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Liefeld to Draw Deadpool Corps

Disappearing backgrounds and magic fog covering feet here we come!

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Does anyone, other than the dog, have noses in this picture? It all just gets... scrunchy where the nose should be. But hey, he's gotten better at feet! The "he" I'm talking about is none other than living legend Rob Liefeld. Rob created the Deadpool character back in New Mutants #98. Rob has been "tweeting" a lot recently about this book, and now we know why... He's drawing it.

Rob Liefeld has been twittering with joy the various Deadpool-styled characters who will be populating the Deadpool Corps book, Headpool, Kidpool, Dogpool and Lady Deadpool. And now we know why. He’s drawing the book.

Yes, all of it.

And yes, so far, it seems to be on time.

 However, in my search to find these supposed tweets and become that "hard hitting" reporter I've always wanted to become, I only found this guy, and I don't think he knows what a Deadpool is. Then, I realized I was spelling his name wrong, and easily found Rob on Twitter. Then I noticed there are two fake Rob accounts that only talk about how he can't draw feet. I finally found his twitter account and here's a few pieces of what he had to say about the upcoming debockle known as Deadpool Corps. 

  I'm finishing up DCP #1 right now. I drew Prelude to Deadpool Corps.: Lady Deadpool #1 a couple months back and Deadpool MWM #7 in summer - So now that Deadpool Corps. is out of the bag. Here's a panel from issue #1 to whet your appetite. DCP in April! 
  In case your wondering, Deadpool is crying because Cable is so damn heavy and he can't hold him a moment longer.

After reading many of his tweets, I never want to see the word "Deadpool" in print, ever, again. The current on-going Deadpool book is pretty good, but that's about it. It started off with a bang, and for me, it got boring. He got another on-going and a mini-series, and now this. I feel like I'm having bad comedy shoved down my throat week after week. And before the fans jump down my throat... Deadpool is great in either small doses or with a strong lead character attached to him. On his own, it's too wacky, and that wackiness can only last a few issues before losing it's appeal. I'm at a point where I could care less about this book. I don't care who's drawing or who's writing. I'm sick of the character.  Sad thing is, no matter how much I complain, I'll still read it.
What do you guys think? Does Liefeld sway you on this book either way? Sick of Deadpool yet?