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Off My Mind: Can the X-Men Recover from the Break Up in Regenesis?

After SCHISM, the mutants are divided into clearly defined separate teams. Is this the best move considering the low number of mutants and big dangers all around?

Different X-teams is nothing new. We've seen several X-Men squads operate at the same time on different missions. The idea of other X-teams like X-Force, X-Factor and New Mutants meant each had their own agendas. Since Decimation and M-Day, the number of mutants has dwindled down to a dangerous all time low. The very existence of mutants was put at risk. The arrival of Hope, the mutant messiah, has given some reassurance that the survival of mutants is indeed a possibility. They're not out of the woods just yet.

When Utopia was formed, it became a haven for mutants. Not just the X-Men and their friends were welcome here but all mutants. With the different threats against their survival, the mutants banded together to become a stronger force. Second Coming, First to Last, etc. showed us that they were all X-Men. The lines between the separate teams didn't matter. With Cyclops as the leader, separate squads of mutants were dispatched to deal with different situations. Having so many mutants on hand allowed for the appropriate group of mutants to be sent out, based on their strengths and powers that would be best suited for the mission.

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With Schism, this ideal situation will no longer be a possibility. A clear cut divide will be formed among all the mutants. The recent revelations of the different team members shows the possibility of each team working together as being unlikely. With a low number of mutants and deadly threats continuing to pop up all around them, can the X-Men afford to have separate alliances?

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The best example of a major division between ideals goes back to Professor X and Magneto. In the beginning they were practically on the same page. Soon it became clear that their methods of choice would put them at odds. The results were numerous battles and destruction. Professor X formed the X-Men and Magneto gathered the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. In these early days of threats against mutants, if they had been able to overcome their conflicting views, today's state of mutant affairs could be a completely different situation. Mutants could have even been accepted by the general public rather than feared by many.

The results of Schism have put Cyclops and Wolverine at odds. Mutants will be forced to choose sides. Why is it that they really have to decide? It's also unclear what exactly is driving this division. In Schism #3, Cyclops allowed Idie to do whatever she needed to do to stop the bad guys...including killing. Wolverine, who has been known to kill now and then, was completely opposed to this. While he is a killer, he does understand what it does to a person. Once you go down that road, it's not one you can come back from. Wolverine pleaded with Cyclops to order her out of there. Now, Idie can be considered a murderer.

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Is this the spark that separates the mutants? The division between the Gold and Blue doesn't quite fit in. If Wolverine's beef is against killing, its odd to see X-Force, Toad, Kid Omega and Beast (or is it Dark Beast?) on his side. Why is Jubilee choosing Cyclops' side over Wolverine's? Warpath and Magik have also been known to do whatever it takes...which then could make sense to follow Cyclops' "do what you feel you have to" belief.

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Despite having a Blue and Gold divide, the individual teams also have an isolated feel. X-Factor may have Havok back on their team but that does that mean their days as X-Factor Investigations are over? We have some surprises on each team and the decision for some to side with Wolverine or Cyclops doesn't seem to make sense.

Of course we have Psylocke appearing on both teams. Is she spying for one over the other? Is it really possible for her to be on both sides without the other not knowing? If she was spying on the Blue team, that would make sense since no one is supposed to know about X-Force's existence.

But why would there be a need for spying? That is the problem with dividing the X-Men. In these times, they need to band together. They can't afford to take separate fronts. If any of the recent events have shown them, it's that they need to have a wide variety of members available. An individual set roster isn't always enough. It might not contain the ideal individuals that could turn the tide in the middle of a battle. More lives, mutants and civilians, could be lost as a result of this. Splitting up isn't going to solve whatever the problem is. Both sides need to talk things through. Simply turning your back is immature. If the X-Men can't get over their differences, they're leaving themselves vulnerable to future attacks. It's time for Cyclops and Wolverine to grow up and settle their differences.