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Marvel Comics Previews: 5/7/14

Take a look at what you can expect in next week's Marvel comics.

Each week we post previews for the following week's Marvel Comics. They are on our Previews Forum but sometimes people forget to poke around there. Below you will find the covers to the Marvel Comics on sale 5/7/14.

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Avatar image for granitesoldier
Posted By GraniteSoldier

New Warriors 3 looks like the only thing I'll be looking for from Marvel next week. I don't know about ASM 1.1, or Who Am I. They just don't seem like it'd be a story I'd be into.

However that Iron Fist cover is amazing, so is the Moon Knight one.

Avatar image for 3d_dedrick
Posted By 3D_Dedrick

@ftw201: They are keeping him in the Ultimate universe for the time being seeing as their was enough interest in him. Miles Morales best power: Being able to save a whole universe from cancellation.

Avatar image for thewalkingdeadpool18
Posted By thewalkingdeadpool18

Hoyl crap next weeks going to be a busy week! It'd be easier to name the comics i'm not getting on the list. Loki,X-Factor,Miles,Wolverine,and Warriors but don't worry i'm still paying pretty much as much since i need to get Black Widow 5 if my comic store still has it because it came out a while same goes for Moon Knight 2 then i also need to get TASM 1 along with tommorrow planning to pick up Hulk number 2 and if anyone could help i'm deciding should i pick up the normal Wolverine book or X-Force? Which one is better? X-Force has some art to die for but it feels like it's been awhile since i've read anything with Wolverine other then just being there silent or having one line.

Avatar image for ftw201
Posted By ftw201

Pumped on deadpool vs carnage, but I still can't stand the cover art going on for the series. The variant covers look great, why can't they just use those??

I might pick up the miles Morales book, but when are they sending him to the 616 universe? Also picking up new warriors and loki. I'm okay with marvel taking all of my money this week since last week I didn't pick up anything but asm #1

Avatar image for jstndmnd
Posted By jstndmnd

X-factor & Loki

Avatar image for cuddlyplane
Edited By CuddlyPlane

All new X-Factor, Ultimate spidey, amazing spidey, probably keep trying out Iron Fist, Moon Knight... Pretty interested to see how this Cyclops book is gonna be

Avatar image for laabitres
Posted By laabitres

original sin, miles morales, cyclops and x-factor for me

Avatar image for croi
Posted By Croi

Nothing annoys me more than Marvel's new covers when I go to buy comics.

Avatar image for wolverine008
Posted By Wolverine008

@wolverine08: How far into Immortal are you?

The TPB I got gave me the first 16 issues and the annual. All of it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle
Avatar image for captainhoopla
Posted By CaptainHoopla

Big Marvel week for me. Moon Knight, Black Widow, Punisher, Original Sin, & Deadpool vs Carnage for sure. Probably four other books here I'd read if I only had more moolah.

Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle
Avatar image for keroga
Posted By KEROGA

Matt Murdock and she hulk!!..always wanted them to team up and have like a superhuman law firm with action of buy that!

Avatar image for wyldsong
Posted By Wyldsong

@wolverine08: Oh, I have been getting a scan fest ready for much awesomeness=)

Avatar image for raggedscarecrow
Posted By RaggedScarecrow

I'm only grabbing New Warriors #4 of the listed, but I'm also grabbing Earth 2 #23, Suicide Risk #13, and, hopefully, Batman Vol.4: Zero Year- Secret City. Might checkout the Annihilation Omnibus that comes out that week as well, but it is really expensive so we'll see.

Avatar image for wolverine008
Edited By Wolverine008
Avatar image for sparty_dbq
Posted By sparty-dbq

All-New X-Factor #7 (Geez, it's already at 7?)

Black Widow #6

Deadpool vs. Carnage #3

Iron Fist #2

Moon Knight #3

New Warriors #4

Original Sin #1

Punisher #5

She-Hulk #4

May also get Miles' new book. I keep jumping off and on that one.

Also, are they giving away a free print copy of the Spider-Man digital series? Is that what's going on here?

Avatar image for wyldsong
Edited By Wyldsong
Avatar image for sora_thekey
Posted By sora_thekey

Yeah.... It's the first week of the month and Marvel just comes out with everything I want to read. I'll be broke too soon on March!!!

Avatar image for arcgospell
Posted By ArcGospell

Ultimate Spider-Man 1

Cyclops 1

All-New X-Factor 7

would buy Magneto and New Warriors but need to cut down on my pull list

Avatar image for paste_pot_pete
Posted By Paste_Pot_Pete

Damn, there's a lot of good stuff this week..

Avatar image for tdk_1997
Posted By TDK_1997

It's really strange how Marvel actually are getting more of my money than DC.

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous
Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous


Black Widow


Iron Fist



Ultimate Spider-Man

Moon Knight

New Warriors


Savage Wolverine

Damn, add my Image books and I'm gonna be skint :(

Avatar image for phaedrusgr
Posted By Phaedrusgr

Magneto, ASM 1.1, New Warriors and Cyclops

Avatar image for FeedOnATreeFrog
Edited By feedonatreefrog

Am I the only one who thinks that Noto's rendition of Black Widow is not...striking enough? Too 'warm' looking.

Also, dat Magneto cover. Damnnn.

Avatar image for theblueangel93
Posted By TheBlueAngel93

I didn't even realize Original Sin was coming out this week...

Avatar image for doom_doom_doom
Posted By DoomDoomDoom

Only Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

Avatar image for beaconofstrength
Posted By BeaconofStrength

Punisher, Moon Knight, and Original Sin. Seems like a good week.

Avatar image for human_rocket
Posted By HumanRocket

Iron Fist #2

Amazing Spider man Learning to Crawl

Original Sin

Avatar image for wolverine008
Posted By Wolverine008


Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle

Oh my god that Savage Wolverine cover O_O

Books I'm getting this week...

  • All New X-Factor #7
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl #1.1
  • Black Widow #6
  • Cyclops #1
  • Deadpool vs Carnage #3
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard
  • Magneto #3
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1
  • Moon Knight #3
  • New Warriors #4
  • Original Sin #1
  • Punisher #5

Whew, biiiiiig week!

Avatar image for vandersexxx
Posted By VanderSEXXX

Original Sin for me, but if that ASM1.1 is drawn by George Perez I might consider picking that up.

Avatar image for godzilla_bk
Posted By Godzilla_BK

I better pull some money together, this is gonna be a big week

Avatar image for the_stegman
Posted By The Stegman

Black Widow for me.

Avatar image for marvelman2099
Posted By marvelman2099

correction cyclops original sin and ultimate spider man

Avatar image for zbvmx
Posted By ZbvmX

@g_man said:

@inferiorego: Maybe I should call dibs on that Miles Morales comic.

Do you guys shout, claimed!

Nice reference, love that episode! I wonder if somebody will get lynched over reviewing Ultimate Spider-man. lol

Avatar image for spider-man
Posted By Spider-Man

@g_man said:

@inferiorego: Maybe I should call dibs on that Miles Morales comic.

Do you guys shout, claimed!

Avatar image for zbvmx
Edited By ZbvmX

I'm so ready for Miles Morales's new book :D

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

@inferiorego: Maybe I should call dibs on that Miles Morales comic.

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted By longbowhunter

Looks like a Marvel heavy week for this guy.

Avatar image for inferiorego
Posted By inferiorego

Things Marvel is getting next week: All my money