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New Captain America Revealed

Find out who will carry the shield next.

If you've been reading the current CAPTAIN AMERICA by Rick Remender, you're aware things aren't going too well for Steve Rogers. With the Super Soldier Serum no longer keeping him young, his future as Captain America is questionable. We've known a new Cap was coming. Marvel has announced the identity of the next Captain America.

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Get ready for Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, to take on the mantle of Captain America.

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“This is it,” says Remender of the culmination of two years of storytelling in CAPTAIN AMERICA and the dawning of ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA. “This is the fireworks factory we’re arriving at, and now everything’s going to blow up and be very pretty and exciting to look at. It leads into an evolution of Steve Rogers’ character that I had very early when I was given the job. I think that it’s important with these stories to do things that are natural and make sense and have an inherent logic to the universe, but are also constantly shifting and exciting, keeping the drama high. In order to do that it really comes down to creating new dynamics.

“I’ve been having a lot of fun writing Sam. It’s a completely different attitude. The fact that he’s not a soldier shifts things up a bit. Sam’s not going to be Steve. Steve can be very rigid. That can be kind of joyless at times, whereas Sam is absolutely not that.”

Stay tuned for an ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen.


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Posted By UnosInfinitos

I love how everyone is either "LOL CAPTAIN FALCON" or "NO NOT A BLACK PERSON" I'm also extremely dishearten by the amount of people who don't know who Sam Wilson is :(

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Posted By Uncanny_XFactor

Yeah, this could be interesting. Good costume, I'd give this a shot.

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Edited By TDK_1997

Damn,that was like pretty unexpected. I'm so shocked!

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Posted By hellinor

@brucewayne19: I always feel weird when people talk about "forced diversity" as though within our parents and grandparents' lifetimes there weren't literal laws in place to enforce the opposite.

but anyways I feel like it would've made more sense for Eli Bradley to be new Cap since he actually has the serum (and the inherited legacy thing would've been interesting) but I like Sam Wilson and the team roster in general, so I have to say I'm looking forward to see where the whole thing goes.

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Posted By ferry98

@verotikryptonite: dude, too far. their not gonna do that. steve rogers is gonna come back just wait a few months

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord


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Posted By Verotikryptonite

@ferry98 said:

@brucewayne19: yeah i know what u meant, i was just kinda asking. but i do agree that it was forced. i like rogers as cap the best, best the falcon should be interesting. heck this whole team roster should be interesting

You know what I would like to see with that roster ? I would like to see them swallowed by a trillion mile wide black hole at the end of the first issue. And I can only hope that Nick Fury JR is with them to witness his body violently ripped apart in said black hole. The only survivors Winter Soldier,Mjolnir and Dr. Strange. The rest are deposited in in the cancer verse and rain out of the sky like putrid confetti on the cancer verse version of Nick Fury JR. That would be the best case scenario IMHO

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Posted By Verotikryptonite

@darkday: Your right. Marvel should retcon all there characters into black and Hispanics. I mean I'm Hispanic so Peter Parker should be Hispanic. And let's make Bruce Banner half black and half Mexican, that way blacks and Mexicans can all feel a sense of pride when he goes green. And Wolverine can be a really confused afro-cuban.

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Posted By mysoulz

I figured Sam Wilson was going to take over the Cap mantle as others have did. This is interesting.

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Posted By ferry98

@brucewayne19: yeah i know what u meant, i was just kinda asking. but i do agree that it was forced. i like rogers as cap the best, best the falcon should be interesting. heck this whole team roster should be interesting

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Posted By BruceWayne19

@ferry98: nothing, I just feel like this is forced, nothing's wrong with diversity, I just don't want it forced on fans

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Posted By ferry98
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Posted By SC

@ironshinobi88: Unless I am mistaken the user you addressed limited and contained their criticism to the topics at hand and to fiction and fictional characters. Which they have the right to do here at CV. Either way you do not have the right to insult them or their person or character. This is a warning, refrain from such insects in the future.

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Posted By Winter_Kills


Sounds like a plan, man! You won't be disappointed. :)

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Posted By Bystander
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Next Black Panther should be a white lesbian from Russia. That should please a certain demographic. And who cares about Nick Fury and 60 years of history let's just say F**k those fans. Let's turn Sabra into a Muslim, I mean why the hell not.

