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Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Batman Replacement

Terry McGinnis, Dick Grayson, Jean-Paul Valley, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake? The votes are in and a winner has been picked!

Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, has been voted as our latest Character of the Month, but quite a few characters have assumed the mantle when Bruce was unable to. We could talk all day about who's the "best" choice and what makes each of them a unique take on the iconic hero, but this week, we wanted to know which individual is your favorite version of Batman. Six DC characters were added to the poll and one of them took a rather large majority over the competition.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Comic Vine community has voted Dick Grayson, a.k.a. the first Robin, as the best Batman replacement! It's fitting since Bruce even complimented Grayson's time as Batman in the latest issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN.

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When it comes to heroes stepping into Bruce Wayne's costume, Dick Grayson is often the first that comes to mind. Yes, Jean-Paul Valley left one heck of an impression during Knightfall and many of us love Terry McGinnis, but after the Caped Crusader's little encounter with Darkseid, it was Grayson who put on the cape and cowl and went on some unforgettable adventures. From team-ups with Damian Wayne (courtesy of Grant Morrison) to a creepy investigation (by Scott Snyder), Grayson was able to capture what makes Batman important while making the character a little less dark. If Batman does "die" again, it's clear many would love to see the very agile and skilled Dick Grayson step back into Batman's boots and dish out some justice across Gotham City. Now, let's see where the votes went and what the community had to say about these choices!

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"Jason Todd (Red Hood, New 52.) I feel like Jason's moved past his daddy issues that were basically his only motivation for anything before the New 52, and has learned to appreciate his friends and even has his own code of honor. He's become reformed, in a sense.

Plus, admit it. You loved his Batman suit."


"Grayson is the only one that makes sense. In a world where characters actually age and retire, he would be the only reasonable substitute for Bruce."

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"I love them all, so it's really tough! I might have to go with Dick Grayson, because it was the first time I didn't think he was boring since he was on the Teen Titans. I thought he worked much better when he played off other heroes. I would have liked if he stayed Batman actually, because I really enjoyed the lighter tone, and loved his relationship with the other members of the Bat-family."


"Terry McGinnis for me. Batman Beyond could have been just a cheap way to mix things up, but it was so well done. Terry has what it takes to be Batman, so you don't feel like the cowl is being handed over to someone undeserving, but Terry is also so much different as a character then Bruce so it's not just Batman in the near-future. I really like the way this is done, and I really like that Bruce was around to keep the series grounded with the classic.

The digital comic is pretty good too."

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"I think to answer this question you have to answer "what does Batman (Bruce Wayne) stand for?" For me that's justice obviously (which most of these characters follow...albeit some rather more twistedly), but there are also things like the no killing policy which I think rules out Paul Valley/Jason Todd/ Damien Wayne AND Tim Drake (I know there have been a few different occasions that Tim has worn it and he's not bad in them all but the one that sticks out is in Titans Tomorrow as it's his seemingly longest time as replacing Bruce). That leaves Terry and Dick, I think an argument could be made for either of these being the greater Batman replacement, Terry is very similar to Bruce personality wise - headstrong and stubborn as well as more serious, but Dick's time as Batman was really excellent and he truly showed he had what it takes to wear the mantle. I think for me the fact that he spent a long time as Batman and showed a lot of professionalism just edges it for me over the less experienced Terry who I think still relies quite a bit on his tech and is more vulnerable in combat, Dick has been brought up by Bruce for years to work out out how to analyse and beat his opponents as well as installing a set of ideals in him while Terry hasn't had nearly as long so for these reasons I'm going Dick."

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Just because the poll is closed it doesn't mean you can't continue to give your top Batman replacement some love! Go ahead and share your favorite image of the character as the Dark Knight in the comments below. Don't forget to check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new question, too. Do you have a great idea for a future edition of the Question of the Week? If so, feel free to share it in the comments or via Twitter.

Want to keep celebrating our latest Character of the Month? Well, he's currently fighting Shredder (click here to vote) and we posted his Best Covers.

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Avatar image for valdemocnij
Posted By Valdemocnij

Bruce have to got longevity and try to not die in his future battles... i dont like idea about Bruce replacement... Batman is one of most iconic characters and his name is Bruce Wayne not Dick Grayson or Terry McGinnis... as Bruce he can die... but Batman cant... and only one man who can be Batman is Bruce and no one else !!! He need longevity....

Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle

Dick Grayson. There can only be one.

Avatar image for aminenafti33
Posted By aminenafti33

WTF Jean-Paul isn't better than Tim who the hell made this shit up huh but i agree with Dick being the best replacement of batman.

Avatar image for shawnbaby
Posted By Shawnbaby

The community has spoken.

We here at Comicvine Love Dick.

Avatar image for darthaznable
Edited By DarthAznable

I will never understand why people like Dick so much.

Shut up. I see what I did there.

