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Marvel and Reebok Team Up to Make Sneakers

Starting this July, Reebok will be releasing shoes inspired by Marvel characters.

Marvel announced today that they're working with the classic sneaker company Reebok and putting out a large assortment of sneakers inspired by Avengers and X-Men characters from the Marvel universe. Many different characters are featured, like the picture above featuring two shoes, once inspired by Red Skull and the other by Captain America.

Other character shoes include (from top to bottom) Wolverine and Sabretooth, Black Widow and White Queen, and Deadpool and Chamber.

The first sneakers set to be released, in July, are the Black Widow and White Queen pair. As of right now, there does not seem to be a price for these sneakers, but a lot of Reebok sneakers seem to be within the $70-$120 price range.

Marvel also stated that their will be a line of Spider-Man themed sneakers announced tomorrow, so keep your eye out on that.

The idea seems pretty cool, and I love the fact the Red Skull sneaker is a pump. I haven't had one of those since the 90s. As weird as the idea sounds, at first, some of these shoes look pretty darn cool, especially the Red Skull, Captain America, and Deadpool ones. Is it worth the possible higher price though?

Now, while I really don't see anyone walking down the street in those Wolverine shoes, the rest are pretty cool and something that comic fans and non-comic fans alike would wear.

What do you guys think about these shoes? Would you wear them?

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Posted by omnomnomtacos

Gotta say I have to agree that the DC Converse are much better looking.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Deadpool or venom for me

Posted by revbucky

Pure marketing, no real substance here.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Interesting. The Deadpool ones look like ones I might try to wear.

Posted by htb106

They look really good but they're a bit to expensive.

Posted by Coopsuk

Just in the U.S like usual?

Posted by KidSupreme

I like Puma :D

Posted by Tone702
@deadpool25mm said:

lol, It would be scary to see a german wairing the red skull shoes.

I haven't laughed this hard in a while!
Posted by Tone702

The only three that I liked in the order that I liked them the best 
1. Sabertooth, had kind of a Timberland feel to them 
2. Deadpool, I liked the colors and design 
3. Venom, it's a cool black shoe 

Posted by lemurboy123

the captain america ones are actually not that bad might get them

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