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Nick Fury Jr. doesn't want any of your crap.

Now honestly, as a comics fan I understand why people get out of shape anytime Marvel does something to "shake things up" but come the heck on. Every comment I read is, pander this, pander that.

When Peter Parker became Otto Ocatvius, whom exactly were they pandering to? When Bucky became Cap? Oh, how about when Eric Masterson became Thor? When Peter joined the Fantastic Four (oh excuse me, The Future Foundation)?

Legacy characters and stories aren't a new thing. Not even close. I'm not saying that Marvel isn't pandering, but what I am saying is that they aren't pandering simply for the sake of pandering but rather they are just throwing darts at the dart board like always and that people need to get over it.

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Posted By Winter_Kills

@fodigg said:

Badass costume, and it totally makes sense for the character.

Oh, and lol hard at the racists who don't know Isaiah Bradley and Josiah X mean that ship has long since sailed.

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Truth: Red, White, and Black is one of the best Cap storylines of all time.

Isaiah Bradley is awesome. I wish they would do more with Patriot. I think it'd be cool if Cap became his mentor, sort of like Hawkeye took Kate Bishop under his wing. A way of further expanding the Captain America legacy.

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Posted By Winter_Kills


I'm the same way, I'm not an X-Men or mutants guy. This however turns it the whole idea on it's head, and has some espionage stuff with Pete Wisdom & the mysterious Black Air organization. I'd grab the copies of Iron Man Extremis & Thor: World Engine first, though. :)

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Posted By Amratheking

I've said this before, and I'll say it again and again until this idiocy stops. These identity changes for the characters are an insult to the original characters themselves (Steve and Sam both). Steve Rogers IS Captain America, and Sam Wilson IS The Falcon. Both characters have been written with decades of excellent adventures both solo and together, and now this unoriginal crap occurs because marvel ran out of ideas! Why not just give Sam Wilson his own book as The Falcon?! He has plenty of fans and that's HIS superhero identity! Sooner or later, this will have to stop, because these "shake-ups" are just shameless money grabs and insulting to both longtime readers and the characters themselves. Make Mine Dark Horse!!

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Posted By Bystander

@winter_kills: X-men? I'm no fan of mutants to be honest. Though maybe Ellis will succeed here as well)

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Posted By kingmezidor7

Long Overdue!!!!!

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Posted By Winter_Kills
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Posted By Winter_Kills

@cyberwarrior: You're welcome bro. Hope you enjoy 'em, I think you will. :)

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Posted By Bystander

@deadcool_xd: Did I just mishear something?

@winter_kills: Thanks for the tips. I owe you one)

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Posted By deadcool_XD

That's pretty sweet.

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Posted By Winter_Kills


I think you'll really enjoy 'em, bro. IM is one of my favorites as well. Extremis is really the book where they took a lot of inspiration for Tony's snarky personality & origin in the first movie, & Extremis is a whole different monster than it was portrayed in IM3. One of the best IM stories in the last decade in my opinion, wish Ellis could've stayed a little longer. With the Thor run, just go with the "World Engine" trade- everything before & after that pretty much sucks, because Messner-Loebs took over & PALED in comparison to Ellis; there are trades that have both Ellis & Messner-Loebs' runs together, but spare yourself & just go for "World Engine". The only saving grace after that was Deodato's art. I really think you'll be happy with both. He also did a run on Excalibur in the '90s that was pretty good, I'll have to go into my collection & look up the issues of his run. IIRC, the book sucked after Ellis left.

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Posted By Bystander

@winter_kills: Definetly looks worth to try out. Plus, IM is one of my personal favorites)

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Posted By stanIMatiON

@fodigg: That first pic of Isiah Bradley looks like the type of black Captain America I would want to read. Even tho he has the same name, the style immediately lets me know I wont be reading about someone trying to be someone else(I know this is pre Steve btw). He looks all kinds of thorough! Put some paint on his sheild and Im ready to rock. Falcons costume is a little too Roger-ish imo.

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Edited By fodigg

Badass costume, and it totally makes sense for the character.

Oh, and lol hard at the racists who don't know Isaiah Bradley and Josiah X mean that ship has long since sailed.

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Truth: Red, White, and Black is one of the best Cap storylines of all time.

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Just dropped the book from my pull list.

