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New Members Announced for JUSTICE LEAGUE

The team is getting really big suddenly.

We've seen the issue where it was shown that the Justice League refused to allow other members to join the team. Something really big went down with Martian Manhunter. Green Arrow was determined to join but they would't have anything to do with him. All that's about to change.

Today at Fan Expo, it was announced that the roster is changing, big time.

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You should notice one difference. This is going to be JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Geoff Johns will be joined by David Finch and the team will be under the guidance of Steve Trevor. On the team we see Vibe, Catwoman, Martian Manhunter, the new Green Lantern, Stargirl, Katana, Hawkman and Green Arrow.

You can check out an interview with Johns and Finch over at MTV Geek.

What do you think about this roster? Does this team make sense? We'll see more of this in 2013. Are you ready for another Justice League comic?


To clarify, this is a NEW title. It's mentioned above but to be clear, we'll have JUSTICE LEAGUE and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

From DC's blog:

Launching in 2013, DC Comics will publish a new ongoing comic book series, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by David Finch.