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Red Hulk's Identity Reveal Coming Real Soon

Are you ready to find out who he really is?

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Ever since the Red Hulk made his debut in Hulk #1, we've been left wondering what is his real identity. One of the complaints readers had was simply the fact that we had another version of the Hulk, just with a new color. I never understood this complaint. Look at the characters similar to Spider-Man (Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spider, Mattie Franklin, Spider-Girl, etc). What about all the stretchy heroes? What made Red Hulk different is his actions proved he was pretty much as different from the Hulk as he could be. In the first issue, he shoots and kills the Abomination. To me, that made it a whole new game. 
Where did the Red Hulk come from? A lot of people give the credit (or blame) to Jeph Loeb. In our interview back in October, Jeph mentions that it was Joe Quesada that approached him and asked if he was interested in writing about a "red" Hulk. Jeph then talked to Ed McGuinness and they started fleshing out his character and his origin. What we've had is simply a mystery story. We've been waiting to see who turned into the Red Hulk, how and why. And I've been loving it.
Jeph did say we would definitely be finding out who Red Hulk is. Once we do, his story will be far from over. 
 Incredible Hulk #609, Red Hulk's secret revealed?
 Incredible Hulk #609, Red Hulk's secret revealed?
When will we find out this big secret? According to Marvel's solicit information, the secret will be revealed in Incredible Hulk #609, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Paul Pelletier

"Planet Hulk" was big.  "World War Hulk" was bigger.  Now with "World War Hulks," the Marvel Universe explodes with the biggest emotional story ever to hit Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk!   Following the mindbending twist ending of "Fall of the Hulks," everything Bruce Banner knows has been turned upside-down -- and everything he's ever desired may be just a heartbeat away.  Written by Greg Pak (PLANET HULK, WORLD WAR HULK) and drawn by Paul Pelletier (WAR OF KINGS, FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA), don't miss the insane action and non-stop revelations asSkaar, Son of Hulk, enters his most brutal battle, Bruce Banner faces his greatest temptation, and the secret identity of a certain scarlet smasher is finally revealed!     

The issue is due in May. Those of you complaining we've been in the dark won't have to wait much longer. I do find it a little strange that the answer will be in Incredible Hulk and not the Hulk title. But in other ways, it does make sense. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting. Part of me doesn't want to read the story just yet. A lot will be riding on this revelation. I can guarantee this will be the first book I read the week it's released.  
Now you have just a little bit longer to make you guess and to place your bets (not that I condone gambling). Who do you think the Red Hulk really is? Will finding out change your opinion on him?  


Actually now that I think about it and re-read that solicit, that reveal could actually be referring to the identity of the Red She-Hulk. Pretty sneaky, Marvel...