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Posted By RobotMonster

I thought the Super Soldier Serum was purged from Steve Rogers' body back in the "Streets of Poison" storyline? Meh. Whatever.

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Posted By Knightsofdarkness2

They should rename him to Captain Falcon. :P lmao

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Posted By ms-lola

Reading through these seven pages has been enlightening. All this raaaage. It's funny.

@the_mast: I agree with your initial (and following posts)

Just to add my worthless thoughts into the mix, I would have liked to have Patriot take on the mantle of Captain America. Having recently re-read the original Younger Avengers run, having the story turn to the original Captain America (who was black) would have been interesting.

Having said that, Sam is more than worthy. Looks like I will be getting into Captain America, however long this lasts.

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Posted By ForneverStar

I'm not as mad about this as I am about thor

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Posted By adviseddeception2498


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Posted By Winter_Kills

@winter_kills: I really need to read more Ellis)

Ellis' run on IM is pretty short, but the Extremis arc(to me) was the last truly great Iron Man story. His "World Engine" arc on the Mighty Thor came at a dark time in Goldilocks' history, but it is an awesome & underrated story, with some great early art by Mike Deodato Jr. After Ellis left it went to hell (or hel in Thor's case) & then Onslaught happened. Unfortunately those are the main stories I have read from him besides MK, so I guess I need to brush up on him too. Thought I'd suggest those though because they are pretty awesome.

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Posted By chaddum96

Sam is going to have so much weight on his back. The shield and the wings. Wouldn't the shield be too heavy for a normal human like Sam?

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Edited By FuriousWeasel

Nope, this is dumb. Falcon can't really be an effective 'Cap' he's nowhere near skilled enough or on a physical level that would allow him to truly 'wield the shield' (This is also why I disliked American Dream in MC2) At least when Bucky was 'Cap' he had a lifetime of training/experience to call on and a cyborg arm that enabled him to throw the shield.

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Edited By Bystander
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Posted By Don_Quixote

@the_mast said:

@don_quixote said:

This f#cking sucks.

Why don't they make a white Black Panther? A female Captain America, a chinese Batman? etc?

I guess we need every character to have at least 8 different copies.

Because Black Panther is an African king from a tribe of natives to the continent. Captain America is the title of a courageous man from New York who happened to volunteer. Now, which of those scenarios could've been ANY ethnicity? Cap. He could've been a man, woman, or any ethnicity.

Black Panther being a black man is tied to his origin. Captain America's isn't.

Also, what's wrong with you? "What's next? A FEMALE Captain America? A GAY *Character*?" Why would this be a terrible thing? Why is being a female, or gay, or anything other than white, damning to you?

You know what? You people sit there and act like you can't criticise these changes without seeming racist or sexist. Maybe it's because that's the type of opinion you hold.

I have never had to worry or complain that something I've said would be taken as racist or sexist or discriminatory. You know why? Because I've literally never said anything that could be considered, legitimately, racist, sexist or discriminatory.

If you're worried your shock and outrage over this might be seen as discrimination, it's probably because it is discrimination. Oh, but you're not "like that"! Right? Knock it off.

"We need to have eight different versions." As opposed to one white version of most of the characters? Go outside. Do you see constant white people or a mix? Why should fiction be ANY different?

And you mean there are not any white people in Africa? You obviously never been to Africa then. There is a large number of them by the way.

And why Black Panther being black is tied to his origin and Captain America's isn't since in all over the world there are black and white people?

You are trying to make me look like a racist when my point is completely clear. You are stuck-up. I don't have a problem with black people or gays or women etc.

My question is simple. Why do we need female copies out of every single popular character that has ever been in a comic? Why do we need Supergirl or Batgirl or Batwoman or Spider-woman etc. They have no purpose on being here. They are just used to attract more women into buying comics. That was my point. I am not racist at all.

If I am a racist then you are a stuck-up nerd, who can't let a sentence without bursting into flames.

I hate copies. They shouldn't exist. They serve no purpose. A white Black Panther should be an equally terrible idea to a male Wonder Woman. And you know what? Not because Wonder Woman should be female or Black Panther should be black,but because they surve no other purpose than to attract money.

By your logic they should make DC should make a Wonder Man and a White Panther with a white guy instead just because discrimination is terrible and all that hippie-dippie sh!t you like to shout about and has nothing to do with what I am trying to tell you.