Avatar image for ultragreenboy
Posted By Ultragreenboy

@jayc1324 said:

It was obvious dick was going to win, but terry is the best replacement actually if you think about his suit and abilities. Dick didnt do anything anyone else couldn't do. Besides get his butt kicked by two face in the bat cave that one time.

Without Terry's suit he would get stomped ALOT and the only reason Two Face beat Dick was because Grayson's fear got the better of him.

Avatar image for rejected_stone
Posted By rejected_stone

Personally I hate the way they showed Damian as Batman in 666. I don't think he'd turn out anything like that especially after how Tomasi matured him during his run. Personally I think he's the only true heir to the cowl. I'd personally be cool with Dick taking over after Bruce and Damian taking over when he's ready.

Avatar image for batcat91
Posted By batcat91

Dick Grayson won as it should be

Avatar image for scottyhawkeye
Posted By ScottyHawkeye

Thomas Wayne's better than all of these

Avatar image for teerack
Posted By Teerack

No one but Tim feels like they could even come close to really being the true successor of Bruce. He's got the skill, the mind, and the morals.

Avatar image for sentryman555
Posted By sentryman555

I've felt terry was the perfect batman replacement since I watched the Epilogue episode in Justice League Unlimited. It shows his skills improved to the point where he could sneak into Amanda Waller's high security home without the suit and was the best member of the Justice League beyond team. Plus the episode just made so much sense as to why the cowl should go to him. But if we're just talking strictly comics then yeah it has to be Dick.

Avatar image for redhood21
Edited By redhood21

Todd and Azreal made it their own... #new school lol Dick was a good replacement.

Avatar image for theocitylegend

Dick Grayson wearing Jason Todds Batman armor would be perfect!

Avatar image for kidstandout
Posted By kidstandout

1 dick, nuff said

2 terry, batman beyond nuff said

3 tim/jason- better detective vs better suit

4 jean paul? um why is being mentioned?

Avatar image for saoakden
Posted By saoakden

I had a hard time choosing which Batman replacement I like. It was tie between Dick & Terry. So difficult to choose.

Avatar image for dimitridkatsis
Posted By dimitridkatsis

Well I liked Grayson as Batman, he wasn't reffered to as Dick that often ;P

Avatar image for MadeinBangladesh
Edited By MadeinBangladesh
Avatar image for tmul501
Posted By Tmul501

these polls are skewed. you should have us rank them rather than just vote for one. that's how jean-paul valley had more votes than tim.

I think the reason Jean Paul-Valley scored higher than Tim is because Tim's fan base is almost non-existent thanks to the New 52.

also, this....sadly

Avatar image for andysynn
Posted By AndySynn

I was hoping it would be dick even before I clicked on the article. I love dick...

Wait, I mean I love Dick! Phew...

Seriously though, his time as Batman really was one of my favourite periods of "Bat Lore" of the past decade. He filled the role perfectly, but with enough differences in style and portrayal that it felt refreshed and renewed. And his partnership with Damian was just perfect.

"We were the best Richard. No matter what anyone thinks."

Although damn, but that shot of Jason in his batsuit, guns a blazin... that is badass.

But wait... no option to vote for Bane as Batman???

Avatar image for transformers1024
Posted By Transformers1024

I think the reason Jean Paul-Valley scored higher than Tim is because Tim's fan base is almost non-existent thanks to the New 52.

Avatar image for remirose
Posted By RemiRose

Seriously? Jean-Paul? Jason? Damian? Everybody have more votes that Tim? I know, they are cool characters but only Tim has predisposition to be a perfect Batman. Only Tim has enough detective skills, to be the replacment of the "World's Greatest Detective".

Avatar image for nightwing_grayson
Posted By Nightwing_Grayson

Thanks for choosing my comment! Definitely gonna try doing a few more now.

Avatar image for the_titan_lord
Posted By The_Titan_Lord


Avatar image for superior_prime_maybe
Posted By superior_prime_maybe

Jean-Paul Valley got more than Tim? Woah! did not expect that

Avatar image for allstarsuperman
Posted By AllStarSuperman

Why do people think Jason would make a good Batman.

Cause he knows Gotham. Arguably even better then Bruce does. He actually seems to want to be a Batman, but unlike Tim's creepy fascination with Bruce. Nightwing sees Batman as a role to fill when needed, but I think Jason (under a writer who gets his character, sorry Tony Daniel and Grant Morrison) could be an excellent Batman. I haven't read Batman Inc where he apparently does become another Batman though.

Avatar image for rainja
Edited By Rainja

Good Thread Comicvine. I will say i agree with Dick being the next heir to the cowl. I am gonna go againts my own standards here and for once Suggest DC take an approach Marvel is doing sometime in THE FUTURE(Not now, DC's Universe is new) and build up Dick or another story worthy yet interesing. Character to take up the mantle like Marvel did with Captain America and Falcon. I am normally againts Marvel and Dc doing stuff to be more simmilar like Marvel having a Detective figure like DC has batman and DC having a Shield like organization fulfilling the same space because at the end of the day. They are two different companies and should be respected. I however, feel like SOME and not all of its characters should have a run that lasts forever. Bruce has ultimately been batman from.before most if not all of us on this website has been born. He has rarely aged but continues to grow. I just feel its time for the Baton to be passed. A new Batman for a new Generation.

