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More Possible 'Justice League' Movie Plot Details

There's a few new rumors surround the alleged Darkseid story.

It was previously reported that the story 'Crisis on New Genesis' (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 183-185) could serve as the inspiration for Warner Bros. upcoming team-up movie. Now, some new rumors are popping up about the possible plot.


The website Cosmic Book News claims an insider has fed them new information about the cosmic themed story. According to the site, Apokolips and New Genesis are in a different dimension, but there's only a "brief mention" of New Genesis. Batman, being a super genius detective and what have you, will be the one to justify the alternate dimension's existence with M-Theory. And how can they or Darkseid travel back and forth? It seems as though the Mother Box will be used as their cosmic taxi.

I suppose just providing the bare basics of the device (essentially a super computer with teleportation capabilities) would be easy enough for non-comic book fans to swallow. After all, a Mother Box can create a Boom Tube, and that's what they need to move between dimensions. As for the plot itself, I still think they'll need to make some heavy modifications. It's packed with far too many characters and isn't new reader friendly at all. Luckily, these movies tend to be inspired by these stories instead of direct adaptations.

You dare speculate on this film so soon?!

Again, this is technically just a rumor and nothing official has been announced surrounding the film aside from a writer (Will Beal). Since it's still so early when it comes to the film, let's have some fun with this one, Viners. Tell us what your dream Justice League movie would be like. What story would you base it off of and which characters would you include? Sound off below and have fun!

Source: Cosmic Book News

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Posted by turoksonofstone

@Reignmaker said:

I know a lot of comics readers get excited over this alternate dimension stuff, but I think a general audience would think it's stupid if the movie tries to go all Silver-Age on everything. If WB tries to treat its live-action movie the same as a DC Animated direct-to-DVD offering, this movie will bomb and bomb hard. My opinion: Movies aren't comic books. I don't want to see Wolverine in yellow spandex or faithful costume adaptions which just don't look good in real life. I don't want to be bombbarded with campy one-liners. I don't want something that comes across as a Superhero version of Clash of the Titans (heavy on the CG, light on the characterization and acting). In short, what I often read on a weekly basis isn't what I want to see on-screen. Green Lantern ignored these lessons and was an embarrassment with the general public. People often talk about how great Marvel movies are, but they've made at least as many crappy flicks as they have good. And none are more crappy when they forget to develop a real story for people who haven't grown up on comic books. I like the real-world approach that Man of Steel seems to be taking. Time will tell whether its a success, but I think it will be a hit with both comic fans and casual viewers. Here's hoping WB builds on this approach and doesn't fling it all out the window in an attempt to be like Marvel. More likely than not, the Marvel they'll achieve is the 3rd X-Men movie.

I hope the creative forces follow the above advice and we get this over with in one mega-flop film. If Superman flops first all the better.

Apokolips in the fist film?? LMAO that would be real bad. unless it is just teased it would suck.

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

copy@sethysquare said:

@DeathpooltheT1000: did not bothe to read the wall of text. you should read this article instead.

That is invalid point of view, pretty much say do the JL movie, we are ok if we only have those and the Superman and Batman movies.

So why in the living hell we should get a JL movie?, if we only care about Superman and Batman, then stop this dumg game and make a World Finest movie, at least it would had more screen time for those 2 and the other guys would not look like losers.

I mean build the character, dont gives them a movie, dont matter how much you show Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman on screen, people dont care about them, it gets worst if this means less Batman/Superman time in the movie, it will fail, people dont care for them, so why those guy are on screen when people wants to see Batman and Superman punching for 3 hours?

I mean the guy talks about Dreed 3D, even when it s ripp off from The Raid a movie that became huge, Hollywood is going to do a remake and it going to get a bigger budget sequels. why Dreed failed and The Raid got huge?, they build their movie and Dreed never build the movie, it was a very stupid copy with bigger budget.

Build the character means get them time to people know them and care for them, people cares for Superman and Batman for how the movies, tv shows and cartoons build them, without that no one would care, that the reaosn why Green Lantern, Dreed, The Punisher, Dardevil and many other will fail without the help of the other major characters around them.

Smallville build Green Arrow now he has his own show, is not the same universe, so it means they build Green Arrow to the point he dont need Smallville to be a character.

That why Wolverine and Spiderman dont need to live in the same universe with The Avengers, they dont need that, they are big enough to live without the other characters, because that how they build them.

Posted by sethysquare

@DeathpooltheT1000: again, did not bother to read.

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

@sethysquare said:

@DeathpooltheT1000: again, did not bother to read.

How childish of you to reply you dont read things, it sound like i know i am right, so there is no point in reading your opinions.

Some times i forget how mature people is in comicvine.

Posted by sethysquare

@DeathpooltheT1000: go ahead. disagrees with you and i trust a professional's opinion way more than yours. even though i just read the first sentence of your post and i know its lame

Posted by Logan Reilly

@Lvenger: I heard about that, and I hope it's true. has it been confirmed, or is it just a rumor?

Posted by lvenger

@Logan Reilly: So far it seems to be the case. No news about any other films being released before JL so I guess that's the case.

Posted by Logan Reilly

@Lvenger: if that's the case, i'll actually be looking forward to a jl movie