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Off My Mind: Can The X-Men Save Jubilee?

With the end of the Curse of the Mutants storyline, will Jubilee continue to be cursed?

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Since her debut in 1989, Jubilee has always been one of the most beloved X-Men characters. She started out having a nice life in Beverly Hills until her parents were murdered. Running away from the orphanage she was sent to, she decided to live in the local mall. Later she followed the X-Men through a portal (created by the mutant Gateway) and ended up in the Australian outback, where the X-Men were hiding out. Immediately she showed signs of being a survivor by having to face Nanny and avoiding the Reavers attack. Helping save Wolverine, who was being tortured by the Reavers, Jubilee turned into his unofficial sidekick and they developed a father-daughter relationship. 
Jubilee became a member of the X-Men and to the surprise of readers, lost her powers during the events of M-Day when Scarlet Witch reduced the number of mutants to 198. It looked like Jubilee's X-Men days were over until she was targeted by a vampire suicide bomber. Jubilee became infected and found herself compelled to go to Xarus, the son of Dracula. Giving in to his persuasive ways, Jubilee became a full-fledged vampire.  
The Curse of the Mutants story is over in the pages of X-Men but what will be Jubilee's fate? Is there any way the X-Men can save her from the life of a vampire? 
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In X-Men #6, Blade the vampire hunter says there is one way to save her...with a wooden stake. He said that there is no cure or rehabilitation. She is a vampire and will be one for the rest of her immortal life. 
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There may not be a cure of those that are turned into vampires but Jubilee wasn't the typical vampire victim. Her first step in becoming a vampire was from a bio-engineered virus contained in the suicide bomber vampire. Because it was engineered, there's the possibility that the solution could be found there. Unfortunately it won't be so simple as Xarus did complete her transformation with an actual bite. Dr. Nemesis has been working on a cure and we can't forget what happened to Wolverine. Despite having a healing factor, he was turned into a vampire himself but through clever planning by Cyclops, Wolverine was treated beforehand and they were able to turn off the vampire virus after he became a vampire. 
Jubilee may be in a different situation than Wolverine but again, some progress has been made. There's also the fact that Jubilee was a mutant. She may have lost her abilities thanks to Scarlet Witch using her hex powers to reduce the number of mutants on Earth but it's likely that the mutant gene is still hidden somewhere inside. The fact that she had her genetic make up altered by Scarlet Witch's magic, could allow for the possibility that Jubilee's curse can be reversed. 
Jubilee getting a complete cure would be too easy and a cop out. Most likely the X-Men will find a way to reduce her hunger and she'll be able to operate alongside the X-Men once again (this will most likely be the main focus of the upcoming Wolverine and Jubilee miniseries). She'll still have remnants of the vampire curse but that will help to make her a more dark and brooding character. Jubilee was always a spunky character but she has grown up over the years. She can't go from being a vampire to the normal cheerful kid we once knew. People like darker characters and seeing the innocent Jubilee struggle with dark urges will add some complexity to her character. There is hope for Jubilee. She won't have to stay locked up in the X-Men's basement forever. She just won't be the same as she was before. 
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What's your theory on the fate of Jubilee? Do you think she'll stay a vampire or be completely cured someday?