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Posted By Winter_Kills

Everyone, I've had a long time to prepare myself- & meditate on this move- and though I still loathe it, I am calmed- & am trying to calm everyone else- who are as outraged as me & justly so- that this won't last. I say this with the experience of a longtime comic reader, who's seen every death & legacy character & gimmick there is. One way or another- a year, I'm thinking even less since the idea is so unpopular, & Remender's run isn't exactly setting the sales charts on fire- Steve will be Cap again. Sam will be Falcon again. And this- and all of Remender's lackluster run- will be a minor footnote in Cap's storied history, when compared to Brubaker's epic run. In the future people will still be talking about Bru's run- how visionary & groundbreaking it was, as they do now- & when Remender is mentioned, he'll just be that guy that followed Ed Brubaker. Though I have no personal spite for Remender, as a Cap fan I take solace in this. I hope Remender moves on & finds the series that is his niche- but it's not Cap. And I hope that in the future, that we can have another writer step in, that like Brubaker did, will take Cap back where he belongs, back to the top of the pile again. I really feel like these things will come to pass- & when this whole "Captain Falcon" idiocy is over, & Steve is back, & Remender's run is over- all of which are win-win scenarios for me- I will regularly pick up a Cap book again. But I won't support this move, or this run at all- & I suggest others who feel the same as I do the same. Companies like Marvel & DC only react & change things when you hit them where it hurts- their wallet.

Now the whole Thor scenario- that's something else entirely. It was something that literally made me physically ill. Something a comic book has rarely done- something that pissed me off so bad I wanted to vomit vitriolic fumes. Don't get me started on that- it was a move that pissed me off about a comic series in a way I haven't been in years. And I'm still not over it. The less said about that the better. But we, the fans, can change this nonsense- by not buying into it. Loyal readers are where it's at- casual readers & "new readers" come & go. When they become aware of this, & see a dip in sales from the alienation caused to loyal fans, that's when they know they have to change to get us back so they can have more of the almighty dollar to line their wallets.

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Posted By tomasajaden

I'm in love with the idea it will be a great thing to make one of the most awesome and epic marvel heroes the new leader of marvel. Falcon can lead the avengers and the marvel universe.

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Posted By stanIMatiON

For the record, I am black *GASP*

Ive read Marvel and DC comics for many years since comics were on little spinning racks at the laundromat back in the day. Captain America was always one of my favorite characters because he represented what America was supposed to be or as we were told it was. I have yet to see it really become that and may not in my lifetime, but I always liked Steve Rogers because he seemed to be the hope of what I wished America was. I dont quite get this new trend of of different races, genders, and sexualities in comics. I mean, I get the point that they are current realities and thats cool if comics reflect that, but I wish it was done thru new characters.

Are both companies on record saying that they are changing their characters because they believe this will bring more readers of other backgrounds? If so I'd like to respectfully disagree. Personally I appreciate the sentiment, but I think it'd be much better to have characters that are not novelties or in the shadows of their white counterparts. I dont think anyone shys away from comics just because they dont see many of their own race or gender in the pages. If that was the case I would have never began to read them long ago. It definitely helps and is a cool thing to see people that come from your background in them, but I think what would mean the most would be if them being authentic. Dont just include me for a head count. I think all that does is build resentment from white readers(not that anyone has to care) and does a disservice to me as a black reader(not that anyone has to care).

Im just curious as to why its so hard to create new characters that are authentic, reflect modern day life, and dont have to be built on stereotypes. Give me a black character that has powers like a god or something other than just strength sometimes (there may be a few). Let he or she be their own person and not have to be in another characters shadow, or always kissing some other characters a$$ like they need confirmation to exist. That would mean a lot to me, if you really care.

With that being said, I dont know about the new Cap thing. Not really feeling the costume. Maybe they should change his name to American Eagle(dont laugh), give Sam a better costume with style, and throw in the old pointed shield. I think he would look kind of cool with that name flying around with that old school shield like a black Hawkman. LOL.

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Edited By SilverPool

Eh, don't really care for this news. Why not just keep Steve as Cap instead of writing Falcon to take his place based solely off the characters popularity from Cap 2?

The guy isnt even going to be around for a year, so why?

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Posted By redhood21

in yet another whirlwind PC retardo move

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Posted By Bluecatcinema

Sam Wilson as the new Cap? Color me intrigued. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.