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Marvel Comics Previews: 1/22/14

Take a look at what you can expect in next week's Marvel comics.

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Posted By Fallschirmjager

I was surprised to see some issues getting double release this month..

Did they bump issues up to bi-monthly or it is just a special thing I completely missed? lol

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@fallschirmjager: Pretty sure in some cases, like BLACK WIDOW and X-FACTOR, it's just a one-time deal.

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Posted By AllStarSuperman

@g_man: do you know if punisher will be bimonthly? It doesnt come out until the 5th, I am just asking

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Edited By Fallschirmjager

@g_man said:

@fallschirmjager: Pretty sure in some cases, like BLACK WIDOW and X-FACTOR, it's just a one-time deal.

Makes sense. The only comic I've ever seen them do that with is Spider-Man. (or that I've followed in any case)

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Posted By marvelman2099
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Posted By marvelman2099

can i just say to many avenger comics

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Posted By Bull_iod

Is that the original avengers coming through time? I haven't been paying attention to Marvel in a while, is this linked with the original x-men coming to the future?

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Posted By Mucklefluga

Wait a second. No one has thought about Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. Will that stick around once amazing #1 starts?

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Edited By feedonatreefrog

Only Hawkeye for me.

Black Widow and X-Factor intrigue me, but I'm gonna wait and see what the word is on the first few issues before I take the plunge.

Someone recommend me some other Marvel comics, please!

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Edited By wimble23

@mucklefluga: I've been looking about that and Superior Foes of Spider-Man but can't find anything about either except they are both still being released in April.

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Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

Lotta Punching

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Posted By FuryofFrog

Is there supposed to be some kind of preview or just the cover images? Whenever I click I just get taken to the gallery of all the covers instead of previews of the actual book. Can anyone clear this up? Thank you.

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

Indestructible Hulk should be awesome this week based on last issue's ending. And is that Venom's hand I see on the Iron Man cover? Interesting...

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Posted By DatHomieSilverSurfer

@feedonatreefrog: X-factor 1 was really good, man! If this weeks issue is as awesome as last, I'll definitely be suggesting that to you.

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Posted By Kelevra216

@furyoffrog: Click the titles above the images of the covers.

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Posted By Battle_Forum_Junkie

I might have to pick up that Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. I love it whenever Punisher and Daredevil are forced to work together.

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Posted By akbogert

@g_man said:

@fallschirmjager: Pretty sure in some cases, like BLACK WIDOW and X-FACTOR, it's just a one-time deal.

That I thought was pretty straightforward in the solicits, but what I hadn't noticed was the fact that ANXM 21 and 22 were shipping back-to-back.

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Posted By Renchamp

FF! Cable and X-Force!

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Posted By Noteworthington

Avengers #25 : Amazing cover!

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Posted By HAWK2916

I'll be broke by the end of the week next week. I got a total of 10 Im getting and Im debating jumping into Superior Spiderman

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Posted By fACEmelter88

LOVE the Wolverine and the X-men cover, so awesome.

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Posted By FuryofFrog

@kelevra216: Boy, do I feel silly now. Thanks for the heads up. :)

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Posted By lykopis

This week is going to be brutal, money-wise for me. It's like a tidal wave that won't be letting up until Spring.

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Posted By Rez_Ward

Wow, Marvel sure don't pull the punches this week...


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