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Rocket Raccoon Could Be Coming To A Theater Near You In 2014

Could Marvel's The Guardians of the Galaxy be the studio's next big movie?

If you have always dreamed of seeing Rocket Raccoon, Groot and the rest of The Guardians of the Galaxy make their way onto the big screen then you might find yourself surprised to hear that this might be coming together sooner than you think.

Late last week was Marvel's official red carpet premiere of The Avengers movie which will hit stores on May 6th. During the premiere Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige was present at a press junket for the film where he revealed plans for Marvel's many future projects unrelated to The Avengers. Among the projects mentioned were Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and - you guessed it - The Guardians of the Galaxy.

"We are very excited about bringing things like that, maybe things exactly like that, to the screen. [...] When you tell people, you know what would be really cool? This movie, and there's a raccoon, and there's a tree... And they go, 'What?' And people like you know what it is, and get excited. And the majority of people go, 'Did you say a raccoon and a tree?' 'Oh yeah, they're going to steal the whole movie. They're hilarious.' 'Okay, I'll believe it when I see it.' I like that."

It's clear that Marvel is willing to make both big-budget superhero movies as well as movies that play on fantasy, silliness and overall fun. Clearly Marvel Studios (or, at least Kevin Feige) wants to go where no movie has gone before. He wants to take studios by surprise by bringing Raccoons and Trees together in one movie. Could it be Marvel's next big project? Feige also revealed during the junket that the studio already knows what their project for 2014 will be, although they have yet to officially announce it. So which Marvel property will be the next to make it to the big screen? More importantly, which Marvel property would you like to see? Do you think a Guardians of the Galaxy movie could tie into The Avengers?

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Posted by Okrag

Andy Serkis as Rocket Raccoon.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

@shrmntnk62 said:

Words will not be able to express how disappointed I will be if the decide to do Guardians of the Galaxy before Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Black Panther, or any other much more deserving character. Hell, I'd go see the Squirrel Girl movie before I see a damned space raccoon.

So what makes those characters more deserving? Because you like them? So fans of Rocket and the GotG shouldn't get to see their favorite team on the big screen because you don't like the idea?

Posted by notarandomguy

@Namor1987 said:

@clemj said:

I don't think they'll do it cuz The Avengers movie is inspired from the Ultimate universe and the guardians do not exist there...

That's the most retarded explanation ever. LOL & the cinematic universe is inspired by a combination of the 616 & Ultimate Universe blended together. Some people shouldn't talk.

That exact same tough not everyone has and only some people that truly like marvel has notice

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

I'm not entirely understanding people who automatically mention Howard the Duck. This isn't the eighties, people.

Posted by Video_Martian

@BoyWander said:

More interested in Ant-man and Doctor Strange.

What's in bold is true for me.

Edited by Michiel76

@Lexino said:


Hehe GROOT means BIG or TALL in dutch, i wonder if the creator knew this and thus gave him that name

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Not sure who would Produce this. They'd need at least $100 million for the visuals alone, and since the last comic sci-fi film bombed hard (Green Lantern), and the pitch would consist of "space superheroes including a raccoon, a tree and a guy named Star Lord", I can't imagine this will ever be made. Sad, but true.

Posted by venomoushatred1001
Posted by crileyluke

Only leading to the greatest Marvel story ever told: THE INFINITY GAUNTLET!!! Imagine all of the cosmic/gods/omnipotent beings throwing a galaxy worth of planets at Thanos to no avail…EPIC. They should probably have Warlock/Him origin in Thor two. Rocket Raccoon’s origin is BA too, but all the cute animal humanoids would turn the average 15-30ish demo away. We need surfer, FF4, Spidey, Xmen under same studio as Avengers.

Posted by B'Town

I don't know if I can really express how happy this makes me. Yay!

I am an unabashed fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. I still have them on my pull list, refusing to take them off. I cried real big girl tears when the last series ended. These characters for me are capitol F - Fun. I'm sooo happy.

The only news that could make me happier is if Secret Six were to begin again with Simone back at the helm.

Thanks for this great news! :D

Edited by umbrafeline

@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! said:

Hit stores May 6th? The movie COMES TO CINEMAS, MAY *4*TH.

come to the trunks of bootleggers cars may 5th ^_^

but this would be a great animated film like marvels first two creations 'transformers the movie' [1986] and 'g i joe the movie' [1987]

Posted by BlueLantern1995

I'll go to see all 3 though if I have to pick it would be last.

Posted by KidSupreme

I might check it out :D

Posted by Danvader64

It sounds crazy but it sounds awesome at the same time. I have no comment.

Posted by GR2Blackout
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