to be attached to the project. He also produced other comic-adapted shows like the upcoming Gotham, Smallville, and Heroes.

Considering that the comic book market continues to grow, which has a lot more women now calling the comic book world home, it's a smart move to give one of DC's more iconic female characters, that's not already attached to a film, a starring role on a television show, especially since shows like Arrow and Smallville had a pretty heavy female viewership.

Our only question now is "how soon before she becomes a Red Lantern?" Who would you like to see take on the role of Supergirl and what would you expect from this show?

Source: E! Online

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Supergirl is great character but I don't know if tv show fits her. Budget will be huge for supergirl tv show. Btw, I will like to see Stargirl get a tv show. That just my opinion :) this is great push to boost Supergirl popularity because she is very underrated. I want to see Legion of Superheroes involve also in Supergirl tv show

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Posted By G_leno

They should have done a film instead. Also, if they had done this 15 years ago Diane Kruger would have been perfect.

Now i don't know who I want to play her, there are many who could look the part, but not too many that i feel could act it.

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Posted By Sovereign91001

Wow, color me surprised. I dig Kara but I never thought there was a remote possibility of her getting her own TV series. Here's hoping it pans out and doesn't go the route of the Aquaman or Wonder Woman shows.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

not a big fan of her, but more comic shows the better!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By goonage

Supergirl is massively underrated and we could always use more female heroines. I wonder (if this gets made) whether it will be attached to an existing DC television franchise or not.

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Posted By RustyRoy

Would rather watch was a show about Power Girl.

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Posted By ColaNicole

Would love one.

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Posted By CommanderShiro

I love Supergirl. Hopefully if a show does happen its good.

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Posted By The Stegman

So much superhero tv news coming out this week.

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Posted By timelord
@goonage said:

Supergirl is massively underrated and we could always use more female heroines. I wonder (if this gets made) whether it will be attached to an existing DC television franchise or not.

This :)

If CW pick her up it would be a great way to add aliens to there Universe. All though doing Supergirl with out Superman would be interesting I wonder how they would pull it off?

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Posted By KittyParker13

This is exciting!

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

Really dig Supergirl. Hope they make it work. I never want he'd Smallville but I heard it was good so if they do it in the grain of the Superman style for that then it can work for tv.

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Posted By saintwildcard

I'm intrigued

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Posted By Perfect 10

hope this works out better than the wonder woman tv series. come on female heroes you can do it!

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Posted By redwingx

Terrible idea.

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Supergirl seems to suit a film more than a TV show. I never liked Smallville but it was at least representing something comic based. Now with the plethora (even over abundance) of shows and films anything reminiscent of Smallville will seem quite mediocre. Non-powered heroes can carry of a weekly slot, it just suits them, but superheroes I feel need special treatment and big budgets. Can you imagine Supergirl jobbing every week? How many supervillains can they chew through in a 20+ episode season? Smallville blagged it...barely.

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Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse


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Posted By amazing_webhead

Anyone who follows me should know how much I like this idea:

Loading Video...

(...I just hope the show doesn't suffocate her in angst like the comics)

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Posted By _ANDY_CAN

Come on Warner brothers/ Time warner there are several good comic book characters and teams that would fit very well in the TV universe.for example

1) Justice society of america - Netflix : This show would explain that there's another universe without the known top 7 such as Batman, Superman etc. It could start with a different history such as the nazis defeating several countries and creating several colonies and a group of countries unite together to take them down one but their plans all fail then a group of superpowered and gifted individuals arise to fight them e.g Alan scott, Jay garrick, Wesley Dodds, Jessica Bell, Jakeem Thunder, Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Citizen steel, Hourman, powergirl, Doctor midnight, Starman, Atom smasher etc. The show could contain twists such as Hitler being led by an immortal known as Vandal Savage and the Fourth Reich, it could show also show a race of intelligent apes trying to de-evolve humans led by ultra humanite rather than gorilla grodd. This show could also help DC in plans of creating a bigger universe and it would be good for a Crisis movie.

2) L.E.G.I.O.N - HBO : Have you ever wondered how a police force composed of alien criminals, bounty hunters, an a tenth level intelligent being would be like? Well the LEGION are an interplanetary police force who band together to protect the galaxy. This Series could explore different planets in the DC cosmos and would introduce fan favorites such as Lobo, Vril dox, Lar Gand, Captain Comet, Adam Strange, Alanna etc.

3)Ambush Bug - HBO/Netflix : Everyone knows who deadpool is a character that started as a parody of deathstroke. Imagine if a character with his kind of humor and behavior had a series someone like Ambush bug a psycho/lunatic with teleportation abilities and the ability to break the fourth wall. Ambush bug is a fun character to explore he has been in comic book teams such as Doom patrol, Uh-oh squad, Justice league etc. He is presently in Channel 52 a news station that reports current events in the DC universe. He could go on adventures and meet characters like Booster gold, Blue beetle, Mr. miracle, Big barda etc.

4) Lanterns - Netflix : This would be an awesome idea as it would help explain the lanterns and the emotional spectrum it would also help Warner brothers erase the memory of the 2011 Green lantern movie and it would give viewers a better description of the character. This show could introduce characters like Hawkman, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Black Hand, Arisia, Mongul, Cyborg Superman, new gods etc.

