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Six Developments from FOREVER EVIL #1

The New 52 Universe is taking a dark turn. Check out SOME of the big things that happened in the first issue.

DC Comics has begun the third year of the New 52 with a vengeance. While we're all used to seeing comics where the good guys always win, this event is starting off in a dark place. Picking up an undisclosed period shortly after Trinity War, the unthinkable has happened. The bad guys are taking over.


FOREVER EVIL should not be seen as simply another comic book event. There are some big things that happened in the first issue, things that will cause changes in the New 52 Universe.

There will be some SPOILERS for FOREVER EVIL #1. We will not spoil everything. If you haven't checked it out, you'll want to be sure to rush out and pick up a copy to see how this all plays out and affects the DCU.

Ted Kord is alive?


Maybe. With the New 52, we saw a new beginning for many. A lot of characters have, in a sense, started their careers over. That also means that certain events in the pre-New 52 may or may not have happened. Could this include the brutal death of Ted Kord?

In a "meeting with a Thomas Kord, Lex Luthor was using his ways to try to persuade Kord to turn over his company. Kord mentions his grandfather built the company and he planned on having his son run it one day. Lex did not like this and continued with his negations. With the events that followed, perhaps we will see the full return of Ted in this series. Thomas did have a couple appearances as Ted's father in the pre-New 52.

Also worth mentioning, apparently Lex has been "cleared of all wrongdoings" and owns 90% of Metropolis.

The Rogues powers are messed up


We know the Rogues used to use weapons and devices. In the pages of THE FLASH, we saw hints that they amped themselves up and no longer need those weapons.

In this issue, Captain Cold tries freezing a fence so they can bust through but overdoes it. Weather Wizard mentions Heatwave singing his eyebrows before. He also mentions the thunderclouds are "talking" to him.

Ultraman has a secret about his powers


Lex witnesses Ultraman do some strange things with Kryptonite. After crushing a piece and inhaling it, he says, "I'm the strongest again." This obviously will be the key to his downfall. Later he even comments on the feel of the sunlight against his skin. (Previously he was powered by anti-Kryptonite from the antimatter universe.)

What will Lex do with this information?

The Justice League Watchtower is no more


Because some time has passed between Trinity War and this issue, we're left catching up on some stuff. The Justice League fought Despero in issue #20. We know the Watchtower came down, we just didn't know what the League would do to repair it. Granted they were busy with Trinity War and whatever happened next. The remains of the Watchtower now seems to be under the possession of the Crime Syndicate.

Considering the next development, the lack of a proper headquarters for the League won't be too much of a problem (and aren't they moving to Canada later?).

The Justice League is dead


Yup. "Hell, yes, they are" as Johnny Quick put it.

Are they really dead? Could they really be dead? Obviously not. But we do know they are not around. Something is up. The logical choice is they've been exiled to whatever is left of Earth-3. From the teaser images, Batman possibly manages to escape or turn up. We also know the Justice League is supposed to "die" in order for Simon Baz to train the first female Green Lantern of Earth (as was told in GREEN LANTERN #20).

Things do not look good for Nightwing


If the Justice League is dead (or missing), what about the rest of the heroes? Nightwing gets caught off guard. You'll have to read the issue to see the full result of what happens.

Again, this tells us this issue is happening in some undisclosed distant future as Nightwing is in the midst of his own story arc in his actual title. A minor thing was interesting, apparently Dick has an Illinois license when he wasn't planning on staying in Chicago for long. He was just going after Tony Zucco.

This is definitely a game-changer for the character. We'll save our personal feelings on this development for another place.

And that's not all.

There is definitely more that happens here. Pretty impressive for a first issue of a new event. Things are getting pretty bonkers. Who knows what will happen in the second issue!