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Question of the Week RESULTS: Marvel Studios Movie You Want to See the Most

Which character does the CV community want to see receive more of the spotlight? And the winner is...

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As some of the cinematic Avengers move towards completing their trilogies, Marvel Studios is looking to push new characters into the forefront. We know they'll soon introduce the world to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange, but who else do they want to bring front and center? There's a lot of great characters that are more than deserving of the attention, but this week, we wanted you to select between five somewhat reasonable options: Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and the Inhumans. So, which choice takes the top spot after a week of voting? Well, it looks like the voters really want to see....

T'challa, a.k.a. Black Panther!


The cosmic cinematic universe is growing at such a fast rate, so why not expand what's going on across Earth, too? Wakanda could be a real treat to witness and its society's technological advancements could be quite cool to see on the big screen. Plus, let's be blunt: Black Panther is awesome. He's a ridiculously talented fighter, has a beyond gifted mind, and seeing his costume -- claws and all -- would be glorious, especially when he's potentially standing shoulder to shoulder with Captain America and others. There's so much potential with T'Challa and it would give audiences the chance to become immersed in a whole new location and, of course, boost the character's popularity. Here's hoping Marvel Studios agrees with the voters! Now, let's see the complete poll results.

  • Black Panther 36%
  • Captain Marvel 28%
  • Inhumans 15%
  • Hulk 13%
  • Black Widow 8%

The community has been chatting about these choices since Monday, so let's see what some of them said.


"Chose Captain Marvel. Would love to see Carol Danvers on the big screen, either as Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel. However, I would love to see all of the above get a solo film, especially T'Challa."


"Captain Marvel, although Black Panther would be a close second. Both have the potential to succeed in stand alone movies but, perhaps more importantly, their inclusion would be add a great deal to the MCU as a whole. Danvers in particular has always seemed like a logical and interesting addition to the roster of the movie Avengers."



"CAROL. No questions asked I want a Carol Danvers movie. (Big Shock) I'm a die hard Carol fan, and this would probably be the best thing on the world to hear. But it would not only be the best thing for me and all members of the Carol Corps, it would also be a tremendous gain for Marvel Studios. They are sorely lacking in the female superhero department. I mean, they just have Black Widow and soon to be Scarlet Witch. That's two. How many men are there? More than two. A good amount of women go see these Marvel movies and enjoy them just as much! How cool would it be for these women to discover a female (super-powered) hero they would look up to or for even the men to cheer as she goes toe to toe with Thor or gives a snarky comeback to Tony Stark. Carol simply is the epitome of badass-ery. She has a fun-loving soul, yet a strong will and constitution to do what's right and protect those around her. Think of a cross between Tony and Steve.

BUT WAIT! As those infomercials would say, "That's not all!", introducing Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel into the mix would bring in the Kree and help expand on Marvel's growing cosmic universe. She would appear in the next Guardians movie, fighting alongside Drax or Groot, and then ultimately appear in Avengers 3, battling the cosmic threat of Thanos. See? Introducing Carol is not only good for ticket sales and fan and casual appeal, but for the young universe Marvel is attempting to expand upon.

And that, is why a Captain Marvel movie, is my choice for what I want to see…. You hear me Marvel? MannEffest wants a Captain Marvel movie :p"


"I voted for Black Panther. Like GoTG it would open up a whole new world for the MCU. Wakanda itself will be glorious to behold with it's mix of tribal and high-tech culture. I really look forward to seeing that world brought to life, not to say the least about the character and his supporting characters and enemies.

My choices for T'Challa are: Chadwick Boseman, Aldis Hodge, and Blessing Mokogohloa (from Spartacus War of the Damned). I always wanted Djimon Honsou, but now that he's in GoTG that won't be happening. I'd love to see Kevin Greivoux as Man-Ape."


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