Avatar image for kleo_94
Posted By kleo_94

Bucky Barnes. Wait, I think I'm on the wrong article. Carry on.

Yeah, can't deny it. Bucky was the best Cap and is the best replacement.

Same as Dick is the best replacement for Batman. Still, I think Bruce is the best Batman, but here we're talking about replacement. I'm glad Dick won. Even considering Dick/Bruce relationship over the years in comics, it's kinda natural for Dick to become Batman eventually.

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Edited By amazing_webhead

Dammit! I was on vacation all week and missed this one.

Well, my vote would have gone to Terry, because that show freakin' ruled.

Avatar image for patrat18
Posted By patrat18

Terry or live.

Avatar image for boynerdgeek
Posted By Boynerdgeek

@kelevrasmashz28: because I think pdople want to vote Thomas Wayne Batman but unfortunatel he is not on the list so they vote Jason Todd because he use gun same like Thomas Wayne hahaha

Avatar image for kelevrasmashz28
Posted By KelevraSmashZ28

Why do people think Jason would make a good Batman.

Avatar image for kerrigan
Posted By Kerrigan

@jayc1324 said:

It was obvious dick was going to win, but terry is the best replacement actually if you think about his suit and abilities. Dick didnt do anything anyone else couldn't do. Besides get his butt kicked by two face in the bat cave that one time.

A strong argument can be made for Terry as most effective. But the question wasn't "best," it was "favorite."

Avatar image for dedpool
Posted By Dedpool

Dick was a very different batman, but a good one nonetheless. He's definitely currently the best suited for it, physically, mentally, and emotionally. as well as skill wise. That said, Terry is my choice. but it's a very different situation. Terry does a great job of carrying ong the legacy, and still making it his own. While Dick was and always will be forever in the Shadow of the Bat! Terry doesn't have to live up to what Bruce has done, as by that time it's all legends and stories again. Dick had to step into Bruce's shoes, and that alone made it difficult. Add in Damien and his issues are on a whole other level. Gotta take care of little bro, while making sure Dad would be proud. Luckily he had Alfred, and Terry has Bruce. I would have to say Dick for the current timeline, but Terry far and away was the best at making the legacy work for him, and it truly showed in that final fight between he and Joker in "Return of the Joker!"

Avatar image for rustyroy
Posted By RustyRoy

Dick as Batman is okay.

Avatar image for rulerofthisuniverse
Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse

People actually voted for Jean Paul Valley?

Avatar image for wilbertus
Posted By Wilbertus

I would rank them exactly as the community has voted. Nice.

Avatar image for overlander
Edited By Overlander

T-Mc got bat-blocked by Dick?
I am disappointed.

Avatar image for nerd_of_a_hero
Posted By Nerd Of A Hero

Obviously Dick was the right choose since he's done it already but so is Terry and I wouldn't mine that, still Bruce will always be "THE Batman" to me.

Avatar image for zaied
Edited By zaied

Terry and Batman Beyond is the perfect evolution of Batman to me. The fact that Bruce is still relevant in that time, but not as Batman, also makes it special.

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Edited By StMichalofWilson
Avatar image for granitesoldier
Edited By GraniteSoldier

Grayson is my favorite character o the list, but the story and how Batman Beyond was/is presented made me go with Terry.

Avatar image for infantfinite128
Posted By infantfinite128

Right on! Thanks for putting up my comment! Tim Drake was always my favorite Robin (I'm ignoring his awful New 52 portrayal), and while he had the heart to take the mantle, Dick is the better Batman. He's go the best connections to the DC Universe next to Batman, and worthiest successor skill-wise.

Avatar image for knightsofdarkness2
Edited By Knightsofdarkness2

@danhimself: This. I was kinda shocked that happened as well.

Avatar image for danhimself
Posted By danhimself

how in the he!! does Tim rank below Jean Paul Valley????!!?!?!?!?!

Avatar image for boynerdgeek
Posted By Boynerdgeek

For me it is Dick Grayson aka the prince of DC Universe :)

Avatar image for red_rover
Posted By red_rover

Bucky Barnes. Wait, I think I'm on the wrong article. Carry on.

Avatar image for daredevil21134
Posted By daredevil21134

I It should have been Terry

Avatar image for jayc1324
Posted By jayc1324

It was obvious dick was going to win, but terry is the best replacement actually if you think about his suit and abilities. Dick didnt do anything anyone else couldn't do. Besides get his butt kicked by two face in the bat cave that one time.

Avatar image for jayc1324
Posted By jayc1324

What a surprise!!!

Avatar image for redalert539
Posted By RedAlert539

Yeah Dick is the definite next gen Batman. Though Tim should be a lot higher imo.

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