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Review: 'The Walking Dead' Magazine #1

Find out how a magazine dedicated to the phenomena stacks up.

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If you've cruised by the newstand or magazine section at bookstores and grocery stores, you've probably seen the magazines devoted to different TV shows. I've often wondered how those are and how the publisher of them can come up with enough content month after month. Then word came out that THE WALKING DEAD would be getting its own magazine. I had some of the same thoughts but there is more to it than just a TV show. It's also more than just a comic. THE WALKING DEAD has exploded into an actual phenomena.

Right from the beginning, we have an introduction from Robert Kirkman. That assures us that he will be involved and keeping track of what goes on in the magazine.

This is where you will find out everything coming up that involves THE WALKING DEAD. There are updates on Season 3, collectibles, news on the Activision game focused on Daryl Dixon, set visits, an exclusive short story prelude for the next WD novel and much more. There's also interviews with Kirkman, Danai Gurira (Michonne), Chris Hardwick (The Talking Dead), Charlie Adlard and showrunner, Glen Mazzara. There are plenty of features from getting you caught up on the comic, "choice cuts" featuring a different character's greatest kills, reviews and more.

There's no questioning that the 100 pages are full to the brim with WALKING DEAD content and information.

What are the downsides?

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It has a newstand price of $9.99. You can subscribe and save $10 plus get the issues before they hit the newstand. You also get a WALKING DEAD t-shirt (seen here). I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine so I'm not sure how that price compares for the number of pages you get.

The main problem with magazines is getting the information out in a timely manner. At the time this hits the newstands, we've already seen the first two episodes of Season 3. The magazine skirts around it a little and some of the information can quickly become dated.

There is also a feature on some of the activities from San Diego Comic-Con. This is cool stuff for those that weren't there and because this is the first magazine, it wasn't covered before. But SDCC was three months ago.

There are some benefits to this magazine. If they can continue with exclusive content, that makes it worth it for WALKING DEAD fans. The exclusive short story was a cool part and reminded me I need to pick up the second novel, The Road to Woodbury (the first novel was pretty cool).

It's a really good first issue. There's plenty to see. Again the big question is, will each issue contain plenty of content to make it worth getting. With everything going on in the world of WALKING DEAD from the comics, TV show, video games, collectibles, etc it would seem the answer is definitely yes. I'm liking what I see here. It might be the next issue or two that really sells me on whether or not I will fully commit to the magazine.