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Marvel Announces 100th Anniversary Limited Series

Witness the Marvel Universe in the year 2061!

Hot on the heels of their biggest characters’ 50th Anniversaries, Marvel Comics gives you a peek into the future! What will The House of Ideas be doing in the year 2061? Find out in the 100thANNIVERSARY limited series courtesy of some of the industry’s fan favorite creators and hottest rising stars!

Available digitally and in comic book shops this July, Marvel’s 100th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL takes a look at the Marvel’s greatest pantheon of heroes – The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, X-Men andSpider-Man – and how they will evolve over the next five decades of future history.

How can the Avengers cope with losing America into the Negative Zone? Can Spider-Man stop the Kingpin without his Techno-Symbiote suit? Who are the Richards-Banner twins? And what is THE SILVER GALACTUS?

Marvel’s 100th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL will take readers to a drastically different future explains Nick Lowe to LA Times’ Hero Complex, “What we asked the writers and artists to do is give us something different from what we’ve got now, to make sure that where we are in 2061 is a very different place than where we are right now.”

This July, thrust yourself into the future and experience the Marvel Universe like you’ve never seen it before as some of the greatest fictional characters in history celebrate their centennial in Marvel’s exciting 100THANNIVERSARY LIMITED SERIES.


Written by JEN VAN METER

Art & Cover by JOANNA ESTREP

On-Sale This July!


Written by SEAN RYAN

Art & Cover by IN-HYUK LEE

On-Sale This July!



Art & Cover by JAMES STOKOE

On-Sale This July!


Written by ROBIN FURTH



On-Sale This July!





On-Sale This July!

Edited by ravisher

very different/unique

Posted by Mucklefluga

Marvel Summit:

"DC are doing an event in September where each book jumps 5 years into the future! How do we copy it and make more money?"

"We should jump 50 years ahead and do it in July!"

Posted by leokearon

All terrible, each one and the entire idea sounds like a bad fanfic

Edited by GraniteSoldier

Spidey cover looks cool. Sounds interesting.

Posted by dondave


Marvel Summit:

"DC are doing an event in September where each book jumps 5 years into the future! How do we copy it and make more money?"

"We should jump 50 years ahead and do it in July!"


Posted by LCazT1996

I'm definitely getting the GotG one because it looks like it'll be following the back up story in this month's GotG.

Posted by EdBlank

I love how GotG are all of a sudden flagship Marvel characters. I collected comics pretty heavy at one point and I never bought an issue.

Posted by SmashBrawler

For a moment there I thought the F4 were Black Lanterns.

Edited by Sovereign91001

So this is like DC One Million and Marvel 2099 but with the modern day heroes instead of their successors? Should be interesting I like the glimpse into the future story lines.

Posted by SlamAdams

@edblank: The Abnett/Lanning series is excellent

Posted by TheLastSonOfKrypton
Posted by Xwraith

@edblank: Having a movie and a "superstar" writer take over their book will do that.

(I'm still worried about what happened to Deadpool happening to Rocket Raccoon)

Posted by Akindoodle

Is that Gamorra wearing Star Lord's mask? O_o.... what happened there?

Edited by fACEmelter88

Might be cool, ever so often publishers feel inclined to give us stories or series set in the future but since DC is going 5 years Marvel is going 50! Remember DC 1 Million and Marvel 2099, and the other gimmicks like that along with the many arcs and graphic novels telling future, past or alt timeline original future stories happen all the time it's like reinventing a character bc you have run out of ideas but this time with Marvel and DC obviously competing these future stories might be good.

Posted by MrMazz

Is that Kingpin in the Spiderman one?

Posted by Paste_Pot_Pete

Interesting. I'll have to see the reviews before I pick this up. In July.

Posted by HumanRocket

@mrmazz: yop it's kingpin with the techno symbo.

Posted by LenSnart

future's end anyone?

Edited by lifeofvibe

@mucklefluga: WOW whey to blow the elephant out of the room bro

Posted by Mucklefluga
Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18


Kind of close release date coming a few weeks after DC future thing becoming known how is it really a copy? That's like saying Red Hood is a copy of Winter Soldier. They came out too close for one to really be a copy they both clearly had the same concept. Hate to break it to you DC fanboy but DC doesn't own the future.....

Posted by kidchipotle

Looks awesome. Can't wait for these issues.

Posted by snarkybits


Posted by Mucklefluga


My jokes are just too good. But Futures End has been announced for a lot longer than a few weeks now. Also people think Red Hood is a copy of The Winter Soldier? Weird.

Posted by eldestrisk

Not interested at all, future stories just don't do it for me. I'm checking Future's End because I'm a sucker for Azzarello.

Posted by Gyardos

I'm tired of Marvel they just all the time copying in many ways the DC ideas...... this is sick

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18


Well they had the same concept but Cap beat them too the punch. Ex sidekick who was killed comes back as an enemy working for someone else and they don't know it's their old partner until the unmask. It was announced awhile ago because what it was having any info on it at all came out a few weeks ago. Marvel has this ready way too soon to just be doing it because of Future Ends something that wasn't majorly officially announce you know with what it's about art etc until a few weeks ago. Way too close plus Marvel beating them to the punch per usual for it to be a "copy" or them doing it because DC is doing a future thing.

Posted by Xanthos

I hate that all the marvel characters are still alive, and living on a sliding timeline.

Even with that said. Spiderman 100 has bought me >_>;

Marvel please fix your timeline T_T

Edited by micah007123

Looks interesting

Posted by DwRonin

This looks lame. Marvel has so many awesome young heroes, why not show us the world 20 years from now and give us Younger Avengers, WATXM, Future Foundation, Avengers initiative and academy, Avengers undercover, and Nova characters as adults?

Posted by TheCannon

@gyardos said:

I'm tired of Marvel they just all the time copying in many ways the DC ideas...... this is sick

Yeah, cause DC NEVER copies Marvel's ideas.

Posted by Gyardos


Yep they also did do it in the past, but I cant remember any original story from Marvel in last 20 years...

Posted by Ms-Lola

Looks cool.

Posted by Empurios
Posted by TheTrollDance

As I'm most likely going to live 50 years from now, I'll be keeping these issues and laugh my ass out because none of them will have anything to do with the MU by then

Posted by Vaeternus

I just remembered who the guy with the mask reminds me of, Grifter from DC lol.