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New Captain America Revealed

Find out who will carry the shield next.

If you've been reading the current CAPTAIN AMERICA by Rick Remender, you're aware things aren't going too well for Steve Rogers. With the Super Soldier Serum no longer keeping him young, his future as Captain America is questionable. We've known a new Cap was coming. Marvel has announced the identity of the next Captain America.


Get ready for Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, to take on the mantle of Captain America.


“This is it,” says Remender of the culmination of two years of storytelling in CAPTAIN AMERICA and the dawning of ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA. “This is the fireworks factory we’re arriving at, and now everything’s going to blow up and be very pretty and exciting to look at. It leads into an evolution of Steve Rogers’ character that I had very early when I was given the job. I think that it’s important with these stories to do things that are natural and make sense and have an inherent logic to the universe, but are also constantly shifting and exciting, keeping the drama high. In order to do that it really comes down to creating new dynamics.

“I’ve been having a lot of fun writing Sam. It’s a completely different attitude. The fact that he’s not a soldier shifts things up a bit. Sam’s not going to be Steve. Steve can be very rigid. That can be kind of joyless at times, whereas Sam is absolutely not that.”

Stay tuned for an ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen.


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Posted By MrMazz

Not unexpected but with so many outside forces at place one cant but think about the expiration date built in to Sam Wilson as Cap. Even without these outside pressures it isn't like Comics don't ever revert back to the status quo anyway. Still for now it's a good thing and hopefully it's pulled off well. I friggin love the current run of Ms. Marvel.

Why is Henry Hayes Deathstrok on the Avengers?

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Posted By ShadowSwordmaster

@darkrider: That answers my Iron Man question then.

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Posted By vandinejd_1991

I love this idea. I loved Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I just hope Steve isn't forgotten.

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Edited By Surza7

@thexx: is the link for the article friend.Sorry took long :x

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Posted By patrat18

The fuq is Marvel doing.

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Edited By SlimJ87D

@darkrider: interesting, I'm glad they're pushing more Bucky in there. He's the only one I'm looking forward to reading.

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Edited By Outside_85


  • Cap is black
  • Thor is a woman
  • Banner is/was braindamaged
  • Wiolverine is dead/dying
  • ... Can't wait to see what they intend to do to Stark? Make him go broke? Impotent? Shave? :) (or thanks to OS: crippled)

Seriously though, is everyone's super-juice just expiring at the same time?

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Posted By Saren

I wonder what DC will do next in this war to see who can pander harder.

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Posted By stormphoenix

@samuel_simmons: You know what would SO AWESOME if he did a "FALCON..PUNCH!!!" In his fights.

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Posted By Spideysense44

@drellassassin: ooo ok well that's a little better thanks for the input

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Posted By Samuel_Simmons
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Edited By innerwolf88

Marvel is destroying itself. I will have to take refuge in the MCU universe (I hope they don't get rid of Steve soon) and live in denial of all these awful, unnecessary changes.

By the way, why are Thor and Cap being replaced but Tony simply gets a new suit and goes on a summer trip? That's unfair for the fans.

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Posted By LyraFay


avengers now

Or the ones we will make films about.

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Posted By Draku28

What is with MARVEL lately, do they hate Steve Roger, they killed his Ultimate version, now they are doing the same what the over and over, something happens to Steve and the Captain America mantle is pass down to some one he knows, then they go for a while, then MARVEL brings Steve back as Captain America. Wonder if Sam again is just going to hand back the mantle like the first time Sam took over as Cap. So I just wonder how many more time are they going to do the same thing replace a legend that made MARVEL.

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Posted By SmashBrawler

I wonder how long it'll take for the inevitable "Hey, I'm not racist but..."

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Posted By sentryman555

I wonder how Sam will handle the shield. Bucky said he could use cap's shield well because of his bionic arm. And Steve had the serum. I don't see Sam being able to throw the shield around like Cap should do.

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Posted By LyraFay

You know Marvel, you could just push this Storm solo title a little harder since she is both demographics that you are looking for.

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Edited By ShadowLife248

I don't mind movie designs being integrated into the comics but giving Deathlok it's own series just because some people liked him in Shield's series.And all of this Gimmicks to bump their sales up when they make all this changes and bring back the original cast when the movie concerning the characters comes into the cinema like Antman(Scott Lang) and Scarlet Witch ( Avengers 2) Why didn't Marvel promote Quiksilver too then?Since he was such a hit in X-Men:DOFP.

The fire dude from Inhuman is cool so I don't really mind.Dr.Stranger probably because the movie is in the process.Medusa from Inhumans which they say plays a big part in the Marvel Universe this year after the Infinity event has still yet to barely make any changes or part in the Marvel Universe. Bucky from CA : TWS or current event Original Sin or something which I frankly okay with it for the time being.Angela's at the main roster too because she's Thor long lost sister now.

Superior Iron Man.Don't know what to think about this.We might like it or not like how some people felt when Spider-Man become Superior Spider-Man.But I see Marvel article stating that because of how POPULAR Superior Spider-Man was,so is one of the reason they decided this route for Iron Man...are you serious?=.=

Captain Falcon will probably be good for now til May 1,2015 and I will miss Steve Rogers for the time being.Like majority of the people not about sexism and race is just the characters we love and invested in.

