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Marvel Teases More Possible Deaths in 'Age of Ultron'

Will we be seeing more death in the Marvel Universe this Spring?

Marvel has released a new teaser for Age of Ultron. The previous had the tagline, "Submit or Perish." Sure, perish is a harsh word but it can have different meanings. In the lastest teaser, Marvel spells it out a little clearer.

With "Do or Die," it has a stronger message. But the question is, what's up with everyone here? These don't necessarily look like the Marvel Heroes we're familiar with. But hurray for Wolverine's costume. Let's hope it sticks...if he survives.

We'll have to wait until May.






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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I'm Tired of these god damn Events!

Posted by SavageDragon

Not sure what i think about this.

Posted by xanthiss

@Namor1987 said:

God some people have no common sense here. LOL it's a Alternate Universe or Alternate Reality. Just like 1 guy stated AU stands for ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!

Why would Thing have holes in him? Hmmm I don't know maybe he fought a enemy that punched holes in him. Come on people. Quit asking stupid questions. Some people really need to use their brains.

BTW that Captain America looks more like Cable than Nick Fury. Plus Nick Fury had grey streaks where Cable was generally solid grey.

Wasp as Ms./Captain Marvel is cool. Wolverine as D-Man or vise-versa is a cool twist. Cyclops look to be in Cable's position role. I personally love Star-Lord's classic costume. It's a nod to that era. So is Sunfire's Uncanny Avengers costume & Havok's current costume.

D-Man? Looks like Wolverines Classic Brown costume to me.

Posted by DEGRAAF

Haven't they done this type of thing enough before. Dc always builds up to the wars and Marvel seems to just start with the War already in place or over.

This does seem like Age of Apocalypse or something. I want it to be permanent. I want something like this to happen and change the world for ever. It's fine if the heroes come back and win but then have the next 3-5 years rebuilding half of america or something. Plus at this point since they were so close together i hope Ultron uses the left over tech and facilities that were created by the Phoenix 5

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they kill half the heroes and when they defeat the bad guys revive them back to normal like noting happed like house of m

predictable and boring....has a been there, done that feel

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

Finally, Deathstroke and Cap. merged together....

Posted by MSzekeresh

Is it just me or does this version of Doctor Strange look like Dr Druid in a toupee? Something definitely looks different but I can't place any other character to it. Any ideas?