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Post-air spoiler images from Spectacular Spidey

So what did everyone think?  I wasn't too crazy about the big reveal of the "Big Man."  Guess I've never been a huge fan of Tombstone, except for the pizza.  Love that Tombstone pizza.  Sure it's of the cheaper frozen variety but it's still some good eatin'.  The nostalgic part of me wanted Fredrick Foswell to be the Big Man just like he was waaaaay back in the 60s.  Sure that was before my time but I read all the back issues and reprints when I first started reading Spidey.  But since Foswell hadn't been a part of the show, it wouldn't have been as impactful as Foswell's reveal was.  Maybe it's still to come...

The other big reveal...Mary Jane, finally.  I was a little worried.  I don't think Gwen looks exactly as she should but MJ looks like she should.

What about next week?  Some kinda bad news.  Not a new episode.  How about a tease for after that?

The all-new April 12 episode, entitled "The Invisible Hand," not only featured the debut of Rhino, but also the first reveal of the Big Man,
aka Tombstone, and the initial glimpse of Mary Jane Watson.

This coming Saturday, April 19, will feature a pair of repeat episodes ("Market Forces" and "Competition"), and an all-new episode will
premiere the following Saturday, April 26 with the first appearance of an extremely well-known Spider-Man foe. The Incredible Hulk? Nope.
Kermit the Frog? Nah. But they all share a similar attribute. Stay tuned for advance images from the April 26 "Catalysts" episode and more Spidey news of note.