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SDCC 2014: Marvel: Avengers & X-Men AXIS Panel

Come see what was revealed in Marvel's AXIS event!

Marvel's next big event is quickly approaching and the publisher spent some time to chat about it at San Diego Comic-Con. Editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, executive editor Mike Marts, senior editor Nick Lowe, writer Rick Remender and editor Jordan D. White took to the stage to speak about what the House of Ideas has in store for us with AXIS.

  • Regarding ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA: Remender says he loves writing Steve Rogers, but writing Sam Wilson will be fun because he doesn't have the same degree of rigidness and Sam will learn to wield the shield. Hydra will be a bigger threat than ever before (hail Hydra).
  • AVENGERS: RAGE OF ULTRON OGN announced. In continuity. By Remender, Jerome Opena, and Dean White. April 2015. Remender says they wanted to make something "that feels like THE KILLING JOKE." It's the evolution of Ultron. Will set things up and have a "whole new status quo" at the end. Says Starfox will play a big role and will get everyone to love the character.
  • CAP #23,24,25 to focus heavily on Zola and the Red Skull.
  • UNCANNY AVENGERS to show Red Skull accomplishing what he wants to and leads into AXIS
  • Magneto will play a "really big role" in AXIS. Key moments for AXIS in MAGNETO #9.
  • Trying to hold back a lot regarding chapter two of AXIS because they recognize too often things are spoiled in solicits/previews.
  • Shown Adam Kubert page of Plantman, new Cap flying and the Vision.
  • Vision to play a "huge role" in the OGN. Remender says he'll really shine.
  • Panel says they can't discuss AXIS CARNAGE and AXIS HOBGOBLIN because of spoilers but say we need to trust them that they'll be worth reading. However, did say Spidey fans should definitely pick up HOBGOBLIN.
  • Remender says he's a huge fan of Cullen Bunn's MAGNETO, recommends people to go back to issue #1 and catch up. Says there's a big Magneto and Red Skull conflict coming up, added there's so many contextual reasons for them to hate each other.
  • Showed more AXIS tie-in covers: MAGNETO #11, LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #7,ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #15.
  • Remender says he's a big X-Men fan and they'll play a big role. Hinted the return of a villain that hasn't been around.
  • Remender also says there's a "big Loki moment, unlike anything you've seen before."
  • "Definitely some plans in place" when asked about young Avengers and X-Men. Lowe says "there's some cool things on the horizon."

AXIS will begin this October.