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Posted By Cloakx14

will Captain Falcon have the super soldier to make him a true captain america and have the fighting abilities ?

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Edited By ScouterV

@mightypug78: Makes me think he'd look similar to Major Glory.

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Posted By Nerd Of A Hero


  • Cap is black
  • Thor is a woman
  • Banner is/was braindamaged
  • Wiolverine is dead/dying
  • ... Can't wait to see what they intend to do to Stark? Make him go broke? Impotent? Shave? :) (or thanks to OS: crippled)

Seriously though, is everyone's super-juice just expiring at the same time?

Yep, and get this; Tony Stark will either be like Nolen-Batman from the dark knight rises where he'll be flat broke, physically weak, and have that growly voice to be dark and edgy, or be more machine and sacrifice what little humanity he has left as he upgrades into an 'ultimate superior being'. HA!

But seriously, the moves that Marvel has been making lately makes me uneasy a bit. I wonder how DC will react to this 'current event'.

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Edited By Pokedexed

My eyes always squint when it comes to these thigns, but I always end up reading it anyway. I mean cmon what else can I expect when "death" and "all new" and "time travel" stuff happens, if it's good story and awesome sauce art take my moneyyy.

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Posted By ArtisticNeedham

What happened to Steve Rogers? Didn't he just come back to life?

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Edited By Fallschirmjager

@saren said:

I wonder what DC will do next in this war to see who can pander harder.

I don't know but its so hilarious to watch

We need to have benny hill on constant readyness.

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Posted By Rolls7royce

This is logical. Falcon is Caps most widely known partner in the modern era, so it makes sense the mantle would fall to him. The only downside is he is a pretty cool character in his own right, so it sucks there won't be a character named Falcon. Major upside:hopefully we will get a new Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America figure with wings!

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Posted By Bystander

This is starting to get on my nerves...

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Posted By Outside_85

Yep, and get this; Tony Stark will either be like Nolen-Batman from the dark knight rises where he'll be flat broke, physically weak, and have that growly voice to be dark and edgy, or be more machine and sacrifice what little humanity he has left as he upgrades into an 'ultimate superior being'. HA!

But seriously, the moves that Marvel has been making lately makes me uneasy a bit. I wonder how DC will react to this 'current event'.

Or he gets kidnapped by one of his suits that's gained sentience. :)

But I think DC have enough issues to deal with as it is. That said, I think some of the moves Marvel is making right now, appear to come on the heels of what DC has already done:

  • Falcon Cap= response to Val Zod
  • Genderswapping Thor= response to Azzarello/Chiang ending on WW and the Finch's going towards more conventional stories. (I cant say this with any certainty, but hasn't Thor: GoT resided in WW's shade for some time now? Or is that just me)
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Posted By webling

Well that's one way to redesign Falcon

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Posted By Astro_Zombie78

We all know it won't last. But it is good to see though. I say he's earned it. Good luck Sam!!!

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Posted By Herokiller12344

Okay seriously, what's with all the big hitters in Marvel being replaced?

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Posted By leokearon

Not surpised that Sam is the new Cap. Interesting that he seems he will be keeping his wings.

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Posted By ArtisticNeedham

I am cool with it, totally fine. Looks cool and I like Sam Wilson. But why can't Steve Rogers be Captain America? Is he getting killed off again?

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Edited By Transformers1024

Ah what the hell, I'll check it out! Falcon is a fantastic character and we all know Rogers will be back in time for the new Avengers movie. Plus it's still a better idea that Superior Spider-Man and female Thor.

Is Marvel really jumping ahead 8th months in all their books?

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Posted By ShadowSwordmaster
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Edited By Saint_Talker

I was hoping Ian Zola would take up the mantle...

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Posted By Guardiandevil83

As long as Sam shows us all, what someone trained by Cap in hand to hand can do, then I'm jell.

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Posted By MakkyD

Boo! Change! :P

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Posted By ZbvmX

Noice! Well played Marvel :D

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Posted By asjmooney


avengers now

I have to say I think this looks awesome

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Posted By Winter_Kills

No surprise- I predicted this was going to happen when they first put out the details of the new Cap. Been a long-time Cap fan since I could read, hard to pull the wool over my eyes. Only Brubaker surprised me, & when he did it was in a good way- unlike Remender.

This is starting to get on my nerves...

I hear you. I've been dealing with this, but when the news about Thor, my other favorite character came, it literally frayed my last nerve. It's absolute craziness in the Marvel Bullpen. What the hell is going on?

Hmmmm…I am torn. I want to take a deep breath and yell NOOOOOO! but I don't really hate this decision because I'm all for legacy characters. The issue I have with this is that I feel this is a step in the wrong direction for Falcon. Is he the only person that may deserve to dawn the shield other than Bucky (who isn't Steve)? Yeah. But he's already been established as his own character for years so I don't see why making him Cap will do him any good. But hey, I guess that's because Bucky will be shooting space demons in his own series for the time being, right?

