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Real Life Superheroes in New York

And your chance to be a superhero, yourself.

 I'm sure they look a lot more badass at night.
 I'm sure they look a lot more badass at night.

Bruce Vain brought to our attention a New York Post article  about a veritable- Justice League of real life superheroes in the Big Apple. Having checked out Mr. Vain’s profile, I must comment that if anybody’s big and dangerous-looking enough to be a costumed vigilante in reality, it’s him. Anyway, get the full story from  the article and look at the accompanying video I’ve included below.

The funny thing is, when I checked this article out, the next most popular article has the headline “Oprah’s ‘hidden life’” and the first thought that popped into my head was… has Oprah been moonlighting as superheroine? She may not be roaming the streets a Chicago as a violent vigilante, but the Windy City’s famous lady has done plenty heroic things during the daylight with her countless philanthropic efforts. I actually went to high school with a number of kids who were part of a scholarship program she ran.  

 Following that, and, in the spirit of Life’s talk on the video about the call to charity, I’ll put on the “serious hat” for a minute, here...

And  I'll encourage you all to take advantage of a chance to become real life superheroes, yourselves. You don’t have to put on a flashy outfit and beat up criminals to save lives… it’s really just as easy as laying back for 20 minutes. I don’t know if C2E2 will be having a blood drive this weekend, but I know for a fact that there was on at Wonder Con and there will be one at the San Diego Comic Con. I encourage anybody here on the Comic Vine community to stop by the drive if they’re attending the show. Not only is it easy, not only is it painless, but you’ll also get a free bag of merch for your efforts (the value of which is pronounced to anybody whose wallet’s hurt after roaming a convention) and a whole table of free juice and cookies (the value of which at a convention is especially pronounced to anybody who’s had to pay 5 dollars for a hot dog on the floor).


Even if you can’t make it out for any of those shows, I encourage you to check out the Red Cross’ website and see if there’s a drive near you. My blood type’s O-Negative and I’ve been getting a lot of postcards from the Cross about“O-Negative Superheroes.” While the need  is certainly greater during disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, blood is always in shorter supply than it ought to be. So again, please, check out the Red Cross’ website, sign up for the donation and get a badass bandage on your arm that your friends will all be envious of.
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