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New Crow Movie Still Has Wings

Despite the lack of recent news, it appears it's still happening.

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The idea of a remake or a reboot of James O'Barr's The Crow has been a touchy subject since I first mentioned it back in December.  Director Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) has been set to write and direct a new Crow movie.  The main problem people had with this idea is the fact that (original star) Brandon Lee died on the set.  Norrington mentioned back then that he was looking to take a different direction that what Alex Proyas did.  Rather than the 'goth' approach, Norrington said he wanted a more "realistic, hard-edged" approach.  His idea is to create a new character rather than involve the Eric Draven one.
In March, Proyas stated that the idea of remaking the film was "ridiculous" and that he has nothing to do with this (or any of the sequels or TV shows).
According to a source close to, Norrington's current draft has been "very well received" by Relativity Media (those currently holding the rights).  Now that a draft for the script is complete, they will begin looking at casting for the film.
Would you like to see a re-imagined Crow movie?  With the movie, sequels and TV show, do you feel this project can add anything new to the franchise?