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Preview for X-Factor Special: Layla Miller

I'm so glad Marvel sent along a preview for X-Factor: Layla Miller.  I've been waiting to see/hear from her since she got left behind.  Or is that left forward since she's in the future?  Will she return to the present?  We've seen that vision of Layla being married to Jamie.  What was that about?  Also at Comic-Con, Peter David has expressed his fondness for the character.  He also said we wouldn't be getting her full origin anytime soon.  He compared it to Wolverine's.  Meaning that once we knew his story, it took a little away from the character.  I suppose there's no rush to learn all of Layla's secrets.

X-Factor Special: Layla Miller

Trapped in a future she never made, Layla Miller finds herself smack in the middle of the Summers rebellion that was responsible for the eventual liberation of mutants from the camps. The only question is, will she survive it?