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Review: Red Robin #17, Guess Who's Back?

I'm not just talking about Bruce Wayne.

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This is it. This is the moment many have been waiting for. The return of a certain Bat-character that has been missing from the pages of comic books for too long. Just a note, if you're not already aware who this character is and haven't heard, there will be a spoiler mentioned. 

The Good 

Cassandra Cain is back. You might recall a few issues back when Tim first showed his list of people he was keeping tabs on. Cassandra Cain was listed as being somewhere in Hong Kong. As you begin reading the first few pages, you will be in anticipation of what her reaction will be. She decided to leave Gotham after Bruce Wayne died.  
The story between Red Robin and Lynx continues and Tim makes a decision that could have repercussions on his status in Gotham. You might also have noticed the Batman, Inc logo on the cover. The Return of Bruce Wayne has been all over the place and hampered by scheduling issues but we get a nice bit of closure here. 

The Bad 

The biggest complaint is there's not enough of Cassandra. It's to be expected. It's not like after all this time we'd find out everything she's been up to in one single issue. Her return is being set up. 
I've never been completely crazy about Lynx. I'm still waiting to see how her character plays out. There is some potential but I'm skeptical to see if I'll be won over. 
There was scene between Tim and Bruce on a rooftop talking. Bruce has disabled any rooftop security cameras and they both remove their masks to talk to each other. I don't see the point in this other than from an artistic point it'd be easier to show their expressions. To me it just felt awkward. 

The Verdict - 4/5 

Red Robin has taken a slight deviation since Fabian Nicieza took over from Chirs Yost and since his mission of finding Bruce has ended. Seeing Tim evolve into the next stage of his crime fighting career is an interesting journey. He is getting used to his Red Robin guise and needs to figure out where his place is and what his tactics will be. Nicieza is continuing to bring in past characters and threads as we bare witness to the great hero Tim could become. With this issue, it felt like there was three different parts that made the flow feel a little off. I look forward to the issue each month and I'm curious to see how the series will tie into Batman, Inc.