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LEGO Reveals Simpsons Minifigures Series

Find out how you can buy all your favorite Simpsons characters in LEGO form.

Back in January, LEGO and Fox announced we'd be seeing LEGO versions of the Simpsons. We saw the massive set that allows you to make the Simpsons' home and included the entire family and [stupid] Flanders. With a $200 price tag, some had to remain reluctant to immediately purchase the set.

Good news. It was mentioned we'd be seeing minifigures of the Simposns. That means you don't have to buy huge sets to get the figures.

3720544-71005_all minifigures.jpg

There will be 16 licensed LEGO figures inspired by the series. You can see that some of these were not included in the big set and others are slightly different versions.

The entire line of LEGO THE SIMPSONS minifigures series is launching in May in major toy retailers for $3.99 each, just in time for the special LEGO episode of THE SIMPSONS that’s premiering May 4th on FOX at 8/7c.

Check out these high-res images:

3720554-71005_1to1_apu nahasapeemapetilon.jpg
3720555-71005_1to1_bart simpson.jpg
3720556-71005_1to1_chief wiggum.jpg
3720558-71005_1to1_homer simpson.jpg
3720560-71005_1to1_krusty the clown.jpg
3720561-71005_1to1_lisa simpson.jpg
3720562-71005_1to1_maggie simpson.jpg
3720563-71005_1to1_marge simpson.jpg
3720565-71005_1to1_mr. burns.jpg
3720566-71005_1to1_ned flanders.jpg
3720567-71005_1to1_nelson muntz.jpg
3720568-71005_1to1_ralph wiggum.jpg

$3.99 a figure? How many are you going to buy? Who do you really want to get?

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Posted By TheManInTheShoe

Next year: Family Guy Kre-o.

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Posted By fables87

LOVE THIS! But Maggie needs a gun and Homer needs a beer!

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Posted By iaconpoint

Simpsons haven't been relevant in 15 years but those. Are. Awesome!

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Edited By deadpool25mm

This is awesome but still...

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Edited By DonFelipe

Pretty neat but where are Barney and Moe?

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Edited By mak13131313

@fables87 said:

LOVE THIS! But Maggie needs a gun and Homer needs a beer!


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Edited By tupiaz

@fables87 said:

LOVE THIS! But Maggie needs a gun and Homer needs a beer!

Lego have made it kid friendly so that won't happen.

@donfelipe said:

Pretty neat but where are Barney and Moe?

See above.