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SDCC 2014: Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel

The publisher's chief creative officer and others from the House of Ideas take to the stage to talk all about their upcoming stories! Oh, and there's some small news about a little franchise called "Star Wars."

Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel gives fans the chance to voice their opinions directly to the publisher's chief creative officer, Joe Quesada. But before they open the floor to questions, concerns, and praise from fans, they're always sure to give us a bit of exciting news. Joining Quesada at this year's San Diego Comic-Con edition of the panel is editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, talent scout C.B. Cebulski, senior editor Nick Lowe, editor Jordan D. White, writer Dan Slott, and writer Brian Michael Bendis.

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  • Begins with a clip. Iron Man/Captain America: Avengers United. Rogers is able to humorously beat Stark in a race ("how'd you do that?!") and then there's a big action scene between the two and some HYDRA goons. Lots and lots of repulsor blasts, bullets, and some shield toss goodness.
  • Promotes MARVEL'S 75TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION and reminded fans it includes Stan Lee's first story and a new Alias story.
  • Reminds fans that Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon now have their own volumes. Showed some pages from both.
  • Bendis points out that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #18 is the first time he's working with artist Ed McGuinness. Says the issue will answer the "big secret Peter Quill has been carrying around" and adds he can't wait for fans to see it.
  • Slott says the Allreds have been killing it on SILVER SURFER. "Once we finish the two-part story, the whole universe is wide open!" Promises "it'll be great" as we see Hulk enter the book and there will be a "big fight" with Galactus.
  • UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #1 is artist Andrea Sorrentino's first gig with Marvel!
  • STAR WARS! Writer: Jason Aaron. Artist: John Cassady. Coming in January. It's an ongoing, not a limited series.
  • "For me, this is going back to being a kid and when I first fell in love with these characters and that universe. What's great is we get to start with the original film." Aaron says he wants us to feel "child-like wonder and glee" as we read. Says it takes place between episodes 4 and 5. "These are being treated as relevant to continuity and mythology."
  • STAR WARS: DARTH VADER announced! Ongoing series. Writer: Kieron Gillen. Artist: Salvador Larroca. Also takes place between episodes 4 and 5. Says it'll show his rise to power and why he's feared. Teased we'll see Boba Fett.
  • STAR WARS: PRINCESS LEIA announced! Limited series. Writer: Mark Waid. Artist: Terry Dodson. Says it'll give her a chance to be a "kick-ass heroine." This is the first limited series and more will be on the way.
  • Question: will we see Boba Fett? Answer: yes and they're finding fun ways to make it work because "Boba Fett rules."
  • Question: where's the Daredevil merch? Answer: sorry, this isn't the right group to ask -- it's another division at Marvel. However, if it's a huge hit on Netflix, they hope he'll get more of a push.
  • Question: any more plans with Shang-Chi? Answer: yes, they love him and the character was talked about during a recent retreat.
  • Question: will we see any transgender characters? Answer: we'll find out very soon.
  • Fan dressed as a Superior Spider-Man minion is invited to sit on stage next to Dan Slott. Fan sits down and pours the writer a glass of water.
  • Question: Deadpool plans? Answer:Reminds fan that Wade will be in AXIS and says the merc will be a "big part" of it. "So many great comics coming out. If you're a fan of Deadpool, we're not going to stop anytime soon."
  • Question: Ultimate universe plans? Answer: panel says there's big things coming up and "it'll be on everybody's lips."
  • Bendis says Hank McCoy will "pay the price" for the things he's done. Says we haven't even seen some of the things we've done. Says "The Trial of Hank McCoy" is coming very soon.
  • Question: will we see more Marvel Zombies? Answer: yes.
  • More OGNs are planned but they can't say anything yet.
  • Question: can we get Garth Ennis to write Punisher Kills the Star Wars Universe? Answer: they joke they'll work on it.
  • Question: Spider Minion, what do you think happened to Ock's body? Answer: Slott swipes the mic and orders his minion to be silent!
  • Quesada receives a Comic-Con Inkpot award. Praises his co-workers, says he's just happy to be here and thanks the fans for their support.

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

Star Wars ongoing AND Star Wars: Darth Vader?! YES!!!

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Posted By CaptainHoopla

Holy crap. Jason Aaron writing Star Wars. I can completely see that working.

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Posted By Xwraith

I'm not sure how I feel about Jason Aaron doing Star Wars.

I should probably add the the only stuff I've read by Jason Aaron was his X-Men.

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Posted By SmashBrawler

The Star Wars stuff sounds really interesting.

@xwraith said:

I should probably add the the only stuff I've read by Jason Aaron was his X-Men.

You should read Scalped.