5)The Question- HBO: This show could be a crime, thriller and mystery series it would explore the world of the detective vigilante the question and the series could help build up something big for the DC universe it could be called the Unknown conspiracy which is a big threat to the survival of humanity and the dc universe. If this show is done well I believe many fans of Rorschach, Batman, Sherlock etc would appreciate the character and could even view his as one of the best TV Detectives. It could also explore secret gangs in the Dc universe and secret societies such as Kobra cult, Anarky, Basilisk, Black glove, religion of crime, church of blood, church of the midnight dawn etc.

6)Suicide Squad - HBO: I am aware sony is planning on a sinister six movie but i believe many individuals are more aware of the Suicide squad. This series would be excellent in exploring DC heroes rogues, secret government facilities and agencies, anti-heroes, maximum facility prisons etc. It would also introduce screen versions of fan favorites such as Harley Quinn, Bronze tiger, Captain boomerang, deadshot, Deathstroke, Amander "the wall" waller, Rick Flag, General eiling, Clock King, Plastique, nightshade, Mirror Master, Captain Cold etc. Also this series could make individuals see other comic book heroes nemesis and their abilities. (p.s please no Joker's daughter).

Others : Lobo, Shadowpact, dark Universe,Blue beetle + Booster: Adventures, Mystery in space, Legionnaires, Shade the changing man, Y the last man, FBP, Preacher and many more.

NOTE: I don't hate supergirl I just feel this show might be Smallville all over again with the teen romance and love triangles.(also and not being able to fly till season 10). DC should create something we have never seen on tv before even though the same themes are being recycled but with newer elements a better plot, good actors and an excellent storyline.

I hope a rep of WB/DC has see this

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Edited By timelord

@inferiorego Why did you chose that pick from Krypton Returns? I guess Kenneth Rocafort's art was the one saving grace during the two superman cross overs. I wish she was still a Red Lantern the outfit looks better and she has been much better written.

3789836-superigrl wallpaper.jpg

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Posted By HandOfPrometheus

@_andy_can: UM NO don't have netflix or hbo so no can be on a better channel.

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They could've picked a more deserving character to give a tv show.

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Posted By time1

Sounds cool.

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Posted By randolphdefreese1

but they cant do a wonder woman series or movie because that is to hard?

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Posted By snarkybits
@rustyroy said:

Would rather watch was a show about Power Girl.


Even cooler.

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Posted By darksuper

Dc cômics is rising very fast...i Like the new warner bros President style :)

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Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

Wow, so many people are down on Supergirl. I think this is a terrific idea. If done right this could be the next Buffy or Xena.

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Posted By patrat18

Dc is killing tv.

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Posted By Gundale

yes...Yes...YES!! YES!! YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! Now, make it new 52 outfitted Kara, drop her period mode and you got me viewing every day of the week!! Just not if it's like that superman show and she doesn't put on a suite or gain all her powers for like 10 years and put Superboy New52 in it too!! SOMEONE BUY THIS SHIZZLE!!

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Posted By MyNameIsWill

They could have picked a more deserving character to give a TV show.


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Posted By nappystr8

Of all the superhero shows the CW is getting, this one seems like the best fit for their sensibilities.

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Posted By The Impersonator


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Posted By The_Greatest_Username

Awesome! I actually don't see movie audiences being too receptive to Superman's cousin. This is a great idea for Kara to reach a wider audience. Plus, more female led material is a good thing as long as it's quality.

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Posted By Boynerdgeek

Deadline confirm about this supergirl tv show

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Posted By Kuyamu

Kristen Bell, for my vote! ^.^

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Posted By Superbat420

I don't see how they can do this without introducing kal el....

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Posted By superior_prime_maybe

Just turn Clark in Smallville into a woman.

No, but seriously, it shouldnt feel like another teenage soap for first two series.


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Posted By Teerack

Would be really cool.

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I'd like to see a merging of Power Girl and Supergirl. Mostly based on Karen with a costume more like Kara's. Like this


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i think they could connect this show to Arrow and Flash and expand that universe nicely and created a good Earth-2 feel with the characters used. as for how to do her, would go with this being a world where Kara, not Kal-El, is the last survivor of Krypton and as a baby sent to Earth (basically making Kal-El the older cousin if there are ever Krypton flashbacks) and grew up as Linda Danvers. Would first have her appear in a Flash guest appearance in an episode where she's a high school senior from Leesburg in Central City on a field trip. She gets drawn into a conflict and has to openly use her powers for the first time (the conflict should be alien in origin and reveal her own origin that the Danvers never revealed). This leads to a conversation with Barry that sets her on the path to being a public hero in her own series. That kicks off as she starts freshman year at Metropolis University and her actions earn her the name Supergirl.

as for a costume, i think live action has proved the usual leg-less look is a bit silly (at least in my opinion) and i'd prefer they use her outfit from the Smallville Season 11 comic series. Not revealing but i think a cool, different look that fits better with the Arrow/Flash universe.

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Posted By Stephini

@boynerdgeek: I actually hate when supergirl gets associated with the legion. She always ends up deriving her "who am I" from them instead of being her own strong character. I think a solo act would be best.