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Scott Lobdell's RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS Re-drawn & Re-cast

Some people critique comics, others put their pencil where their mouth is.

There's been two issues so far for RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. It has been the center of controversy when the first issue featured Starfire with what seemed to be a new attitude. With all the discussion, it's clear that some people are really digging the series while others have voiced their opinion on why they don't like it.


Writer Scott Lobdell, being the good sport he is, discovered one fan express their opinion in a different manner and decided to share it with us.

== TEASER ==
LOL: A Special to Comicvine
By Scott Lobdell

I've certainly heard from a lot of people about RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS... but only one critic has gone so far as to re-write and re-draw and re-cast issue the series! And trust me when I say it is deserving of a wider audience!

VoxVulpina is a riot -- a very talented artist. Even better, a very talented satirist!

For everyone who misses the days of NOT BRAND ECHH and WHAT THE -- ?! VoxVulpina totally captures the cutting irreverence that made those series so biting and funny in the day. Here is hoping that we see more of this person's work in the future. (Very few people remember this, but I actually cut my teeth on WHAT THE -- ?! "The Last Charlie America Story" and "Marvel Balls" -- and I even wrote an entire MARVEL RIOT book where I savagely spoofed my own work on Age of Apocalypse back in the day!)

And yes, I could certainly do without the mean comment section, but that's just because I'm a person and no one actually enjoys being insulted. But... I will let you in on a Secret Of Being A Comic Book Writer: some people like your writing, some people don't!

Go check it out on VoxVulpina's DeviantArt site... and who knows, maybe ComicVine will collect the all the pages when they come out!

Here is the cover and first page.

After ditching Superboy and escaping the costraints of his book, Rose Wilson sets off in search of her father, Deathstroke, in order to wipe his new cheesy "scariest badass on the planet" persona off the face of the Earth. On the way, she bumps into this weird-ass mismatched trio in a jeep who’re speeding like crazy to get away from their evil writer, LOL-bdell. This newly emerging supervillain has traumatized our heroes, subjecting them to the worst forms of torture you can think of, including loss of braincells, hours of mandatory posing and Frat Boy Syndrome.

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Posted By Eyz

Alright, now that's a much better answer to that awful Red Hood/Starfire controversy.

Don't b#tch about it in comments, bug the artists/writer all the time, annoy other people,etc. Draw your own version! :P

Avatar image for dmc
Posted By DMC

.......Sorry, just don't get it.

Anyway, at the end of the day, money talks know the rest

Avatar image for entropy_aegis
Posted By entropy_aegis

I LOL'ed,Red Hood can't survive for long if this keeps conitnuing.

Avatar image for imsirius
Posted By imsirius

Chibi Rose is adorable.

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Posted By Iron Apollo


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Posted By ThomasElliot


Welcome to the internet. Critical thinking need not apply.

Avatar image for sekele
Posted By Sekele


I read the 2nd issue (skipped #1), and I'd actually like to see where it's going

Avatar image for darkmount1
Posted By Darkmount1

@SC: That is the exact advice Jay Sherman gave in episode 6 of The Critic--"If the movie stinks, just don't go."

Avatar image for sc
Posted By SC
@Darkmount1 said:

@SC: That is the exact advice Jay Sherman gave in episode 6 of The Critic--"If the movie stinks, just don't go."

Movies will outlast comics. Movies are ingrained into so many countries psyche as entertainment and movies has more diversity inherently because of that. Movies along with sport are like Gladiatorial games. They might struggle a bit, or not make as much money as they use to, they have to adapt to survive such issues as illegal downloading/pirating, etc etc etc  Oh, and kids, so many kids are raised in front of TV's and movies is just a natural progression. Movies are very accessible. etc etc 
Comics? Comics are a niche medium and its problems are fairly unique as well. Weird things like the disparity of quality between professional movies and home made movies is a lot bigger than the difference between professional comics work and home made. Does Screened have a fan fiction or RPG section? I view it as really being up to the individuals discretion. I thought Uncanny X-Men #500 was awful. I still wanted to buy it though. So I did. It gave me some entertainment value by way of mocking it. What and why other people buy things., hell if I know. I do know that not supporting books you like and supporting books you do like is a pretty logical step. Allows DC/Marvel to see what characters, writers, artists are popular and so can try and taylor make their product as a consequence. Yet, I can afford to support all the books I love, and can even afford to buy some I don't, because a book like Uncanny X-Men, will always sell well enough to exist in some form, because its so extremely accessible to casual readers, and so it would have to be ignorance on my part to think with this book, my lack of support will actively change much about its direction. Unless, say another X-Men book started outselling it - like if New Mutants started to sell more than Uncanny - could be a sign that writer or characters there or artist, might bring in more numbers in Uncanny - -  (hence personally although I buy Uncanny, I buy all other X-Books, and praise and recommend them and enjoy doing so) 
So thats the problem with exact advice. Its for an exact problem. Not so easy to apply elsewhere unless your being general etc which *nods* I can understand and respect. 
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Posted By Samimista

...Yep I'm dropping this title now.

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Posted By tjx_penn

@daredevil21134 said:

@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

Red Hood and The Outlaws, so far, is an amazing book and the people who are "offended" or dislike starfire's portrayal should get their heads out of their asses. Sure, its a little bit much, but this is a new age where females can be portrayed as either serious and full clothed or half-naked and bubbly. There are plenty of female's in the DCnU who aren't portrayed as being sex icons but because DC decided to make Catwoman and Starfire them its suddenly an outrage. People these days. Get over it. It's a comic. Dont like it? Dont buy it. Read something else.

But really, DC, maybe even Scott, bring back the outsiders. They're awesome.

Great post


Avatar image for gordo789
Posted By Gordo789

I picked #1 and 2 up at the shop this weekend and actually really enjoyed them. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Avatar image for farwind
Edited By Farwind

In my opinion, they've been fantastic so far. Apparently though people have issues if a non-male character acts sexual in any way. Hopefully the memory bit will be explained soon though.
Avatar image for mercy_
Posted By Mercy_

@Farwind said:

Apparently though people have issues if a non-male character acts sexual in any way.

As has been explained ad nauseum, that's not the problem that people have with it.

Avatar image for farwind
Posted By Farwind

A lot of people have many problems with it, and thats one that gets mentioned a decent amount. I understand most of the issues are with other changes and portrayals. 
We haven't really seen enough of Starfire or Roy to make any good character judgements yet. Hopefully that'll happen soon.

Avatar image for lykopis
Posted By lykopis

@The Dark Huntress said:

@Farwind said:

Apparently though people have issues if a non-male character acts sexual in any way.

As has been explained ad nauseum, that's not the problem that people have with it.

*hands out barf bags to everyone....*

So true, DH. ugh.....

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