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Marvel and Reebok Team Up to Make Sneakers

Starting this July, Reebok will be releasing shoes inspired by Marvel characters.

Marvel announced today that they're working with the classic sneaker company Reebok and putting out a large assortment of sneakers inspired by Avengers and X-Men characters from the Marvel universe. Many different characters are featured, like the picture above featuring two shoes, once inspired by Red Skull and the other by Captain America.

Other character shoes include (from top to bottom) Wolverine and Sabretooth, Black Widow and White Queen, and Deadpool and Chamber.

The first sneakers set to be released, in July, are the Black Widow and White Queen pair. As of right now, there does not seem to be a price for these sneakers, but a lot of Reebok sneakers seem to be within the $70-$120 price range.

Marvel also stated that their will be a line of Spider-Man themed sneakers announced tomorrow, so keep your eye out on that.

The idea seems pretty cool, and I love the fact the Red Skull sneaker is a pump. I haven't had one of those since the 90s. As weird as the idea sounds, at first, some of these shoes look pretty darn cool, especially the Red Skull, Captain America, and Deadpool ones. Is it worth the possible higher price though?

Now, while I really don't see anyone walking down the street in those Wolverine shoes, the rest are pretty cool and something that comic fans and non-comic fans alike would wear.

What do you guys think about these shoes? Would you wear them?

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

You'v been able to buy stuff like this from Topshop for years 

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

Captain Ameri-Kicks

Edited by Scarlet_Rogue

Why don't the Chamber sneakers have an X on them? How is Joe Sneakerguy going to know he's the XMAN

Posted by Baddamdog

Chamber? Wtf

Posted by summerslam1988

I'll wait for the Spider-Man ones.

Posted by KainScion

@Baddamdog said:

Chamber? Wtf

Edited by TDK_1997

I don't like them.

Posted by TheHeat

The Captain America sneaks are SWEET!

Posted by the_fallen11

Emma Frost for the win.

Posted by maxicere


Posted by jmcgowan0725

The wolverine insta pump fury's are hot. They released a spiderman insta pump fury this previous Saturday that were just as cool. This is for us fanboys who are sneaker heads too! We can appreciate the color ways and the shoe models being used. Good look Marvel!

Posted by bingbangboom

CHAMBER SHOES! Finally. Wait, what?

Posted by Bestostero

those dont look half bad, i might actually pick up a pair or two...depending on price.

Posted by The Man of Yesteryear

I think I'm actually going to get a pair of the Captain America ones.

Posted by Silkcuts

Those are dope.  
The Venom pair is a must.

Posted by Recoil1985

@spiderbat87 said:

You'v been able to buy stuff like this from Topshop for years

Posted by pikahyper

Shoes are so ugly these days :/

Posted by zackattack529

they shouldve made a deal with NIKE or DC better. couldve had more designs for the Nike SB line. wouldve been sick...but the dead pool ones i can rock ;)

Posted by Billy Batson

I'd rather wear my sweatshop Nikes.

Posted by ReVamp

@Baddamdog said:

Chamber? Wtf


Edited by ARMIV2

Those are some swank lookin' sneakers. Too bad I don't wear sneakers.

Posted by ReVamp

The Emma ones are kinda... meh :/

Posted by Mercy_

As much as I love Emma...I wouldn't be caught dead in those shoes.

Now, the Widow ones however, are pretty freaking awesome.

Posted by ReVamp

@Mercy_ said:

As much as I love Emma...I wouldn't be caught dead in those shoes.

Now, the Widow ones however, are pretty freaking awesome.

Right? I thought I was the only one...

Posted by KevJoge

These are lovely. OMG I want every pair ^_^

Posted by Icarusflies

Know what are way better? DC converse.

Posted by Billy Batson

@Icarusflies said:

Know what are way better? DC converse.

Word. I've actually seen someone wearing them.

Posted by regrivett

I do love me some DC Converse, but Marvel did well here.

Think they should try to do more.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Cap, venom, and Deadpool one are sweet. But chamber and the Red freakin Skull?!? really!?!?

Edited by JonesDeini

@Baddamdog: Really though, I like dude...a lot actually. But like Chamber got a shoe? Somebody at Reebok must be a fan.

@Silkcuts: Hot damn!!!

Posted by Cavemold

I'll take the venom one

Posted by NyxEquitis

Remind me again why there are Chamber shoes?

Posted by ccrosby
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

The Sabretooth ones look good

Posted by TheBlueAngel93
@TheHeat said:
The Captain America sneaks are SWEET!
Posted by KnightRise

@Billy Batson: I have the Joker pair theyre perfect

@Silkcuts: @regrivett: i love my Joker converses, but you cant wear them everywhere or with anything. The Cpt America and Venom ones just look like inconspicuous, nice, sneakers to non-comic fans

Posted by DUY12

@Silkcuts: Venoms are pretty cool. The others... bleh.

Posted by ragdollpurps

They look so funny.... :3

Catwoman Chucks, ftw.

Posted by deadpool25mm


The Captain America are nice too.

lol, It would be scary to see a german wairing the red skull shoes.

Posted by CODYSF

DC converse are so much better then this crap.

Posted by Katie24

Are the Sabertooth ones hiking boots? They look like hiking boots.

Posted by sethysquare

@CODYSF said:

DC converse are so much better then this crap.

Posted by BatteredArmor

Bring me Cyclops or Black Panther then we'll talk, the only one of these I like are

@Silkcuts said:

These are indeed dope
Posted by sparty-dbq

Okay, I was all set to dump all over this, but the Captain America shoes are pretty friggin' sweet.

Posted by PowerHerc


Posted by zombiejesusii

I want Deadpool shoes, like the ones he wears himself with the Deadpool symbol on the bottom.

Posted by Sky_Jokiel
Posted by cloudzackvincent

too bad this didnt come out when i was a teen... anyway this is reebok and i never wear reeboks.... no offense but i think reebok sux... ;)

Posted by DeadpoolFan101

Thoose deadpool sneakers look awesome

Posted by doomsilver


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