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Laugh Or Cry? The Wonder Twins Are Coming To Smallville

Should we hope this rumor gets shot down?

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I'm a little scared.  I'm not sure what to make of the upcoming season of Smallville.  Somethings things sound really cool and then we get some scary/crazy news.  The latest rumor, according to Kryptonsite, is the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, could be coming to Smallville.
The rumor places David Gallagher as "Tanner" which is suspected as being code for "Zan."  Gallagher was "Simon" on 7th Heaven.  Allison Scagliotti will be playing "Twyla" which could be Jayna.  Scagliotti has been on One Tree Hill and Drake & Josh.
I still don't know if I should laugh or cry.  Here's a video that Brian Reed posted on his Twitter account.
What do you think about the Wonder Twins?  Do you want to see them on Smallville?