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Mary Jane Not in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Well, it looks like Peter won't hit the jackpot in the sequel.

Shailene Woodley was spotted quite a few times during the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and we were under the impression she'd have a minor role in the movie. Now it turns out she's being completely cut from the film and her character won't appear until the third one! Speaking with EW, the actress said, "Of course I'm bummed. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason...Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand the need for holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film." This comes after Sony announced there will be a fourth Spider-Man film, too. Additionally, director Marc Webb told Deadline, "I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship.” Finally, The Hollywood Reporter is claiming it is "likely" the character will be recast for the third film.

Focus more on their relationship, eh? Could it be he's trying to give Gwen more time before possibly killing her off in the finale? Or, do you think he'll save that for the third film? Furthermore, what do you think about Woodley allegedly not returning?

Source: Deadline,CBM, EW, THR

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Posted by Mega_spidey01

debroh ann woll should be mary jane !

Posted by GothamRed


Posted by Chaos Burn

Likely recast? Good idea

Edited by EscGamer

Good decision, You need to let things breath and settle in in these movies. Even thou I love Gwen more than MJ I hope she does die in this continuation but in the third film because it was really a life changing moment for Peter and Spider-Man. Also I want them to include MJ in third and have some sort of silent cat fight between them like in the old comics and Spider-Man Blue series. I really liked how the characters were written in the series and how much they meant to Peter and made it harder for him to continue with the Hero gig while maintaining a life. Also I move to vote to rename the movie from ASM2 to The Sensational Spider-Man, the third can be Spectacular and the forth can be called...I got nothing, but he has all these great titles for himself they can at least use one. I'm not to big a fan of just taking a squeal and putting a number after it. At least for some films. Iron Man 3 could have been called Iron Man: Extremis. Anyways back on topic, as for the recast I'm ok with it. Woodley is a great actor and pretty hot plus she has the right height (MJ was taller than Gwen lets be honest) but I think that a recast can work too. She looked too innocent to be the hot model tease next door who is actually a pretty witty sassy tough B****. As for who, my money is on Mary Elizabeth Winstead but that's cause she is my favorite female actor in these movies, she was good in Die Hard and I think she can pull off that red hair.

That says MJ all over it.

Edited by ravisher

but i seen pics?

guess it was some extra

Posted by SuperPenguin

I'm actually kind of glad, i thought Emma Stone pulled off the role of Gwen Stacey really well. Also, its a nice change from the original trilogy.

Posted by RustyRoy

I feel bad for her though. They shouldn't have casted her in the first place, but firing her after casting her in the role is a very horrible thing to do.

Edited by Dragonborn_CT

Maybe its for the best, nothing against her but it would have overblown the character cast in this movie. I can't help but think that was like a slap in her face to cast her, film her scenes and cut her entirely from the movie.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

@goddamnironman said:

@theacidskull said:

good, to many characters could lead to bad things

good?! they already have Electro, Rhino and Venture in the sequel

She is going to appear later,and Vulture (and possibly Rhino) won't even be in costume.

No she isn't... Initially, yes, she is going to appear at the end of TAS 2, sort of like a teaser. But later on, the director decided to remove all the scene she is involved in..

Posted by EscGamer

@rustyroy: I know what you mean but I don't think even Marc Webb even knew Sony decided to do 4 movies until they announced it. From what I've seen from the bonus feature from ASM behind-the-scenes they were kinda seeing how the sales and ratings go and from there decide on a squeal or not. That's kinda how this reboot started, "hey 3 did so-so ok so let's see if we can squeeze a hm yeah yeah no not working you know what let's start from scratch..ASM." I guess after viewing the script and really thinking about how the last trilogy went down they really don't want a repeat of last time so the gave him more room to grow in.

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after batman id keep love interest deaths to a minimum but they could develop what could have been in the first spider man, but the depth in this one is turning toward a kidnap story or something darker to conect to spidys parents if... anyways Mary Jane had her chance i hope someone gets throne off a bridge this time

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