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Potential Hulk Spoilers For Marvel's Phase Two and Three Films

Two big stories could play a major role in Marvel Studios' future films!



Marvel Studios' Phase Two is right around the corner but Latino Review is looking beyond that -- they've got their eyes set on Phase Three. Keep in mind this is technically just a rumor, but it's a very, very interesting one which puts a heavy focus on the character that stole the spotlight in The Avengers... The Hulk!

According to the website, Avengers 2 will have the cinematic equivalent of the Illuminati send Hulk off-planet towards the end of the film or even during the mid-credits sequence. The Illuminati, eh? We know Captain America, Iron Man and Doctor Strange are confirmed, but this leaves a few seats empty. Professor X is clearly off limits since Fox has the rights to the character, but does this mean we'll see Namor, Black Bolt or Black Panther down the road? I hope so! Now, if they're going to shoot him into space that means he's going to do some major damage in the film. Considering how fun the last battle in The Avengers is, that could make for some majorly awesome scenes. While this would certainly be cool to watch, it makes me wonder how this would go about happening since Avengers confirmed (again) that Banner is in control.

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If you're a fan of the Hulk, then you know this leads to... Planet Hulk! This would apparently be his own standalone movie in Phase Three. Hulk smashing aliens? Sounds good to me! Then, when all is said and done with the Planet Hulk story, the Green Goliath allegedly heads back to Earth in Avengers 3 ... and as you know, his return can only mean one thing... World War Hulk! That's absolutely something massive enough to span into the solo films, too. Plus, who honestly wouldn't want to see more of movie Hulk battling his peers?

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Will this all happen? Only time will tell, but right now it's definitely something very fun to think about! Would you like to see Marvel Studios go down this path or would you rather see different stories?

UPDATE (again)

Joss Whedon has told IGN the rumor is "nonsense."

Mark Ruffalo has also denied the rumor on Twitter, claiming there aren't any current plans for a solo Hulk film.

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Source: Latino Review

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Posted By The Cyan Lantern

Seems fitting. As far as well know Hulk runs, this is sure one of them. Maybe HULKS for the 3rd movie... nah

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Posted By SBboard

It's probably not going to be the Illuminati as we know them in 616. My guess is the people who Nick Fury reported to in the Avengers (who tried to nuke NYC) are the MCU's version of the Illuminati.

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Posted By judasnixon

Beta Ray Bill?

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Posted By Bigwalt

I think in a perfect world for me and if Marvel can get all its cinematic assets in house I think they want would want to roll with Civil War. Now do I think this will happen no not really but 2019 is a long ways off and who knows what the studios like Sony and Fox will look like in 6 years maybe Marvel can get those rights back

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Edited By AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Sounds a little extreme for Planet Hulk and WW-Hulk to be on the big screen...PLUS we already have a PLANET HULK movie from a couple of years ago...or did you forget.

Been There, Done That.
Been There, Done That.

I always thought the next Hulk film would return to where the INCREDIBLE HULK movie left off when SAMUEL STERNS' head gets mutated as he becomes THE LEADER. AND I kinda figured that Bruce/Hulk would head out to Las Vegas where he meets RICK JONES and his stripper girlfriend MARLO CHANDLER as the Leader plans to EXPOSE gamma radiation to Las Vegas (kinda like how he did the 2 part episode "Gamma World" from AVENGERS - EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES)

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Edited By k4tzm4n
@Bigwalt said:

I think in a perfect world for me and if Marvel can get all its cinematic assets in house I think they want would want to roll with Civil War. Now do I think this will happen no not really but 2019 is a long ways off and who knows what the studios like Sony and Fox will look like in 6 years maybe Marvel can get those rights back

The quote from the politician at the end of The Avengers definitely had me thinking they'd want to move towards something like Civil War.
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Posted By Jorgevy

I hope it doesnt follow the Planet Hulk storyline or the WW Hulk.

Space Hulk is fine by me but the whole let's send him to space and etc... nope.

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Posted By AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

@Jorgevy: More like Hulk acting like JOHN CARTER OF MARS.

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Posted By SavageDragon

@judasnixon: I think in the book there was no Bill, rather it was SIlver Surfer who had been imprisoned as a Gladiator. Either one of those characters would be awesome to see.

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Posted By judasnixon
@SavageDragon: Ha Ha. FOX owns Silver Surfer. That's why they used Bill for the animated film. Bring me some Beta Ray Bill!
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Posted By judasnixon

Man I can't believe I'm happy that FOX owns the rights to Fantastic Four, just so I have a chance to see Beta Ray Bill on the big screen. I feel like an A-hole now....

