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Preview: Batman #702

Your questions, answered?

If you read Batman R.I.P and Final Crisis, then chances are this is the issue you have been waiting for. Grant Morrison left readers with many unanswered questions by the end of Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P. Was the Batman that supposedly killed Darkseid really Bruce Wayne? And if so, then has Bruce violated his own pact of never using a gun? Was the corpse that we saw Superman carrying Bruce Wayne's, and if not, then whose? 
Morrison and Tony Daniel have teamed up once again to (hopefully) bring readers the answers to many of these questions in Batman #702 which hits stores Wednesday, August 25th, 2010. Will the excerpts from Bruce's journal answer our questions? Be sure to check out this issue next week, I know I will! What do you think of the panels below? Are you looking forward to the issue? 

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