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New Watchmen Site Has Some New Pics

The New Frontiersmans site has some new pics and information for Watchmen.

It's nice not having to worry about the Watchmen court case any more.  Now we can calmly wait for the opening in March.  As I've mentioned before, hopefully the movie hasn't lost the momentum that was building up prior to all the talk about the lawsuit.  A new site for the movie, The New Frontiersman has some information on the back story.  It acts as a newspaper type site with some old document about the Minutemen, the original team of heroes.  There is a picture of the hero known as Mothman being taken in to a mental institution and an image of the Doomsday Clock. 

At the site, you can also click over to the main site,

Chances are there will be more content added as we approach the release of the movie on March 6.