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Sinestro Corps Ongoing in the Works?

Dan DiDio makes a comment on the possibility.

There are several ongoing titles for the Green Lanterns: GREEN LANTERN, GREEN LANTERN CORPS and GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS. The Red Lantern Corps has their own title and even Larfleeze has his own. What about the Sinestro Corps?


You would think they would be deserving of their own title based on their history and place within the Green Lantern Universe. Some might even say they should have had a series before Larfleeze or even the Red Lanterns. It now appears they just might be getting one.

On Twitter, Boltsman38 asked several DC people such as Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Dan DiDio gave a reply that appears to give some confirmation.

3203025-screen shot 2013-07-27 at 11.12.03 am.png

Is this confirmation? It's not official so we'll still have to wait for official confirmation. There was a rumor that this title would be announced at San Diego Comic-Con but it appears that never happened.

The bigger question is what would the series be about? Would this be a series based on the evil Corps? Could they carry their own title and would readers stay interested in a series focusing on their shenanigans?

Source: Twitter

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Posted By nappystr8

@nappystr8: I disagree, I find the Sinestro Corps a thousand times more interesting than the Red Lanterns. I think Arkillo, Karu-Sil and, God willing, Lyssa Drak can work well together.

Maybe if we're lucky, we can even get Johnathan Crane as a permanent Sinestro Corps member.

I know it's been like a month, but I just saw this response, and the idea of more Sinestro Corps Scarecrow would easily justify the existence of a Sinestro Corps series in my mind. I love yellow lantern Scarecrow!

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Posted By Hanson724

I'd read this if Sinestro was in it. I don't know why they don't use all of the spectrums in one book like The New Guardians was at the beginning of the New 52. That had just enough of each corps to satisfy me. It still good but they need to rename it the White Lantern. But yeah I would read this , Arkillo is one of my favorite bit players in the DCU.

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Posted By Raw_Material


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Posted By tuckboarder

Bring back Arkillo on a regular basis, he's like the hulk, but crueler which is a statement

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Posted By mattwing87

Might as well give all the corps an on going series. I think each corps would have some great stories and adventures!

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Edited By FlashKnight

Why oh why do we get all these Bats, Supes, and GL books before established characters like Shazam and Martian Manhunter get their own books?

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Posted By QueenCorp15

@zeeguy91: o really dont know if id like that see taylor as kinda a joke of a writer hez never really done anything serious or that good all he does is star wars an injustice(which is pointless)

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Posted By Zeeguy91

Scrap this an make a fricken DOOM PATROL book already!

I think there's a rumor that one's in the works already, with Tom Taylor attached to be the writer.

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Posted By QueenCorp15

Scrap this an make a fricken DOOM PATROL book already!

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Edited By Supreme Marvel

Maybe Lantern Adventures? Where we get to see tales from each corps. If possible, maybe an overarcing event?

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Edited By Scarecrowe

Have been waiting for this since the relaunch. I think like most comments on here they should have a Sinestro book before Larfleeze or Red Lanterns.

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Edited By Squalleon


I like your thoughts and as a fellow cosmic comics lover i agree but i don't think that many characters have the ability to sustain their own ongoings.I would prefer a mini series that would introduce the reader to the likes of Adam Strange and Captain Comet.And if the readers want more than a ongoing.

Titles with B-rate heroes should get really good creative teams if DC wants the reader to pick it from the shop.

Also i recommend you to read Rann Thanagar: War (not holy war) if you haven't read it. And Jim Starlin's Mystery in Space

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Posted By kilowog52

I love all the cosmic stuff. Green Lantern is what go me into that so of course I'd collect any title in that family. I was skeptical about Larfleeze but it's actually turning out pretty fun. However, I'm not sure any corps other than the Green has what it takes to hold a continuous series for long. It would be much easier to come up with stories, and either leave space for other types of series or give each color corps a time to shine if they did do a Tales of the Corps anthology series that switched focus between the six other corps from arc to arc. I think the fans would find that much more fresh than picking up an issue of each colored corps' book each month.

And of course I thoroughly enjoyed Threshold and wish it were staying around. I would say the problem with that was all the characters (as far as my knowledge goes) except Blue Beetle and Lady Styx were either A) brand new (Ember, Jediah Caul, Pamiera Syn), B) reimaginations of characters from alternate futures or universes (Star Ranger, T'om T'omorra, Captain K'Rot), or C) dead pre-New 52 (Star Hawkins, Lonar). However, Tony Bedard's 2009 R.E.B.E.L.S. series which did include Vril Dox, Adam Strange, Captain Comet, Starfire, Tigorr, etc. also sold quite poorly apparently. Maybe the problem with Threshold was that the premise for its first story arc was not fresh and that arc continued for too long. Granted the reason it continued so long was that the Hunted arc wasn't that straightforward. However, the general public would have no way of knowing that unless they picked it up.

