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New Superman, Batman & Justice League Movie Rumors

Could Warner Brothers be prepared to crank up the heat for the DC Cinematic Universe?

There was an early report that an early cut of Man of Steel was phenomenal. There is a lot riding on this movie not only as a lead in to a future franchise for Superman but also as the lead in for other DC characters and the attempt to bring the Justice League of America to the big screen. While there has been some recent worries over the script for the Justice League film, a new rumor may justify why the possible early draft of the script has been scrapped.


Latino Review is reporting that Christopher Nolan is now taking over the DC characters at Warner Bros. This gives him the final say in anything that is to be done on the big screen. This means that as with Man of Steel, he would be overseeing and producing the Justice League film. It's also reported that Zack Snyder would be a producer and possible the director for the Justice League.

But that's not all. They're also saying that this could lead to the return of Christian Bale as Batman. It might seem hard to swallow but Bale was quoted in an interview saying he would love the challenge of making a fourth movie work if Nolan came to him with a script and said there was another story to tell.

Of course none of this is confirmed at this point. It all makes sense in that Warner Bros. will definitely want to ensure a strong and profitable franchise to compete with Disney's The Avengers.

We'll have to wait and see if they will try to bring Christian Bale back. He's proven financially at the box office he has what it takes to bring life to the character. Having him alongside other superheroes could be odd but if anyone could make it work, it would be Christopher Nolan.

Source: Latino Review