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Review: Cable #25

The best comic of the week, and it's the last issue?

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Deadpool takes readers on a "behind the scenes" look at his secret role in the Messiah Complex storyline.
I haven't read any of Swierczynski's work before, but I'll definitely look for his name after this, because this was probably the funniest superhero comic I've read in as long as I can remember. Deadpool's sense of humor is notoriously hard for writers to nail. Many try, few nail it. And Swierczynski nails it to the wall right here in a spotless storytelling dance with Paco Medina. I was laughing at Deadpool and pumping my fist for Cable's bad-assry in this, and it's hard enough to do just one of those things in a comic.
I can't believe this series is ending. This was my first issue reading it and it seems like it'll be the last in the series? If that's a case, it's a real shame, because I would have looked forward to reading next month's issue.
Out of all the comics I read this week, this was definitely the best. Pick it up if you want a belly laugh and rush of adrenaline from some well-executed action.