The aforementioned R.E.B.E.L.S series, I admit I was not into at the time it was being published. However, having loved Jim Starlin's Rann/Thanagar: Holy War and discovering that many of those same characters were featured in the book, I picked up the trades and when I found out that they cancelled the publication of the final collected volume, I hunted down the issues that would have been included online. It really was a great series and the whole storyline of L.E.G.I.O.N being set up on Rann with peace made between Rann, Thanagar, Tamaran, etc. is definitely in my top two favorite pre New-52 plotlines I would have liked to have seen followed up on. The other was in Justice Society of America where Alan Scott was ruler of a magical city on the dark side of the moon and Jay Garrick was elected mayor of a small town and the JSA grew to include like forty members.

Anyway, this is the first I've heard of the Sinestro Corps getting their own series so I have no idea if this had been announced or speculated before or if Matt Kindt is writing it. Nor have I heard anything about any Corps being wiped out after Lights Out. However, I'd like to offer my opinion that if they do include Sinestro in this series it would be extremely disrespectful to how Geoff Johns wrapped up his GL run. Whatwith someone in the future claiming that after killing the Guardians, Sinestro was never seen or heard from again. However, DC seems to already be rearing for a retcon as Sinestro seems to be prominently featured in the upcoming Forever Evil event. So since they'd be dissing Johns' wrap-up anyway, they might as well bring him back into his corps (which he freed from the Sciencells and left in the charge of Arkillo in Green Lantern #20) however if they have some way to feature him in Forever Evil without the disrespect, then I'd guess they'd leave him out of the Sinestro Corps book if such a book does in fact happen.

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Posted By martyyy15

And I'm still waiting on a Hal/Sinestro title. Honestly I love those two together. THey got as much chemistry and are almost a good a team as superman and batman

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Posted By martyyy15


Oh yeah cause thats just what gotham needs. Scarecrow given a yellow ring....agian.

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Posted By EnigmaLantern

I'm not sure why most people insist on dropping the Red Lanterns title, if I had to drop any of the lantern titles it would probably be one of the Green Lantern titles, mostly Green Lantern Corps seeing as Green Lantern is already based on the green lanterns while Green Lantern New Guardians is based mostly on the white lantern (Kyle Rayner) as well as one member of each corps working in a team - can't really see the point of having another Green Lantern title based on the green lanterns. I would substitute Green Lantern Corps for Sinestro Corps (even better if it was a Sinestro solo book) and keep the rest.

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Posted By Dernman

Give me R.E.B.E.L.S. or L.E.G.I.O.N. fuck it give me BOTH!

I've always said they should have been doing that. Make them enemies each book telling a story from that teams point of view. Heroes in their book villains in the other.

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Posted By IronAngelX

Just read the Sinestro Corps War storyline, it was pretty good.

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Posted By tec79

It would be nice if DC would move away from the Lantern Corps and put out a title which could feature a character that would allow them to showcase new planets and characters.

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Posted By Herokiller12344

@nappystr8: I disagree, I find the Sinestro Corps a thousand times more interesting than the Red Lanterns. I think Arkillo, Karu-Sil and, God willing, Lyssa Drak can work well together.

Maybe if we're lucky, we can even get Johnathan Crane as a permanent Sinestro Corps member.

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Edited By TimeLordScience

@jonny_anonymous: I happen to like that Adam Strange fellow and he's been curiously missing from DC lately

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Edited By NightCrawler358

Yes please. It's about time, I mean how did Larfleeze get his own series first!?

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Edited By Emperormeister734

Make it happen please

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Posted By doombot890

Give me R.E.B.E.L.S. or L.E.G.I.O.N. fuck it give me BOTH!

We are done with the skittles lanterns! the Prophet Geoff Johns already ended it. lets move on (or at least just keep green lantern and green lantern corps)

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Posted By ScarletWitchFever

Didn't Sinestro freeze everyone except for Arkillo or something? Would be cool if a new head honcho comes along and frees the Corps (Mongul? Despero?! Starro?! Scarecrow?!?!?! lawl), but I agree that without Sinestro himself, the book probably wouldn't sell. :(

Could be about Sinestro trying to take his Corps back (again). Idc, I just want Karu-Sil, Slushh, Moose, and Bedovian back.

