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Review: Sweet Tooth #14

Visceral and intense...

As a full-out war between Jeppard and the tribes people brews on the surface, the hybrid children make a bid to finally escape their awful captivity.

The Good

Lemire's best strength is his storytelling.  He's got a true cartoonists' fluidity when it comes to making these scenes exist in your head simply through his choices in layout and angles. I was particularly effected by the panel with the nasty "brick braining" scene - - it was almost an optical illusion as I could feel the motion swinging through my head. Actually, there's a real sense of the visceral to this that I could get in to... the grime and hardness was almost palpable.

The Bad

I get the sense that the art in this book is an acquired taste and I honestly haven't gotten past the point of acquisition. There's some great grotesqueness to the monsters, but I think it extends a little too far to color everything in the title.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Once again, it's too bad that I sometimes have to experience series like this in such a piecemeal fashion. I feel like I'd get a lot more out of this particular issue if I'd entered this series from the beginning and gotten gradually acclimated to the world of Sweet Tooth. The storytelling, like I said, does an incredible job of bringing you into this story but, considering how filthy and warped it is, it's almost too much for my senses.
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Posted by Silkcuts

Great review. Your dead on that Jeff Lemire, "He's got a true cartoonists' fluidity".
As much I enjoyed Jeff's art in its natural B & W, Villarrubia's choice of colors give new life to the beautiful, yet ugly art of Jeff Lemire.  His art may not be as sharp as the artist doing his superhero books, but when you give him a brush he makes magic.

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Posted by Pizawle

Why would you just read a random issue? That is incredibly silly and completely invalidates the review.

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Posted by Eyz

I like this series^^
It as that indie flavour that too much mainstream comic don't have anymore :/

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Posted by longbowhunter

I'm eagerly awaiting vol.2 TPB. The first volume stole my heart and waiting for this series in trade is killing me!!

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Posted by zombietag
@Pizawle said:
" Why would you just read a random issue? That is incredibly silly and completely invalidates the review. "