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Can REED prove BEN'S innocence?

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(W) James Robinson (A) Marc Laming (CA) Leonard Kirk

• Who is the new FRIGHTFUL FOUR?

• Can REED prove BEN'S innocence?

• And an adventure with the kids of the FUTURE FOUNDATION and the ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH!

Item Code: JUN140672In Shops: 8/27/2014SRP: $3.99

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Avatar image for deathstroke1982
Posted By Deathstroke1982

Awesome! That looks like its going to be a great fight. Really interested in seeing Johnny Storm's scenes (he was always my favorite). Robinson should be the guy to handle the Fantastic 4 from now on.

Avatar image for jake_fury
Posted By Jake Fury

looks great.

Avatar image for nateb1211
Posted By nateb1211

I absolutely love this book and love what Robinson is doing.

Avatar image for superior_prime_maybe
Posted By superior_prime_maybe

im finally interested in Fantastic Four after such a long time. Last time i bought one was during the civil war.

Avatar image for captainmarvel4ever
Edited By CaptainMarvel4Ever

Looks really good, glad to see the F4 doing so well in the comics. Robinson knows how to perfectly combine classic Fantastic Four with innovation, and that makes for some really good stories. I really wish Marvel still owned their rights.