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NYCC 2012: Marvel NOW! Join the ReEvolution Panel Recap

Find out what Marvel NOW! has in store for Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Cap and the F4!

Yet another room was absolutely packed to hear the latest news surrounding Marvel NOW! This time, the location was filled to hear the newest scoop for Marvel's most famous faces.


First up was discussion of the most popular movie character they have to offer: IRON MAN. Kieron Gillen is taking over the title and he says the read will be "high velocity and a completely different suit each issue." He added that each issue could be read as a standalone as well but they will indeed mesh together to form a greater plot.

== TEASER ==

Jason Aaron then spoke up to chat about his upcoming run called THOR: THE GOD OF THUNDER. Aaron said his focus was to "strip down the supporting cast and focus on Thor." We'll actually get a look at three Thors during the run: his earlier and more aggressive years, present Thor and finally King Thor set thousands of years in the future. Each will bring a drastic personality change to the title and future Thor is missing an arm and an eye, making him look just like Odin. What's pretty cool is Thor will wear the Destroyer's arm for combat.

Rick Remender will continue with Captain America's story, revealing that a good half of the first ten issues will focus on Steve growing up and "how he earned becoming the hero who he is." Remender also pointed out Arnim Zola has never really been an A-list villain... but he's seeking to change the villain's status with the new run.


Mark Waid SMASH! The writer was incredibly enthusiastic about his new title INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, adding "this is so much fun to write." The key focus here will be Bruce Banner's realization that the Green Goliath is often the one to make an impact -- be it positive or negative. He's determined to prove he's still on par with the likes of Reed Richards and Tony Stark, so he made a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D.


The agreement essentially is they'll give Banner access to the resources and technology he needs and in return, he has a plan if he begins to Hulk out. Waid says don't view Hulk as a bomb... view him as a cannon. The deal is if he begins to turn green, drop/launch him at a target in need of smashing. Additionally, Waid noted that Banner has leverage over the spy organization and he'll provide hints along the way.


When it comes to cosmic matters, Matt Fraction's FANTASTIC FOUR will take the team in a new direction. Reed will bring his children along on their adventures, putting the focus back on the core of the family. That said, it was also alluded that Reed has a secret reason for making the younglings tag along. Meanwhile, while the team is off in space, FF will fill take their place back on Earth. The team is only supposed to cover for 4 minutes, but the original never returns and that's when things get interesting. Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort confidently said, "Odds are good FF is your favorite book," and the team was summarized as "ill-prepared misfits" that have to step up.