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Off My Mind: DC Universe Reboot: Should Superman Hook Up with Wonder Woman?

Would this be a good move or an insult to decades of history?

Yesterday the news broke that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee were revamping the DC Universe. Characters are getting redesigned and should be more accessible for newer readers. Because Johns & Lee's Justice League #1 goes on sale the same day Flashpoint ends, there's the possibility that more than just costumes will be changing.

This won't be the first time DC has given its books a fresh start. It's understandable that when you have decades and decades of continuity, newer readers can easily get lost or intimidated. Over the years, events tend to get pushed aside. Things that occurred in the past still happened but aren't an immediate concern in comics. When was the last time there was mention of Lex Luthor dying from Kryptonite radiation poisoning, cloning his body and claiming he was his long lost illegitimate son?

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When we've seen the changes, it was usually minor tweaks. We didn't have major changes. A rumor that has surfaced could spark quite a major change. Out of the ashes of Flashpoint, Superman and Lois Lane will no longer be married. That opens up the possibility that Superman and Wonder Woman could become an item. Is this a good idea or a subplot that will outrage fans of Superman?

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With Flashpoint erasing the marriage, we don't have to worry about a divorce or bitterness from fans (as with Spider-Man and Mary Jane's marriage). Superman is one of the world's most powerful heroes. It would make total sense for him to find a partner that could stand on even grounds with. As a human news reporter, Lois is not fully part of Superman's world. They may confide completely with each other but she'll never really know what his world is like.

The fact that they've managed to remain married for so many years is, in itself, surprising. Superman's world is constantly full of danger. There is always the possibility that someone could discover his true identity and Lois automatically becomes a target. As fast as Superman is, he can't be everywhere at once. Unless he decided to remain by Lois' side at all times, there's no way he could save others and protect her at the same time.

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What about the fact that he is super-strong? He's the Man of Steel. How much does his Kryptonian body weigh? Could he crush her if he accidentally rolled over in his sleep? What if he had a muscle spasm during the night? Could he kill her if his leg kicked out? In terms of his body, is it actually as hard as steel? How do Lois and Clark kiss or hold hands? Does Superman have to be consciously aware and delicate when being near Lois? I've always assumed he was super-strong all the time and had to be extremely careful around others.

Over the years, readers have always thrown around the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman being a couple. They would be perfect for each other. Also, even though Wonder Woman is part of DC's Trinity along with Superman and Batman, you have to admit that being Superman's girlfriend or wife would have a nice impact on her status and acceptance among readers.

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But we all know Wonder Woman has so much more potential than just being someone's girlfriend (just as Lois should be more than just Superman's girl). Superman has been smitten with Lois from the very beginning. Being with her helps him maintain the human quality he strives for.

Does anyone want to truly be Superman all the time? Lois may not be capable of physically giving Superman a child like Wonder Woman could, but since we're talking about comic books, there's absolutely no reason a way couldn't be devised to allow Lois to safely carry Clark's child.

DC may be revamping (rebooting?) the entire universe, but as I stated last week when I discussed DC rebooting everything, I don't think it would last forever. Superman may be single and might be able to hook up with Wonder Woman but there's just no denying that he and Lois are meant for each other.

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If we do see Superman and Wonder Woman hook up, my advice to Lois Lane fans is to be patient. Let Superman sow his wild oats and let's see where the story possibilities take them. I strongly believe that whether it's a few months, a year or longer, we will see everything go back. We will have an Action Comics #1000 in just over eight years. The idea may be to try to make comics accessible for new readers in the hopes of increasing sales (to keep the industry alive) but you simply can't turn your back on 75 years of history. Then again, we have had major changes after the Golden Age, Silver Age, Crisis on Infinite Earths, etc.

If this truly is the end of the marriage, it was a glorious fifteen years. We can only hope that one day these two will find their way back together...if things don't work between Superman and Wonder Woman.