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Off My Mind: How Much of Jason Todd's History Remains in 'The New 52'?

Many characters have had tweaks and edits. What about the former Robin?

Who is Jason Todd? There have been different versions of the former Robin and he has taken on many different guises. Growing up on the streets of Gotham City, as Robin, Jason always had a bit of an attitude. He was reckless and didn't always follow Batman's orders. To him, it was all a game. Even though he channeled his anger towards fighting crime, this was all to be his downfall.

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With his death and resurrection, Jason has had numerous different identities and has been both an ally and nemesis for Batman and others in the Bat-family. With all the updates and tweaks in 'The New 52,' many characters have lost some of their history and some might be wondering if this is the Jason we know. How much of his history remains and who exactly is Jason Todd today?

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The Bat-universe has remained relatively unchanged but we have witnessed a tighter period of time in terms of continuity and history. Most of the major events still occurred but DC has made it clear that some of the major events or different CRISIS have not happened. In JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, we're seeing the DC Universe 'five years ago.' This is the beginning of the gathering of heroes. Batman is established but it's unclear whether or not Dick Grayson is acting as Robin. NIGHTWING #3 showed he was still at Haley's Circus 'five years ago' (whether this is the case or a typo, it's not so clear).

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What we basically have is five years for Dick, Jason, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne to spend time as Robin and even less time for Jason to go through all his different identities. Jason was Robin and we can assume was killed by Joker. Where does today's Jason Todd fit in with his pre-New 52 history?

Red Hood (first time)

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It makes sense that Jason did return from the dead somehow. Whether or not his resurrection was due to Superboy Prime's superpunch remains to be seen. We've seen a flashback where Talia took him for training with the All Caste.

That means the chances of LOST DAYS still holding are pretty good. Jason went through his training and spent his time hating Batman.


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During the One Year Later story arc, Jason turned up in New York City as a more violent and deadly Nightwing. Dick Grayson (also going operating as Nightwing) confronted him. The two actually worked together, despite Jason's more violent ways. Jason gave up being Nightwing, left Dick a letter and still considered himself part of the Bat-family.

Because we have a shorter time period, it's more likely this didn't happen. It was a bit of a change in Jason's personality to take on Dick's identity and to work with him as well as leaving on good terms. It wouldn't be surprising if this period was erased by 'The New 52' changes. It did show that despite his hatred and anger over what happened, he still had some of the hero inside.

Red Hood (second time)

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After being Nightwing, Jason became Red Hood again. In Star City, he tried to convince Mia Dearden how dangerous being a sidekick was. He tried getting her to leave Green Arrow and join him. It didn't quite work out.

Afterwards, he became involved with the Countdown to Final Crisis story. Knowing that the Monitors were wiping out anomalies, Jason ended up joining forces with Donna Troy and Kyle Rayner and they had some adventures on different Earths in the Multiverse.

This is also a period that could be considered wiped out. Green Arrow is younger now. DC co-publisher Dan DiDio stated that the Crisis didn't happen so we can assume Infinite Crisis is gone as well. This time as Red Hood could also be considered forgotten.

Red Robin

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In the Countdown event, Jason took on the guise of Red Robin after witnessing the death of Batman from Earth-51. This Earth's Batman had intended on giving the Jason of his Earth this costume when he was older.

After returning to their own world, Jason decided he didn't want the identity and destroyed the costume. Ulysses Armstrong later turned up in the pages of ROBIN wearing a similar costume (and then Tim Drake later took it after Damian Wayne became Robin).

It would also make sense that this time also didn't happen. He didn't assume the identity for long and if Countdown didn't happen, he wouldn't have put on the costume. It didn't make a lot of sense when he took on the guise.

It did serve to show us how Jason reacted to Batman's death, even if it wasn't his Batman. This Batman did more than his did when the Jason of Earth-51 was killed.


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We can assume Battle for the Cowl did happen. Despite the mention of events or crisis not happening, Batman was still 'gone' and considered dead. Jason dressing up as a more violent Batman would fit.

Regardless of all his times of hating Batman, he still had affection for him. His hatred and anger was due to Batman not going after Joker after he killed Jason. It was the hurt and feeling of betrayal that pushed Jason over the edge (that and possibly dying and later going into the Lazarus Pit). There has been mention of Dick being Batman so that means Scott Snyder's run on DETECTIVE COMICS also holds for the most part.

Red Hood (third time)

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After disappearing when fighting Dick at the end of Battle for the Cowl, Jason returned to being Red Hood. Most likely this would actually be the second time he became Red Hood. There hasn't been any mention of Scarlet or his time in prison so that brief time is still up in the air.

New 52 Red Hood

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Jason now is operating as the leader of The Outlaws with Starfire and Roy Harper. They're not an official team but are developing a relationship based on similar emotional states. The three of them are basically recovering from a feeling of abandonment. Jason feels let down by Batman, Roy had a falling out with Green Arrow and Starfire...maybe it has to do with a break up with Dick or the old Teen Titans breaking up.

Jason Todd is operating outside of Batman's inner circle but there seems to still be some connection. Jason has access to some impressive technology and has some money. The money could have been acquired through other means but it wouldn't be too surprising if the money was tied to Bruce Wayne in some ways.

Jason also wears a bat-symbol on his chest. This could be out of a sense of loyalty to Batman and the memory of what they once stood for. He may be angry and hurt by what happened and what Batman failed to do but deep down he still believes in doing the right thing.

Or it could be Jason way to say "Screw you" to Batman. Taking on guns and more violent means is not something Batman would approve of. This would be Jason's way to rub it in Batman's face. Some may question Jason's depiction in 'The New 52' but when you look back at his entire history, even what is now erased, it makes sense that he has a longing to be a hero. But as Batman told him in his message during Battle for the Cowl, he needs some professional help. Jason wants to be a hero but has too much pain and anger inside.

Jason continues to remain a complex character. Some of his different guises may not still hold in the 'New 52' but what we're seeing in the pages of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS is fitting with who Jason was and who he wants to be.