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Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Batman Artist

It was a close race between two artists, but the community has picked a winner!

Batman has been appearing in comics for a whopping 75 years now. Obviously, that means a whole variety of talented artists have been fortunate enough to make history and show the world their take on the Dark Knight. There's dozens upon dozens of gifted individuals that have impressed us with their unique styles and alterations they made to the ridiculously popular hero, but this week, we wanted to know which artist is your favorite!

Are you a fan of a more classic look or has one of the modern artists really won you over? The poll was open for two days and it became a neck and neck race between Greg Capullo and Jim Lee. In the end, Lee managed to take a small lead and has been selected as the Comic Vine community's favorite Batman artist!

Jim Lee
Jim Lee

Jim Lee has illustrated the Dark Knight in several of The New 52's titles (as seen above) and ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, but when many of us think of the artist and his work with the Caped Crusader, our thoughts become flooded with iconic images from the story arc Hush. While teaming-up with writer Jeph Loeb for the tale, Lee transformed the storyline into one hell of a ride for our eyes. His Batman is intimidating and loaded with technology (who can forget the POV opening sequence?) and there's an impressive amount of memorable moments to be found in the arc. The storytelling is good fun and it's great seeing so many familiar faces included in the journey, but it's Lee's art which made the read epic and truly exciting. As we said above, it was a close race between Lee and Capullo, so read on to see how the poll turned out and see what the community had to say about Bruce Wayne's several artists.

Jim Lee
Jim Lee


"Gotta be Capullo for me. He is one of my all time favorite artists. The amazing detail and atmosphere that he is able to bring to Batman is breath taking every time I look at it. I would say that Jock and Mazzucchelli are also two of my favorite Batman artists."


"I have to give this to Jim Lee. When I think of Batman I think Jim's Hush work. Even when speculating for the movie stuff, when I play out a scene I use Lee's Batman as a fill in. It's the definitive Batman for me to the point where I kind of have a distinct voice for him when I read stuff with Jim's Bruce. His work has always appealed to me in a way. The only problem I have with his work is his pre-52 build for the character. To me he was a little too beefed up. I'm glad he slimmed it down for the New 52. Dude still has some of the best splash pages around. His best work isn't even in the interiors, it's always the sketches and commissions he does. So my vote goes to Jim."


"Jim Lee is the man, however I have to give the slight edge to Capullo just because his Batman work has had such variety. Each arc that he's done looks totally different from the other (Court of Owls, Death of the Family, Zero Year)."

Greg Capullo
Greg Capullo


"While I prefer David Mazzucchelli and Brian Bolland, I voted Jim Aparo. If you grew up in the early 80's, this was your Batman."


"Capullo brings the dark and gritty + the cartoonish style that still feels like a comicbook together,and mushes it into the perfect specimen.



"Yeah, you can tell by my avatar who my choice would be.....Jim Lee and Greg Capullo are my favorite modern artist, but all time favorite was Neal Adams for me. His dark and detailed work came at the perfect time after the bubble gum pop art and camp of the 60's of the Caped Crusader and brought back the Dark Knight Detective."

Neal Adams
Neal Adams


"I thought I would have a really hard time picking an artist, but when I saw Gleason on the list it just hit me that he was the only choice. I like him fine as an artist,but he never really stood out to me until I saw his work on Batman and Robin. There is an unsettling darkness to his work that encapsulates Gotham and it's villains like no other artist I have ever seen. Hopefully he stays on a bat book for years to come."


"There have been too many Batman artists, in my opinion, to single out just one. If I had to, however, I'd probably go with Jim Lee, Greg Capullo or Lee Bermejo. All of them bring such a fantastic feel to the character that is appropriate to their relative stories and they're all great technical artists.

If he works more on Batman, however, Jason Fabok will very quickly take their place. His style allows Batman to look like the monster of a man that he should be portrayed as, in my opinion. On top of that, his use of shadow makes Batman about as intimidating as he can be. If nothing else, he's certainly the best New 52 Bat-artist thus far."


"I voted Neal Adams because it was one of the first times that Batman was drawn so detailed and because his Batman style is very iconic, but choosing was difficult because too many great artists with different styles have worked in Batman since he first appeared."

Jim Lee
Jim Lee

Just because the poll is closed it doesn't mean you can't continue to praise your top Bruce Wayne artist! Go ahead and share your favorite image of the Dark Knight in the comments below. Don't forget to check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new question, too. Do you have a great idea for a future edition of the Question of the Week? If so, feel free to share it in the comments or via Twitter.

Want to keep celebrating Batman, our latest Character of the Month? Well, he's currently battling Star-Lord and we're asking you to choose between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, too!

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thank u comic vine voters. lee is my favourite comic artist ever.

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Posted By RustyRoy
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Posted By PunyParker
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Posted By SmashBrawler

@playswithsquirrels: Yup. I'm a big fan of his Batman work with Alan Grant throught the late 80's to mid 90's.

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@smashbrawler: I read Birth of the Demon in one sitting recently. He really did a fantastic job.

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Posted By Jphu8414

Jim Lee is indeed the best!

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Didn't vote because this one was just too difficult for me to choose.

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Jim Lee is the standard for me. I know I'm in the minority, but I'm not a fan of Greg's Batman at all. David Finch's Batman is personally my second favorite, with Fabok and Daniels right behind.

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@rustyroy: Thanks!


Had I not voted for Jim I would have gone with someone more traditional like Adams or Millar. Though reading older stuff I did like Kane Batman for that time period. Though I have my definitive Bat look so I had to vote for it.

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While I voted for Lee, I'm actually quite pleased at how close Capullo was. Often it seems in comics that we think the best days of our medium are behind us, that the masterworks have already been made and that the most we can hope of modern creators is to be a fading reflection of the past. For so many to vote earnestly that the best Batman ever drawn is the one being drawn right now is incredibly heartening.

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Posted By jayc1324

The correct artist won.

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Lee's style suits that character. His line work looks sharp and edgy and his shading adds a roughness. It just works. Miller's Batman was pretty good too.

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Im.Glad Jim won over Capullo. Jason Fabok is the best here and then Lee. Not sure where Capullo ranks in my list.

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Posted By RustyRoy
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I like Bolland the best, but Capullo could be a close second. I still don't get what it is that people like so much about Lee's artwork -- I'm not saying he's bad or anything, but nothing he does really "WOW"'s me.

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Pretty happy I was featured this time. Didn't think I would be. Anyway, I may not agree with the final result but Jim Lee is a beast. Most of these artists are absolutely spectacular so there was no right answer here. I'm just glad Batman has been fortunate to have so many great artists over the years.

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When i first started reading this i was definitely leaning toward jim lee but i think i have to say greg capullo i have just really fallen in love with his run on batmen

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Only 1% went to David Finch?

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What kind of asshole votes for Bob Kane?

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There is no "right" choice.

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Citizens of Comic Vine, you have made the right choice.

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I voted for Capullo although I knew that Jim Lee would be the winner.It's good to see both of them in such high rank.

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I voted for Mazzucchelli, his Year One batman is one of the most beautiful Batman books I have seen and certaintly my favorite.

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Norm Breyfogle Master Race.

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Voted Andy Kubert but Lee is my favorite Batman artist, I love all the others too.

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Vote against this.

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Not surprised to see Jim Lee win. He does draw a pretty great Batman.

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The people of Comic Vine chose well

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Jim Lee is the F'n master

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