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Posted By Lt_Cmdr_Kicker

They better not.. -_-

I think I'd feel more comfortable if the Hulk or better yet, Banner sacrifices himself at the end of Avengers 2 & everyone believe him to be dead. Instead of rehashing old comic stories, they need to keep churning out original stuff. It wood be kool if Guardians of the Galaxy even helped him home or something.

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Edited By dewboy01

Hulk and She hulk battling Absorbing man, and Titania, would be cool.

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Edited By Sammo21


Beta Ray Bill movie would be hotness but not if Fox touched it, lol.

Avatar image for lt_cmdr_kicker
Posted By Lt_Cmdr_Kicker

They still need to use the Leader storyline they set up in the first film as well.

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Posted By Nightwing4

No. The structure and planning that has gone into Phase 1 and Phase 2 should NOT be wasted on a WW Hulk movie. I want Ultron and Civil War and I want them now.

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Posted By Lt_Cmdr_Kicker

too bad we still gotta work our way up to Thanos & onward.. :/

I doubt we're gonna see a marvel phase 4, & if so they're probly gonna move onto different characters.

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Posted By TheHeat

It's about to get crazy, folks!

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Posted By entropy_aegis

The battle forums will definitely be intolerable once WW Hulk hits the theaters.

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Posted By nappystr8

I'm cautiously optimistic about this news. Planet Hulk and especially WWH are so steeped in continuity that they will take a bit more retooling than many other classic stories. And Planet Hulk is an idea that works so well as a comic, but as a movie might be too reminiscent of Gladiator wearing green. So definitely this is a big risk, but if they could pull it off, this could lead to some crazy alien invasion action scenes and some decent drama.

PH/WWH is a very personal story at it's core so it certainly makes more cinematic sense than other recent Marvel events comics like Civil War, Fear Itself, or AvX.

Avatar image for moonchilde
Posted By Moonchilde

God I hope not! World War Hulk was a terrible story. Would hate for it to be the focus of an Avengers movie. Especially when there are so many more interesting stories to tell.

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Edited By Baberaham_Lincoln

WWH sounds coool. But it would be cooler if we got to see something with Fantastic Four =/.... i really want SILVER SURFER to DESTROY THOR'S ASGARDIAN ASS SOUL

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Edited By GreenScar1990

I can't believe you people. Who wouldn't want to see a faithful adaptation to Greg Pak's Planet Hulk?! Forget the animated movie, which was nowhere near as excellent as the comic series. For those of you who haven't read Planet Hulk, buy the TPB or Hardcover edition. You won't regret it!

If they make Planet Hulk, make sure to keep it close to the source material. Minor things, like Beta-Ray Bill replacing Silver Surfer, are fine. However, overall, I want it to be nearly identical to the comic series. That means: All the Warbound members; the Maw Gladiator Training; the battles inside and outside the arena; the Sakaarson mythology & Oldstrong/Old Power/Shadow People history; Thor battling the Kronans in a flashback; Hulk saving the planet by holding/pulling it back together; The Spikes and the Elder Spikes; The Marriage of Hulk & Caiera; and every single incredible moment that wowed us in the comics.

And who is to say that we can't have other films for other characters?! Just because if we get PH & WWH, it doesn't mean we won't get anything involving Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, Dr. Strange, Namor, etc. Each character could get their own films, plus we can get films involving new characters. It wouldn't be that difficult.

For example:

The Hulk/Bruce Banner films- Planet Hulk; World War Hulk; Skaar: Son of Hulk; Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks (This could be used as an Avengers storyline. It'd also give us a chance to have The Leader & MODOK be the villains who could transform the heroes into Hulked-Out versions of themselves)

And if they want to change the story a bit, then instead of Hulk finding out that his allies killed Caiera and destroyed Sakaar with the explosion, reveal that it was Thanos or Ultron was had a hand in the events that transpired.

Avatar image for batman_the_barbarian
Posted By Batman_The_Barbarian

Heh, maybe they'll do something completely crazy and just make another background story movie with Mark Ruffalo. I wasn't sure I got it well enough the first 2 times.

Avatar image for johnkmccubbin91
Posted By johnkmccubbin91

I'd like that but only if done right

Avatar image for facemelter88
Posted By fACEmelter88

so awesome but so doubtful

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Posted By neiliusprime


Avatar image for lvenger
Posted By lvenger

I don't like the sounds of this rumour. Not one bit. What made The Avengers Hulk great was Mark Ruffalo and a more funny portrayal of Hulk. If this turns out to be true Marvel would be wasting everything that made the Hulk go down so well in The Avengers.

