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Review/Preview: Urban Myths Pilot Season!

Urban Myths: Pilot Season
Urban Myths: Pilot Season
Hands down, this is my favorite Pilot Season issue this year.  There's been a couple that I've liked but this one just took the lead. 

Jay Faerber has created an interesting world and characters.  Jack Medusa is the everyman that happens to have a Medusa mask he inherited from his mom (it even turns people into stone, as you'd expect).  The character designs also add to the enjoyment of discovering this new world.  If Top Cow continues their trend, they're going to snatch up "newcomer" Jorge Molina and get him on an exclusive contract.

The story itself wasn't too complicated or heavy with plotlines.  That's not a criticism.  Despite being a straight forward story, it was the trip along the way that won my affection.  I will be voting for this issue to win.  I want more.  I want to see more of Jack Medusa.  I want to see more of New Athens.  I also want to know what was meant by the little cliffhanger at the end.

Five stars out of Five!

Pilot Season: Urban Myths #1

(W) Jay Faerber     (A) Jorge Molina        (Cov) Jorge Molina
Journey to New Athens — a modern-day world where humans still worship the Greek Gods and the Greek Gods still meddle in the lives of men. In this world, if you think your wife’s cheating on you, first you pray to Aphrodite for a way to win her back.  If that doesn’t work, you hire Jack Medusa, private eye, to get the goods on film. Son of the infamous Medusa, Jack wears a metal mask to protect the people around him.  He’s a social leper but a damn good P.I., and he takes on cases the police won’t touch.

This Pilot Season entry comes from fan-favorite writer Jay Faerber (Dynamo 5, Noble Causes) and fresh newcomer Jorge Molina (Superman/Batman Annual).

Full Color      32 pages        $3.99       Pilot Issue