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Marvel Teases New Creative Team Taking Over THE MIGHTY THOR

We'll be seeing the new creative team this November.

Yesterday Marvel confirmed the new creative team taking over THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN this November. That won't be the only major change we'll be seeing. There's been talk of the Marvel NOW! initiative. We've heard about the new series coming and there's going to be new directions and creative teams.

Today, Marvel has teased the new creative team for what we assume is THE MIGHTY THOR.

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When it comes to being "worthy," we can't help but think of Thor. It isn't clear if the previous existing series for THE MIGHTY THOR and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN among others will all be ending in October and all relaunching with new #1s in November.

What's interesting is this title and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN were both written by Matt Fraction. He has the new HAWKEYE series beginning this week but we have to wonder where Marvel is going to put him now that he won't be writing these two series. There has been rumors about which titles he'll be taking over so we'll have to wait until we get a confirmation. Or at least until Marvel decides to tease what he'll be doing.

Also, Jason Aaron is writing a few Marvel titles as well. Which one(s) will he be leaving in November?