Avatar image for thecowman
Posted By TheCowman

I REALLY hope this isn't the direction they're gonna take.

Avatar image for 202122
Posted By 202122

I don't want Marvel going anywhere near Planet/WWH Hulk story lines i'd rather see them expand into new members instead of just the Hulk also bring back Edward Norton

Avatar image for the_mast
Edited By The Mast

They'd have to explain Banner's sudden ability to speak properly as Hulk, but again, I dunno what to say.

Yeah, I'd like to see it if it was done well and worked well. I dunno, I think they might be taking on too much. I have an incredible idea for how they could pull it off. I'm not saying in case someone steals it, though.

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted By longbowhunter

I'm gonna be positive here. I loved Planet Hulk sooo much. WWH wasn't as good, but maybe we'll see Herc and Amadeus Cho? If Marvel studios pushes it that far.

Avatar image for outside_85
Posted By Outside_85

@entropy_aegis: With the people who repeatedly claim Hulk couldnt do this and Hulk couldnt do that and probably couldnt punch his way out of a paper bag? Yeah I agree :)

Avatar image for smurfboy
Posted By Smurfboy

I love how small movies lead into bigger movies which leads into even BIGGER movies. Very cool. ;)

Avatar image for gonzo33
Posted By Gonzo33

Both films haven't even been written yet, so I'll take this with a pinch of salt. Plus I don't think Disney want anything that makes people remember 'John Carter'. If anything, I think after Avengers 2, all things will lead to The Infinity Gaultlet story. Bringing in Strange would hint to that.

Avatar image for omega_ray_jay
Posted By Omega Ray Jay

This could be Awesome :)

Avatar image for cc1738
Posted By cc1738

I liked Edward Norton a lot better as Bruce Banner than Mark Ruffalo. In fact I hated Ruffalo in the role.

Avatar image for thatlad
Posted By thatlad

No. That is all

Avatar image for gothamred
Posted By GothamRed

I feel that it's too soon to be doing this. We only have one hulk solo movie so far so he's barely even established on earth. There's still so much of his story and supporting characters left plant side that haven't even been touched upon yet, so this seems like too much of a leap forward just for the sake of mimicking a more recent/popular storyline.

Avatar image for alkusanagi
Posted By AlKusanagi

Planet Hulk and WWH are two of my favorite Hulk stories, so I don't hate this. The animated version of Planet Hulk is pretty good.

Isn't Black Bolt tied to that "all things Fantastic Four" deal that Fox has?

Avatar image for bunkerbuster05
Posted By bunkerbuster05

No... no way...


I'm so happy.

Avatar image for powerhouse1122
Posted By powerhouse1122

Why not let him battle w the leader? Just sayin... Planet hulk and wwh is kind of a huge step for "starters". And The leader was supposed to be hulk's newest enemy anyway ryt? Since he was the one shown on the first film. I don't know, it's just me. But this is a great Idea especially if they're going to make WWH the storyline for avengers three hehe

Avatar image for darth_paul
Posted By Darth Paul

Any future Marvel film based on a big crossover event like "World War Hulk" or "Civil 
War" would be lacking without the inclusion of those Marvel characters currently owned by other studios IMHO.

Avatar image for thecannon
Posted By TheCannon

Planet Hulk is cool, but I hate the idea of turning it into a live action film. It's just stupid. There's still plenty of good stories of his to tell on Earth (The Leader, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, etc.) Why send him into space for no reasoning?

Avatar image for msboyd23
Posted By MSBoyd23

Civil War would be awesome but I don't think it's especially realistic. You'd have to introduce a whole bunch of superheros over the course of the next few years to make a Superhero Registration Act necessary. While that's perfectly reasonable in terms of standalone films, getting all of those stars together for a showdown would cost a LOT of money just in actor salaries. The current cast of Avengers will only grow in value over the next group of films, and I don't think a budget can support massive salaries and top of the line special effects.

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Posted By Gambit1024

After his showings in the Avengers, why the hell would anyone want to send him away?

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson

Man this will be intense!!!

Avatar image for degraaf

This is AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldnt be happier to hear. I am curious what event is going to be in Avengers 2 that leads to sending him to space but i love that they are planning for Planet Hulk and World War Hulk

Avatar image for goddamnironman
Posted By GodDamnIronMan

@Darth Paul said:

Any future Marvel film based on a big crossover event like "World War Hulk" or "Civil War" would be lacking without the inclusion of those Marvel characters currently owned by other studios IMHO.