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LBCC '09: Rob Liefeld (Youngblood, Deadpool, Image United & More)

Rob Liefeld talks to us about all the things he's working on right now.

I can still recall the first time I read New Mutants #98.  Right away I could tell there was something to Deadpool.  Rob made a big name for himself.  When Image formed, he gave us Youngblood which currently has an ongoing series.  We've heard that Brett Ratner is interested in making a movie out of it.  Rob is also actively involved in the upcoming Image United, which is going to change the core Image characters.  There's also Rob's "Capeshooters" that Bryan Singer has optioned.  Of course there's some talk about Deadpool.  I even asked him how many copies of New Mutants #98 he has.
Sit back and enjoy the show.