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Off My Mind: Spider-Man's Mechanical Web Shooters

How likely would it be for a teenage Peter Parker to invent these?

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We all know that Spider-Man does what ever a spider can. Except when it comes to spinning webs. Peter Parker was a smart teenage high school student that attended a science experiment in which he was bitten by a radioactive spider. The results, as we all know, were the proportional strength & speed of a spider along with spider-senses and the ability to cling to any surface. What he wasn't gifted with was the ability to spin webs. I always felt Spider-Man not having natural web-shooting abilities to be the right one, especially if you think about where a spider shoots its webs from. 

The solution was for Peter Parker the bookworm to invent web shooters. Actually he didn't just invent web shooters, he also came up with the chemical mixture that made up the webbing. Webbing that could be as thin as an actual thread of web but stronger than cable. Depending on how he pressed the release mechanism on his web-shooters, he could shoot out webbing in different ways. The beauty of the webbing catching crooks just like flies was that it dissolved in an hour, allowing the authorities to cart them away to jail. 

Peter Parker may have been an incredibly gifted lad, but was he smart enough to actually design the webbing and web-shooters at that young age? 
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In the Tobey Maguire films, the webbing was natural, coming out from his wrists (not that other area). This solved the problem with trying to believe a smart but young kid could actually invent something that no one else has been able to replicate. If he gained the abilities of a spider, why didn't he get the ability to spin webs?  
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 Peter Parker Inventing Web shooters: Amazing Fantasy #15
Peter Parker Inventing Web shooters: Amazing Fantasy #15
As much as I think that would solve the problem with believing Peter could have made them, the natural webbing just didn't seem right (and is a little gross, even if they come from his wrists). In the first image of Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man and the image released yesterday, you can see they are going with the mechanical shooters this time around. I think that's great but what I'm hoping for is a credible explanation as to how he created them. Yes Peter Parker was a brilliant kid but was he truly gifted enough to invent these devices (in only 2 panels in Amazing Fantasy #15)? What were his science projects like and why didn't they earn him a scholarship to some incredibly prestigious school? From the day he received a microscope as a child, he dreamt of becoming a scientist. You would think he would have applied himself further than he did. Everyone knew he was smart but no one knew he was freaky-smart. Then again, he also invented the spider-tracer (why didn't he ever invent something he could sell to help Aunt May pay the bills?).
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With all the other brilliant individuals in the Marvel Universe, I'm surprised no one has come up with something similar, especially his intelligent enemies. There's been mention of how the miracle of his webbing design could be used in other areas to help people and even save lives. Spider-Man could never patent the formula since it would reveal his secret identity but why hasn't any other smart individual come up with the idea to try to replicate his invention? 

I know it seems like I want the best of both worlds. I don't want Spider-Man to have natural webbing but, even though I'm a fan of the web shooters, I have a hard time believing teenage Peter Parker could have invented them. Or at least it would've taken him more than just two panels. We're seeing how easily he can invent different devices in the current Big Time stories but that's also after years of schooling and experience. I'm just not sure if teenage Peter Parker was ready to make them
What are your thoughts on the mechanical web shooters? Are you pro- or anti-mechanical ones? Do you think it's believable for Peter Parker to have easily invented them?