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More Exclusive Contract Signings, Peter Tomasi Stays at DC

Looks like the "exclusive war" is heating up.

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Coming as little surprise, comics writer Peter Tomasi has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics. Tomasi, who worked in-house at DC as an editor for 14 years, transitioned to being a freelance writer in 2007 working primarily for DC on such titles as Nightwing and Green Lantern Corps. In the three years since becoming freelance he has worked primarily for DC, so this news is less a surprise and more a formal recognition of Tomasi’s stature in DC along with their future plans – such as co-writing the upcoming bi-weekly series Brightest Day with Geoff Johns

 Although exclusive contracts have been bandied about since the early days of American comics, they experienced a resurgence in the late 90s as publishers sought to obtain star creators on an exclusive basis – helping their lines while robbing competitors of the services. For creators, it offers many benefits – from a higher page rate to a guaranteed promise of work, but for some it also provides health insurance and benefits – a highly valued commodity in the comics creator community as they almost all work from home as self-employed individuals. 

This announcement is the second exclusive creator deal announced in 2010 following up from the surprise DC acquisition of long-time Marvel artist David Finch. For some, that big jump presaged a new round of exclusives being announced on both sides of the Big Two. For DC, it seems a step in firming up their key group of creators in the coming years.

But for fans, what does it mean to you? Are you glad Tomasi and Finch are DC bound for years to come, or would you want them at Marvel spinning their web? Or do you disagree with exclusives alltogether  and want to see more creators to both DC and Marvel work. And lastly, who's next to jump ship from Marvel to DC -- or DC to Marvel -- in 2010?

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Posted By dondasch

This doesn't come as any real surprise to me.  The idea of locking up the "big name star" is a concept that has been around for a quite a while actually.  You only have to look at professional sports to get a sense of the concept.  Pay the top talent the right amount and keep them out of your competitors stable, so to speak.
Where I am concerned is this.  Will the art/writing suffer?  This is the main critical point that I take when looking at any comic.  If there is not a fusion of good art and equally good story, it's simply empty for me.  Your mileage may vary.

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i think he (maybe) should have gone to marvel...dc have fantastic artists - ivan reis etc... 
i think marvel are SLIGHTLY lacking good art work....
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Posted By Timm

its good for artists and writers, it means more money for them.
seems like a dangerous direction to push the fanboys into. It could backfire like the Image comics things did back in the day. These companies made these artists and writers stars (with football player-like incomes) and then they went and formed their own companies and took all their fans with them leaving subscriptions to the books they had been doing waning.

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Posted By burr787

I'm solely a DC fan, so I'm glad that Tomasi is contracted to DC. I think that it's best that the main writers like Johns, Morrison, and Tomasi stick to DC so they could stick around to make sure that events like Multiverse, Batman and Robin, and Brightest Day are seen through correctly.

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Posted By hero vs. villian

If Phil Jiminez signs exclusive with DC, that would be awesome.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

I get that the contracts are good for the creators. It's a shame it has to come to this.  Makes it hard if you really dig a certain writer or artist and now you can't see them work on your favorite character.  Maybe this "exclusive war" will heat things up for both publishers.  Maybe it'll make them crank out more good stuff.  The creators will have to justify their higher salary so we'll get higher quality books (hopefully).

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Posted By Emerald_General_Jai

Really happy about this. I like Tomasi, his work on GLC has been great, and since (dn't hang me guys) Marvel kinda sucks for the most part right now..i'd personally b really put down if he were wasting time over there instead of continuing what he's done so well. (An i have tons of DC charachter's i'd love to see him do.) An as for Finch?? HELLS YEAH!!! I cannot WAIT to see him do Hal Jordan, n Kyle Rayner, n John Stewart, and if i'm super lucky (since i dnt think he's all dat dead..) Sodam Yat. I dnt mind the war, i just hope DC doesn't loose anyone. I'm sry but w/ the exception of Herc, their Cosmic's, and X-Men. I love Greek Myth, even though i think they could do more w/ him. An Fraction's take on Cyke, one of my favorites, has been great. I actually enjoy his take on all of them. An who can forget DNA (Who i wouldn't mind at DC, but we know that won't happen.) Other than that...Marvels' been losing me since OMD. An it's been one sharp n steady decline. Didn't love HOM, wasn't crazy about Civil War, though i read it. Secret Invasion sucked, and haven't even bothered to check Seige out on the shelves. I just don't really enjoy Marvel anymore. Here's hoping that changes...but lookin at this Deadpool/BN Rings controversy..doubtin it. 

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Posted By xerox_kitty

Another new Staffer.  Bonjour Mr Arrant! 
I'm not sure what to make of the exclusive contracts.  It just reminds me of how movie stars used to be signed exclusively to certain studios.  But the comics industry is hardly comparable to the glamour of Hollywood.  

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Posted By daveydavey

I want the Comic Creators to be freelance,No exclusive contracts.People got to mix it up to stay fresh.
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Posted By bingbangboom

I think it helps them because they know they will get a steady stream of work and money. Sort of sucks when your favorite is off from a book you love and is stuck on something else. Also some of these also loose their sort of "WOW" factor. I remember when the Kuberts went to DC and it was like a huge shocker. Nothing much really came from it and I think Adam has come back to Marvel with little fan fare. Not saying what they did was crap but  I think people were expecting some epic stories and just don't think they got them. I think these type of things are better for new up and comers because it can help shape their career. In reality, I think the writers are more important because it can really be great or horrible at times.