I'm pretty sure if they do go ahead with this, Sinestro will be the one leading them. Blackest Night had Mongul trying to turn it into the Mongul Corps, and that did not go too well. Sinestro really has nothing left besides this corps; I doubt he would just leave it, even if he had a change of heart and became a do-gooder. Even if he became a neutral force, whatever happens to Sinestro would influence the corps as well. He has some pretty loyal followers.

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Edited By ptigrusmagus

Also I've seen the recommendation for an anthology style book, that's EXACTLY what's Threshold should have been but it tanked so bad DC didn't even bother putting a second story in place after The Hunted. That storyline was OK with me, I like GLs and space characters but a cosmic knockoff of Hunger Games isn't the most ambitious approach to a new anthology. End The Hunted as expected but please DC bring Threshold back with another story.

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

I don't think DC would do this without making Sinestro a central character to the series. Last we saw him he had gained full power of the fear avatar so I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with that.

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Posted By UrbanChill

they need an animated movie

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Posted By BrotherEye

Can't blame DC for trying to expand a line that has some fan support to it. They tried Threshold and no one bought it so why not just make another Lantern corps. Anyway, I'd rather DC experiment and try titles like this to see how they do. If it is Matt Kindt on this then it might be interesting... though I struggle to think how they are going to make it something that fans of superheroes can read since the Sinestro Corps is full of criminals and bullies. And if they change them into being anti-heroes... well, they might crossover a bit with Red Lanterns. That would be my only concern. Personally, I hope they kind of splinter the Sinestro Corps so Sinestro has got some loyalists and has to deal with all these usurpers out there.

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Posted By LiuKangBakesAPie

This seems unnecessary...

Aye...Why flood the market with more Lantern books when DC has a plethora of other characters just waiting for brilliant stories to be told?

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Posted By csguterres

Why can't we have a non-Lantern Corps cosmic book? DC have LOADS space based characters so why don't they use any of them?

Adam Strange, we miss you

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Posted By Bobsjonjon

Please when are the Lilac Lanterns gonna have a series?

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Posted By feargalr

Sinestro is cool... but I still think instead of having a book on larfleez, red lanterns, sinestro corps etc, it would be better to have one book where each story arc is a different corp, so writers can tell a story about who ever they want, but still aren't limited by corps that aren't strong enough to hold a book by themselves.

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Posted By V_Scarlotte_Rose

Wasn't this confirmed a while ago?

That's what I thought too. I remember a month or so ago telling someone this was going to be happening.

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Posted By ViperKing

I would definitely read it but I would be upset since Sinestro had already left, so they would simply be showing how sadistic and torturous they are. I don't think the series would last long. I'd rather read a Blue Lantern Corps series.

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Posted By Mbecks14

Very cool. I love the Sinestro Corps!

But another Lantern title? Seems like overkill. I'd like a Carol Ferris' Star Sapphire adventures series? Or another Flash title? Or another Wonder Woman title where she's not sharing the title with a man? Or Booster Gold?

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Edited By ericvk14

This is no suprise...the way DC is canceling books and starting up new ones, i wouldnt be suprised if they where working on a new series about every minor character in the DC Universe that ever appeared....just in case...

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Posted By Skulexander

I still want a Saint Walker series.

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Posted By ILLO_29

@komickev: I'm with you. I would very much like to see an anthology series where each story arch deals with a different corps.

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord


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Edited By Hawkguy

@jonny_anonymous: because no one reads them and they end up getting cancelled. Such is the sad truth

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Edited By nappystr8

Other than Sinestro himself, I don't know if I consider a single member of the Sinestro Corps to be a compelling character. Seeing as how Sinestro has moved on, I can't imagine the rest of those jokers making for interesting stories. It could certainly be done with the right vision and creative team, hopefully they would keep it a very scary affair full of betrayals and politics.

I'd much rather see an Indigo book, or a Blue Lanterns book. Even Star Sapphires or Black Lanterns would be more interest me more. Personally I think Red Lanterns makes for the most intriguing spinoff, and even that turned into an incredibly bland book for a very long time.

Unless Sinestro rejoins the team I just don't see there being much more than a miniseries worth of material to go on, and after the events of John's Green Lantern work, having Sinestro rejoin his Corps would be a really disappointing return to the status quo.

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Posted By KomicKev

I'd rather see a series that included all the different colored corps (Rainbow Lanterns?) in their own individual story lines, 3-6 issues long. I don't read the Red Lantern Corps, I certainly won't pick up LarFleeze, and I won't pick up a Sinestro Corps title either. But if they had an ongoing that spotlighted each color now and then, that might work out better. Just a thought.

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