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Posted By micah007123

I'm really excited by all of this news. Glad the Ultimate Universe is getting some love, makes me hopefull we'll see another Ultimates series.

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Edited By MachoMustachio

" Bendis says Hank McCoy will "pay the price" for the things he's done. Says we haven't even seen some of the things we've done. Says "The Trial of Hank McCoy" is coming very soon."

great now they're going to kill my favorite Xman....just funky great

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Posted By daredevil21134

Some people ask silly questions

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Posted By Spideysense44


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Posted By senorsheldor

I'm surprised they didn't announce a Star Wars crossover series with all the other books.

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Edited By TimeLordScience
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Posted By longbowhunter

Andrea Sorrentino Uncanny X-Men Annual!?! Looking forward to that.

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Posted By Novemberx2

I love it, same as every year, audience members ask stupid questions that pretty much allow the panel get away with saying "Yep X will appear" or "sure we'd like to" or "there's big things coming up"

Imagine if someone had said "with the introduction of Falcon as Captain America and a Female Thor, are you using diversity as gimmick to gain mass media attention in attempt have sharp sales boast for a few issues? rather then a meaningful way of beginning diversity in to your character portfolio?" and then quotes Superior Spiderman #1, #31/Amazing Spiderman #1 sale figures to demonstrate how Mass Media attention lets a major sales boast (or any other sales gimmick you can find evidence of been effective in practice). I mean you can't count on sites like CBR, Newsarama or comicvine to dare ask such questions to writers and editors.

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Posted By MachoMustachio

@timelordscience: I don't know I hope not, its nice having her back and that is just the impression I get from Bendis's statement. I really hope that I am wrong though, because if I am right, then Hank probably wont be back for a long time and even then he will be a totally different character....*sigh*

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Edited By Winter_Kills

Iron Man/Captain America: Avengers United sounds pretty cool. Everything else..meh. The "House of Ideas" definitely needs some more ideas, or at least some better ones, let's put it that way- especially concerning iconic characters like Cap & Thor.

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Edited By micah007123

@winter_kills said:

Iron Man/Captain America: Avengers United sounds pretty cool. Everything else..meh. The "House of Ideas" definitely needs some more ideas, or at least some better ones, let's put it that way- especially concerning iconic characters like Cap & Thor.

Speak for yourself dude

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Posted By M3th

MARVEL you make me Hate you and tHen make me love you again. THis relationsHip is not HealtHy.


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Posted By Mercy_

I wish that Leia was an ongoing, but I'm super pumped for some of the new stuff coming out

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Posted By kilowog52
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Posted By longbowhunter

@kilowog52: Doubt this gig had anything to Sorrentino leaving GA. But I hope this means more work for him at Marvel. I'd love to see him on a Dr. Strange book.

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Edited By WheatStalker

Ongoing Star Wars ... ongoing Darth Vader ... after the medal ceremony, before Hoth ... two series, one with Rebels, one for the Empire ... now I'm certain I am still sleeping and dreaming an insane Star Wars comic book dream. Wait ... don't wake me ... and Boba Fett?! ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh, la la la, la la la, still dreaming, la la la ...

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Posted By ms-lola

Not sure what to make of the "Trial of Hank McCoy". Really confused about Silver Surfer's solo continuing when others like Iron Fist are being cancelled (not official yet). I do like Allred's art but the story is not the greatest. After this month's next issue, I'm going to be dropping it unless it shocks me with a engaging story line.

If I had a chance to throw a question their way, I wouldn't have wasted the opportunity with what seems like really flimsy and weak enquiries.

I don't know how to react to all this Star Wars news.

Gillen is busy. Maybe too busy. That's worrisome.

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Posted By Winter_Kills


Can't help it, man. I'm a Marvel guy through & through- for almost all my years, since I could read- my nickname for a long time was "Marvel Boy" because of my huge love for Marvel, but, seriously, I never thought I'd say this, but DC is handling some of their iconic characters(Superman, Batman) better than Marvel is at the moment, comic-wise.(The MCU is doing an amazing job.) At least they(Supes, Bats, WW) are who they're supposed to be. The Cap thing doesn't bother me as bad as Thor, though. And Cap & Thor are my two favorite heroes(besides Bucky) in the MU. But there are things I am happy with, the new Winter Soldier series coming, Angela: Asgard's Assassin, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Hawkeye. So I'm not all negative about it; & I definitely won't down anyone for enjoying the changes. Everyone has the right to enjoy what they want to, or not. Just as a longtime fan I'll be happier to see the Cap & Thor I know back.

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Posted By victorcheenoanleu

All I got from this was Andrea & Sorrentino