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Six Part Weekly VENOM Event Begins in February

Get ready to see the new Frightful Four.

Marvel revealed its plans for a Venom mini-event yesterday with a Liveblog. Beginning in February 2012, Venom will be shipping weekly with writers Rick Remender, Jeff Parker, Rob Williams and artist Tony Moore.

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The six-part event will take place within the pages of Venom and feature Red Hulk, X-23 and Ghost Rider (the new female version). The inspiration for the story came from Remender and Jason Aaron trying to come up with a Venom/Wolverine crossover that would pay homage to the Walt Simonson/Art Adams "New Fantastic Four" three-issue arc in Fantastic Four #347-349.

Remender said the following:

There is some status quo change for each of these characters. We didn't just want to put their stories on hold. Each arc they're currently in the midst of comes into this story. There will be some defining moments for these characters.

X-23 is given an answer to one of her big questions with an ugly, ironic turn.

The story will take place in Las Vegas where Venom ended up and Captain America sends Red Hulk to investigate a situation.

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The story begins in Venom #13 and continues into Venom #13.1, 13.2, 13.3 and 13.4 and concludes in Venom #14. Venom #13 will be 30 pages with art by Tony Moore. Moore will be drawing the first and last parts. Stefano Caselli will provide art for all the covers of the story. While Marjorie Liu is not part of the writing team, she has been consulting on the project.