I'll ride with this...

Also - "Captain Falcon" literally laughed my @$$ off.

I agree exactly with what you said about Falcon. As a long-time Cap fan, I love Sam Wilson. He's a fantastic character when written correctly, as Brubaker did. I just feel that now- when people are really starting to take notice of him in the movie & in the Avengers Assemble show- that they should be pushing him as Falcon, not having him step into the shadow of another character- it's definitely a step in the wrong direction for Falcon. (And Cap with wings? Don't get me friggin' started...) But anyway, what bugs me is that it is against Sam Wilson's character. It's been clearly established several times by competent writers- Mark Waid & Ed Brubaker- why Sam wouldn't take up the shield. The only way he would take up the shield is if he absolutely had to- if there was no one else(i.e. Bucky) Mark Waid illustrated this briefly in an issue of the 90s flashback series Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. Waid retconned this story in during a time when Steve was believed to be dead, & Sam took up the shield & the stars & stripes with heavy heart, & quickly & graciously returned it to Steve. It illustrated Sam's respect for Steve, but also why he never anted to be Captain America. Bucky also described it best, during Brubaker's run. Sam had a presence, definitely- but he didn't remind him of Steve. He was his own man, with his own style, his own energy- an influence, Bucky called it. It made Sam an inspirational character in his own right, & those very words helped to show why he wouldn't take up the shield; it's a definite misunderstanding & misuse of the character. I know it wont last, & Steve will be back, but the way Sam's being handled, well, the way the whole Cap cast has been handled by Remender, has really bothered me. Honestly, I'd rather read about old skinny Steve's guest appearances in other books like the Wolverine Legacy one with Deadpool & the She-Hulk one than this. I'll just be glad when Remender's run is over, & we get a great Cap writer again. These stories are cliché & have been done before, in a FAR superior manner by FAR superior creative teams, & Remender's work on Cap will only be a minor footnote in Cap's history compared to Bru's epic run. I've said it before & I'll say it again- wake me when Remender's run is over. Or just nudge me when I'm reading the new Bucky Barnes: TWS book. It's the only saving grace at Marvel for me at the moment.

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Posted By WaveMotionCannon

I'm not a huge Falcon fan but not I'm hyped to see what he can do as the new Cap. Will he be a good leader? Will everyone accept him being the new Cap? How well will he do in combat with wings and a shield?

Side note: the female Thor thing is crazy but it has definite possibilities. I hope they make it one of his granddaughters from the "GodKiller" story arc.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous


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Posted By MegaHGFan

Steve Rogers is probably my favorite super hero, and I really wish they would let him stay as Cap for at least 10 years before long term replacing him again. Falcon is a great character in his own right. However I don't see how Captain Falcon could be even half as interesting as Bucky being Cap. Considering they are starting an all new series, this sadly might last more than a year.

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Posted By lvenger

Yep it's official, Marvel is literally becoming too dumb, trite and unoriginal for my tastes. I may really have issues with the slapped on reboot/retcon but at least there are still titles that I like at DC. Now

  • Spider-Man's in the hands of mad eye Slott who I don't trust to write the character well.
  • Falcon is Captain America which demeans his role as his own character at the end of the day. But removing Captain America again has just been a dumb move on Remander's part.
  • Thor is being replaced by a woman who's now the only person to call Thor. Not that Thor isn't who the character is and that the woman will be remembered in time as the female equivalent of Eric Masterson but you know, we gotta look like we approve of gender equality -_-
  • Iron Man is getting a freakin' Superior Spider-Man treatment which is just what the character needs.
  • And The Avengers are being turned into a bunch of heroes I don't even recognise anymore.
  • Plus the FF is being torn apart for no good reason.

Yep I'd say this has pushed me straight into the arms of DC over Marvel. And when the continuity butchering New 52 is more appealing than what Marvel are doing, I think that says a lot about Marvel's decision making.

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Posted By daredevil21134


I agree but I wish they would have just gave him a series as Falcon

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Posted By ComicStooge

@saren: Earth 2 is a whole universe of pandering, but I'm sure a gay mainstream Batman and Mexican Superman might help.

Avatar image for squalleon
Posted By Squalleon

Ok, expected. The costume is nice, except of the symbol.

Avatar image for darthaznable
Posted By DarthAznable

Could use a better outfit design.

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Posted By Bl00dwerK

Maybe he'll be less of a dick than the real Cap has been lately...

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Posted By Squalleon

@lvenger said:

  • Iron Man is getting a freakin' Superior Spider-Man treatment which is just what the character needs.

What? Why? IM just started being loved by fans why make him an a$$hole again?

D@mn MARVEL. Their short-sighted decisions are ruining these characters. My favorite Marvel characters are either replaced,dead or transformed into a$$holes. Cyclops-a$$hole, Steve Rogers-replaced,Thor-replaced, Doc Strange-a$$hole. I am at least glad that Spider-man is no longer Superior.

I wonder how long can Marvel continue with these stunts until people get bored with them and marvel has turned its universe into a mess.