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NYCC 2012: DC COMICS - THE NEW 52 panel recap

Come fine out what The New 52 has in store for 2013.


  • JLA (Johns/Finch) being regarded as the "world's most dangerous heroes."
  • Johns assures each character has a proper agenda/reason for being on the roster (here's looking at you, Catwoman fans).
  • Quick discussion of 'H'el on Earth.'  H'el will be "on par" with Doomsday and kick Superman out of his fortress. 
  • Scott Snyder walks up to the stage to discuss 'Death of the Family.'  As expected, the crowd goes crazy.
  • Snyder is incredibly humble, thanks the audience for the positive reaction to latest issue of BATMAN.
  • Snyder says it will be the "Biggest, craziest Joker story."
  • Says Joker believes he has been making Batman stronger by always testing him.  Now the Bat-family is slowing him down and he needs to eliminate them to save Batman.
  • Jokes about Alfred's fate... "maybe we'll kill him... maybe we won't."
  • Jeff Lemire says he and Snyder have been working on 'Rotworld' since issue 1.  Called it big in scope and will encompass the entire N52 universe. (Green Lantern on cover but face wasn't seen... my money is on Baz)
  • JL DARK'S annual will be the "best issue of the book."
  • ALL STAR WESTERN will have Jonah Hex going back to the future and teaming up with Adam Strange.
  • LEGION OF SUPERHEROES will see a new Fatal Five.  Technology across the universe will be "screwed up."
  • Deadshot ISN'T dead.
  • Suicide Squad's relationship with one another and Amanda Waller to undergo drastic change.  Oh, and once again, someone else will die.
  • Andrew Bennett becomes the ultimate bad guy in I,VAMPIRE when he accidentally absorbs all of the evil from vampires.  
  • Justin Jordan says TEAM 7 will answer how Dinah becomes Black Canary and explain a lot about how Deathstroke and Grifter become the men they currently are.
  • Jordan also spoke about DEATHSTROKE, saying he'll put a heavy emphasis on Slade's intellect.
  • RAVAGERS are "done running" and there will be a bigger focus on Rose Wilson and Warblade.
  • DEMON KNIGHTS to go 30 years in the future.
  • SWORD OF SORCERY to have a "Game of Thrones feel to it."
  • Q&A begins... someone asks Superman vs Goku.  Everyone laughs and the panel confidently says 'Superman.'
  • Q: "Will we see Ted Kord?"  A: "Never say never."
  • Q: "Where are Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain?!"  A: "Keep reading."
As promised... covers!